April 12, 2013

52 weeks. Week 15.

Truth be told, I've got nothing.

I mean, I let cars in and out when I didn't have to. I smiled at people and said "hello"
But honestly nothing major.
It's been a very long week.
I donated ad space to The Brown Bag Project. (I wish it could've been more and later on it WILL be)

I got the gift from Tawny that I talked about last week.

 photo IMG_9624_zps74a20ef3.jpg
 photo IMG_9631_zps92381635.jpg

Is that not the coolest thing?! HA!

But yeah.... again, it's been a long week.
Family matters, financial matters, blog matters, the only really super important are the family matters.
Please say a quick prayer, send a happy thought, etc etc for my grandpa please and thank you. And hopefully next week things will have calmed down and I'll have a good deed for you. An actual one other than just being nice to people. I really don't know if that counts as good deeds because I'm usually nice to people anyway.


Holly McDonald said...

Just simply being nice to people does count as an act of kindness! Specially with the week you have had. It speaks volumes to the kindness in your heart.

Holly at Not Done Growing

Whitney Levash said...

awe how cool is that cup! :)

Stephanie + Walter said...

Love that cup!

Samantha Curtis said...

I know you've had a long week :( Just wanted to let you know that our emailing back and forth yesterday made me smile and hopefully our shoes come soon to brighten up your day! XOXO

Babie said...

OMG! My M.I.L. got my hubby and I these for Easter. I just about died when I opened it! Coolest coffee cup ever! Guess I need to start drinking more coffee to go!


Kayla Nelms said...

Hope it all gets better soon! LOVE that cup!

aimymichelle said...

i've seen those mugs and i love them. hope things start to look up!

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