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April 29, 2013

Swappity swap.

Ignore the terrible title of this post. I couldn't think of anything better.
My brain is not in the greatest place right now so just have some patience with me.

Also, take pictures of your life....when visiting family, get pictures of everyone. One day you'll regret not taking pictures.
When your grandpa holds your baby while she eats a cupcake, get a picture of them both....not just of your baby-and if it's a blurry camera phone picture, take a better one.
When your grandpa comes to visit, take pictures with him.
And if you ever have to go 3+ years (I hate Alaska a lot right now) without seeing family members, send pictures, email, write letters, just keep in contact the best you can. You will regret not keeping in better contact.

I hope you guys had a great weekend, I don't really have a recap for you. I don't feel up to doing one.

But anyway.....

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