Tuesday, January 10

I have crappy neighbors.

The other day my friend, Rachel was over here hanging out and all of the sudden she made this face and asked if that was my neighbors. I sat for a minute before I realized she was talking about the sound coming from my neighbors' house. The music blaring through my walls. I've apparently grown pretty used to the sound. That reminded me of the time that the music got SO loud that I actually started hitting the wall.... only to realize, he couldn't hear me over his own music! I went and dug out the hammer! The hammer for crying out loud and started banging on the wall. So hard that I honestly am surprised there isn't a hole or dent in the wall. After a bit he turned it back down to the "normal" level that I've gotten used to hearing.
How ridiculous is that that I've gotten used to hearing this music?!
It's never at a set time. It's randomly all throughout the day, all throughout the week.
I shouldn't be surprised though honestly.
When hubs was home for R&R, he took the bittles outside to play.
They were greeted by the neighbor boy who is handsome man's age (4) wearing slippers and a tshirt.  He opened the door and started talking to them then walked outside, hopped up and down the sidewalk, walked back inside and came back about 5 minutes later.
We had snow when hubs was home. A lot of it. How do you not notice that you're 4 year old is not only talking to strangers, but outside... half naked?!

Neighbors on the other side.....

 She shovels all of her snow into a pile in between our garages because her husband's truck is in the way of her actually moving it. The pile wasn't this bad until 2 days ago when she shoveled. I just thought it was the snow falling. I didn't realize she ADDED to the pile.
Coming home from preschool yesterday, I pulled into my driveway and my car swerved a bit because of all the extra snow in my way. I'm not thrilled. Look at the picture on the right... see the edge of my garage?! She the snow blocking it?! Yea...

After the issues I had getting INTO my OWN garage, part of me wants to go out there and knock it all back onto her side. 

I suppose I should be happy that this is the least of my neighbor problems but they still frustrate me.

Sunday, January 8

it's a picture post.

He was standing up.
She insisted on helping me shovel.
We have a LOT of snow.


 Be on the lookout for posts about my crappy neighbors and random things I've learned in my 26 years of life.  I am also planning to share one of the most interesting incident which helped me predict my future love life. Check this out for regular updates. I'm currently too exhausted to add anymore to this post. 

Thursday, January 5

photo a day.

Are you participating in this?

me. exhausted and spit up on.

mmmm. fruit loops.

cuddling with the bittle.


hubs' socks.
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side note: this is my 200th post.
Time flies when you're having fun.