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September 17, 2020

When Your Kid Has a Cell phone: Tracking Technology

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Advancements in technology lead to ease of access to multimedia, internet, gaming, messaging and downloads for kids with their smart phones. All these activities help in easy and instant communication. In addition to these, it also provides an option to download videos, images, music and everything else that you wish. All such activities on the other hand are a high level of disadvantage for the inappropriate behaviour of kids. So, parents are very much worried about their kids and planning to monitor their activities with their smart phones.

Monitoring the smart phone usage

August 21, 2020

5 Easy Ways to Expose Kids to Music

 5 Easy Ways to Expose Kids to Music

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Many parents would love to expose their little ones to the benefit of an early music education. But most don’t have the time or funds for special classes and private lessons on top of already full schedules. Luckily, incorporating music into your children’s growth and development can be a lot simpler than it might sound. Whether your kids like to learn online or prefer games and crafts, here are some fun and simple ways to add music appreciation straight into your everyday.

1. Add Music to Playtime

One of the simplest ways to incorporate music into your child’s activities is to simply add instruments or song recordings to playtime. Most children are already drawn to singing along and dancing to their own tunes. Provide toy maracas, tambourines and other percussion instruments and watch your kids’ creativity explode.

2. Play Music at Home

Some families naturally put music on as they wash the dishes or hang out at home. For others, this is less of a habit. But bringing out a small boom box or finding an internet radio station are easy ways to provide musical exposure for children. This is also an easy way to show kids the different time periods and genres of music which exist. Find a classical album or pull out some of your own records from your generation. While the tunes are playing, this can become an excellent opportunity to teach little ones how to clap in time with the beat and count notice the rhythm of a song.

3. Instrument Craft Time

A fun way to combine music education with craft time is helping your children create their very own instruments from recycled materials around the house. Empty paper towel tubes or left over pieces of PVC pipe can be transformed into flutes and piccolos. Emptied and washed paint cans and tin cans can be decorated to form the basis of a bongo drum set. Many more ideas can be found online. And as an added bonus, children can learn practical steps to having fun while practicing sustainability.

4. Learning Online

For older kids, the internet offers a numerous methods of music education. Many music schools offer online classes for students to take advantage of right from home. If you have a high schooler in your brood, he or she might even enjoy enrolling in a music course from an online university. And if you are looking for a free education, check out the library of instrument and song tutorials available on YouTube.

5. Find Live Music Playing in the Community

Many cities have their own symphonies. While concert tickets might be pricy, a surprising number of orchestras host children’s shows. If a trip to the symphony isn’t quite up your family’s alley, there may very well be a number of other opportunities for live music right in your own town. From jazz concerts in the park to children’s programs at the public library, finding live music can provide a fantastic excuse for getting out of the house every so often.

If private lessons or extracurricular classes do not work for your family at this stage, there remain some easy and downright fun ways to mix music into children’s lives so that they can still reap the benefits of a musical education.

Author Bio:  Author Abby Evans is a mother and freelance journalist currently reviewing health options for her family.


August 12, 2020

Handling Your Family’s Various Health Needs

Handling Your Family’s Various Health Needs

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When you have kids, you may suddenly find yourself juggling a wide variety of health concerns, worries, and needs. One kid may have a penchant for skateboarding and showing off; another may have asthma and environmental allergies; meanwhile, your spouse’s snoring may require a sleep test and CPAP machine.

Here are some tips on how you can keep yourself less frazzled - and possibly even sane - while you juggle the health care needs of your family.

July 31, 2020

How to make burlap flowers {a guest post & giveaway}

HOWDY readers of My Three Bittles!

If you're an avid reader on here you probably remember me from June when I guest posted here.

If not then let me introduce myself!  I'm a newbie blogger and I'm loving every minute of it! I ran my first half marathon back in April and will run again next year. I love food! I have 2 link ups - Insta-Recap of My Instagram and Weekly TV Roundup.  Amber and I are working on another one - Link Up Your Link Up.

I love geocaching!  I try to be crafty! My new thing is wreaths. Yeah, why? Who knows? Check out this general one and then a 4th of July one.

My husband and I have 2 furkids!  One is adopted, the other is the offspring of my mothers dog. They frequently take over my Instagram! Be aware!

If you wanna know some more stuff about me, check it out here.

This time I'm bringing you a small tutorial and a giveaway.

The giveaway is a burlap wreath, 12 inch wreath to be exact. It might look bigger in the picture, but its a small one. But it's a giveaway! :)

I'm also putting a tutorial with it. I tend to feel I'm crafty, but sometimes I just can't do things. For instance, the burlap flowers on the wreath. I tried like 3 separate ways (and times) to make this thing! And could not figure it out. I almost bought ones that were already made at Hobby Lobby! But I thought, let me try getting on Pinterest and YouTube AGAIN. I have to give kudos to this lady who wrote her tutorial.

So, we will be making this today:

June 26, 2020

A guest post and a giveaway for you!

 photo IMG_3945.jpg

hello friends of amber on my three bittles!!  

my name is neri and it rhymes with betty.  i'm so excited to be here today!  

i'm a:

June 19, 2020

Fondue for two.

Today I have my -in real life- friend, Tawny guest posting for me since we have the in laws in town!
Go say hi to her! Be sure to leave her some love! Doesn't this recipe look delicious?!  YUM!

Hi!  I'm Tawny and I blog over at Tawny's Tid Bits!  I'm a newbie blogger, been blogging since February 2013.  I'm getting the hang of things and loving everyone that I'm meeting!

Gotta mention how I know Amber.  We used to waitress together.  She was my bosses niece!  We fell outta touch (probably 5+ years since we worked together), but when I fell in love with her blog and wanted to do one of my own (New Years Resolution), we got back in touch!  Wouldn't change it for the world! :) 

Over at my blog, who knows what I'll blog about!  I'd have to characterize myself as blogging about daily life, nothing is held back!  Here is a little more about me.  And the time I did my first 1/2 marathon, by the way signed up for the one for next year just the other day. And for those runners.... check out the Pace DJ app, pretty amazing!  I also host a link up on Sunday's called Insta-Recap of My Instagram.  On Tuesday I co-host a linkup called Weekly TV Roundup! I would love for you to join me!

Now onto my gift for you. A recipe!!! I love food... and I love cheese! Who doesn't love cheese?! This is a pretty simple recipe, the cheese is a little expensive, but it's worth it!  This recipe can easily feed 2, probably 4, depends how hungry you are! 

What you'll need:

  • 2-3 cloves of garlic (minced)
  • 1 1/2 cup of wine (Riesling)
  • 1 pound Natural Gruyere Cheese (do not used processed) - you can find this usually at Kroger, not where like the shredded cheese and/or singles are.
  • 2 teaspoon cornstarch
  • (if wanted) 3 tablespoons of Kirsch (cherry liquor)
  • Black Pepper to taste
  • 2 French loaves

You will grate your cheese and toss the corn starch and pepper around in the cheese.

Heat your wine in a pan, add your garlic, do not let it boil! Once it gets hot, you'll add the cheese a little at a time, don't dump the whole thing in there at once.  Once the cheese gets to the right consistency add in the kirsch.  If the cheese is too thin, just add some corn starch. But beware, a little goes a long way. :)

Also during this time, you'll be baking the french bread and cutting it.  So it's best to have someone doing this one on the side.

The recipe is so short and simple that I'll add the pictures now instead of "in" the instructions.

Toss the corn starch in with the cheese (I'm bad and forgot to take "that" picture).

My lovely fondue pot! Not what I cooked in! 

I hope y'all try this recipe and please let me know how it tastes!  Can't wait to hear from y'all!

 photo tawnysiggy_zps35e4128e.png

June 04, 2020

Deployment tips from Janna.

Today I have the lovely Janna sharing some wonderful tips about making it through a deployment.
Having three under our belts,  I couldn't agree with these more!

Take it away, Janna!


Hello lovely readers of My Three Bittles! I'm Janna and I blog over at Faith, Love, and Hope which is a Christian lifestyle blog. I write about everything from my children to deployments to finding Jesus daily. Currently, we are in the midst of our third deployment. Along the way, I have picked up some tips on not only surviving but thriving during a deployment.

May 15, 2020

Best blogging app, EVER!

Guys! Have you heard of Dana at Wonder Forest? Or of BlogGo? You're missing out.
Dana is just gorgeous and so sweet, has the greatest blog design ever (done by her) and has some of the greatest posts.  Don't believe me?! Go look for yourself!
BlogGo is the app she created just for all of us! I use it regularly and know that you'll love it too!

I'll let Dana take over now! I suggest you go get acquainted with both though!

Hey Three Bittles readers! I'm Dana, and I blog over at Wonder Forest.  I write fun tutorials, beauty tips, inspiration, business stuff, and style posts.  I am a graphic/web/blog designer who is pretty much busy creating something all the time.  I can't help it, doing productive things and staying creative is what I live for! It's what I love!

I wanted to share with you my latest creation of blood, sweat, and (almost) tears, which is an app for iPhone/iPad called BlogGo.  It is an alternative to that official Blogger app (that nobody seems to like), and is packed full of features and ease for Blogger users to post from literally anywhere.

The creation of this had been a long time in the making, but I am a firm believer that if you want something, go out there and get it, sister! What is stopping you from doing whatever it is you have a passion for? This app all started with an idea to develop something that us bloggers could really benefit from... and if you're as serious about blogging as I am, it's just nice to have your blog at your fingertips, no matter where you are!

After months of mockups, development, testing, and all of that good stuff, it feels great to say that BlogGo has launched! I will not lie and say it has been easy. Being that this was my first app ever, there are tons of things I've learned along the way and am continuing to learn every single day. From marketing to dealing with customer service... to having to use a Mac for everything (PC girl over here, through and through!!!). But if there is one thing I've learned most importantly, it's that if you have a goal you shouldn't be afraid to try to reach it. People may tell you that your idea is silly, or not even understand it at all, but what matters most at the end of the day is that you can say you tried.

I hope you will visit me over at my blog and check out my app if you are a Blogger user!

xo Dana

May 14, 2020

Two things Tuesday.

Welcome to Two things Tuesday.
Is that a thing?! I feel like it could be if not.
Like Wordless Wednesday or something.

1: Vote for me please and thank you.

2: Meet Whitney.
I love her. She's adorable, sweet and has a seriously seriously cute blog.
She's guest posting for me today as I make the 7 ish hour drive home from Tennessee to Georgia.
More on that mini vacation later.
Meet Whitney!

First of all. I just want to say hi and thank you to all of you guys first and foremost! I know Amber has very loyal readers and that you guys look forward to coming here to read what she has to say on a daily basis, not what some stranger has to say. So, again, THANK YOU for letting me take over Amber's blog and, if you have gotten this far, not clicking away just yet.

Back to that "reading what a stranger has to say" thing. I don't want to be a stranger. I want to be friends with each and every one of you. So, I decided that I was going to share 5 things that my very best friends know about me. You know, so that way we aren't strangers any more. 

If we were best friends, you would know that...

1. I am originally from Texas and have a pretty thick Texan accent. I say things like "y'all" and "fixin' to" on a daily hourly basis and I'm not sorry. My accent is pointed out to me on a pretty regular basis, especially when I say words with a long I sound such as like, bike, Magic Mike. You get the point.

2. I'm tall. 5'11 to be exact. Oh! In order for us to be friends you have to be below 5'4. All of my very best friends are. No, really though, I would LOVE some tall friends. Any one out there that is tall and needs a tall friend as well? Pick me! 

Me and my best friend Brittany:

3. I did the cheesy thing and married my high school sweetheart. If you want to know more about this, you can check out our love story. Or one of my three wedding posts. It's up to you.

One of our very first pictures together:

4. I'm a cat momma. Garrett and I have two tabby sons...Harley and Junior. Harley is 6 and Junior is 4. They are like our children.

5. I love Taylor Swift. This is something that people learn about me pretty quickly, I tend to randomly bring her into conversations. I've liked her since she first started and even more now. In fact, I am going to her Red tour twice and have VIP tickets for one show! SO excited! She is definitely my girl crush!

Now we can be the very best of friends! You know all there is to know!

{Thanks to Amber for letting me take over her blog today!}

Thank you Whitney for hogging my blog! I'm so happy to have you!
And guys, please go vote for me.

April 30, 2020

Finding Joy. (A guest post)

Hello to all the great fans of My Three Bittles!  I'm Holly from not done growing.     Before I get to far, I would like to thank Amber for giving me the chance to take over her blog for a post!  I am beyond excited to have this opportunity to be part of this  community.  From the bottom of my heart - thank you, thank you, and thank you! not done growing is my little place in the world where I can share all the things that give me joy and happiness. 

April 23, 2020

Surveys, alcohol and married life. (A guest post)

Happy Tuesday everyone.
Today I have my in-post sponsor hogging my blog.
He needs your help! (And you get entered to win one of FOUR $50 Amazon gift cards).
Are you married?
Do you drink? (socially, daily, weekends, home alone, etc etc etc)
Does your spouse?

March 28, 2020

Ways to Fight Postpartum Depression

7 Ways to Fight Postpartum Depression

Pregnancy is a rollercoaster of emotions. Most women expect these ups and downs to disappear once the baby is born and the excitement of meeting your newborn sets in. Unfortunately, up to 80 percent of women experience some form of the baby blues in the days, weeks and months following child-birth. Here are a few ways to ease the emotional upheaval that accompanies postpartum depression.

Make Sure You Get Enough Rest

Image via Flickr by //No more

Having a newborn baby is exhausting. Newborns generally sleep most of the time, yet new moms and dads rarely get ample sleep during the first few months after welcoming a new baby. Common advice given to new mothers is to sleep when your baby sleeps, and it helps. Taking turns with baby duty with your spouse or partner helps both of you get a few straight hours of sleep, which in turn reduces stress and eases anxiety.

Put the Right Food Into Your Body

Image via Flickr by b r e n t

You’re so focused on making sure your new baby is getting enough nutrition that it’s easy to forget to take care of your own nutritional needs. Eating breakfast boosts your metabolism and gives you the energy you need to make it through the first part of the day—especially if you’re short on sleep. Avoid foods high in salt and saturated fats, and stick with complex carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables.

Consider Taking Anti-Depressant Medication

Image via Flickr by

If your symptoms persist beyond a few weeks, it’s time to see a doctor. You can buy Paxil or other medications to ease severe mood swings, anxiety and sadness that often go with postpartum depression. Typically, women can stop pharmaceutical treatments in a few months after their hormones reach more consistent levels.

Don't be Afraid to Ask for Help

Image via Flickr by marc falardeu

Feeling overwhelmed when you bring your new baby home is a major cause of anxiety and depression. New mothers sometimes feel inadequate or overly stressed about taking care of a newborn all by themselves, especially when their partners return to work. Accept the help that’s likely being offered by friends and family, and ask for help if you need it.

Reach Out to Family and Friends

Image via Flickr by zigazou76

Feelings of loneliness and isolation are common among new mothers. Reach out to your family and friends not only for help with caring for your baby, but for socialization. It’s natural to want to spend all your time with your baby, but you need adult interaction, too.

Connect with Your Spouse or Partner

Image via Flickr by FrauSchĂĽtze

It’s easy to focus all your attention on your newborn, but you and your partner still need to pay attention to one another. Maintaining a strong bond with your partner lifts your mood and solidifies your relationship. 

Take a Walk and Get Some Sun

Image via Flickr by John-Morgan

Exercise is probably the last thing on your mind, but it helps get your blood flowing, makes you feel better about yourself and gives you a jump-start to lose the extra baby weight. Don’t start an exercise program until you’ve been cleared by your doctor. Simple exercises, such as a walk outside in the sunshine with your baby, will lift your spirits after your doctor has given you the go-ahead.

Getting the baby blues is common after having a child. If you’re feeling down and out, you’re not alone. Following a few tips to take care of yourself can ease your anxiety and depression, but be mindful of when it’s time to seek professional help.

February 27, 2020

Meet Amanda!! (guest post and an amazing giveaway!)

Hey y'all! I am taking over Amber's blog and figured I would talk about my newest obsession and I am figuring not many of you have heard of it. First, I will give you a background of me!  I am new to the blogging community and I LOVE it.  I am a work at home mom, married with two little boys-ages 2 and 1.  And yes, my life gets crazy sometimes! I am an Independent Designer with a company called Origami Owl.  The name can totally throw people off, I get some strange looks when I say what I do. :D  This company has only been around for 2 years, and it was started by a 14 year old girl! I still can't believe that! From what I hear she loves owls, and her mom had a ton of origami artwork around the Origami Owl was born! I seriously get compliments on my locket each and every time I go out! My personal locket has a two little boys-one with an August birthstone and one with a December birthstone(for my babies), one June birthstone heart(me), one February birthstone heart(my hubby), and the infinity sign with crystals.  I do have a plate on mine that says "Blessed".  I love being able to tell people about this, because it is so new that I not only get to explain my locket, but get others excited about Origami Owl as well! So here is how things work...

Step 1: Choose Your Origami Owl Charms
  • Charm are all $5.
  • There are so many options-hobbies, family, birthstones, initials, music, occupations, faith, love, causes...I mean really, we are talking endless possibilities!

Step 2: Choose an Origami Owl Living Locket
  • Locket prices ranges from $20-$38

  • Choices are gold, rose gold, or silver

  • Choose sizes. Either medium (about the size of a nickel inside) or large (about the size of a quarter). Medium lockets can hold 4-7 charms. Large lockets can hold 8-12 charms. This really depends on the charms you choose, they relatively are all the same size, but some are a tad larger than others.

  • You can get them with crystals going around the outer corners, or without.

  • These open JUST like a locket. That is how you get your charms in and out if you ever wanted to switch.

Step 3: Choose your chain
  • Chain prices start at $8
  • Available in rose gold, gold and silver
  • Sizes are 16,16-18, 18-20, 24-26, 30, and 32 inch options. We also have extenders.
  • Classic ball chains, rolo chains, flat oval links, faceted ball chain

Step 4: Add Optional Plates
  • Prices begin at $7
  • Plates can give you the opportunity to explain your necklace with one word. Or they give you to add a little something to your necklace that just is a perfect background.
  • Choose from words such as faith, love, blessed, mom, always...
  • Available in small, medium and large

Step 5: Add Optional Dangles
  • Prices start at $6
  • Add dangles to your locket to add more bling, or character.
Here are some examples of some lockets that have been made!

This is how the locket opens and charms can be taken out, or more can be added.

    The bottom picture a Bride-to-be made them as Bridesmaids gifts! I thought that was a really good idea, nothing like a completely personalized gift for those that are close to you!
    Hopefully I answered any questions you may have had! If not feel free to leave me a comment with any other questions you may have!
    And here is my site in case you want to browse around, possibly order a necklace, or join my team!
    My Origami Owl Facbeook Page

    I am doing a giveaway here for you all, here is a picture and description of wfhat is being given away! :)

    Medium silver locket with crystals


    Large silver locket without crystals.

    (Pretty awesome of Amanda, huh?!)

    And there's more!!
    Amanda's being oh so so kind as to let the winner chose not just ONE chamrm, but
    TWO charms for their locket!!!
    I seriously wish I could enter myself!!
    Charms can be found here.
    a Rafflecopter giveaway

February 18, 2020

It's Monday & I have a giveaway for you!

This week's most clicked from The Pinspiration Project was
Mandie & her DIY Fridge liners!

My favorite of the week was:
Tabi and her Valentine's backpack!
Congrats guys!! Check out Sarah and Melissa's blog to see their favorites too!

Anyway... Happy Monday guys!
This weekend has been a bit boring for us.
It's been LONG as well.
Thursday afternoon when I picked Fin up from school, I overheard a lady asking others if they were sending their kids to school tomorrow, I asked why they wouldn't....
Apparently some kid for the past week had been sending another kid mean/hateful notes. One included a drawing of the kid covered in blood and finally the last note said something like, "if you don't kill yourself by Friday, I'll do it for you".... so yeah.
I ran it by David.... he quickly said, "yeah. Don't send him. Better safe than sorry"
So after arguing with Fin about it, he stayed home. Poor thing was just so confused about staying home and missing school. I didn't want to tell him about the threat
But come 4 pm, David & I both got a phone call--an automated message saying something like, "I'm sure by now most of you have heard that there's been a threat to our school. I just wanted to let you know that the MP's have investigated and it's all been taken care of and blah blah blah". I don't even remember exactly. I was so shocked that it was an actual legit threat!
He goes to an elementary school! K-5th grade!! That's like 11 years old and younger!!
That just blows my mind. Scares me, makes me sad for the parents, for that kid, etc etc.
His school is barely a mile from here.
We live ON BASE! On a military base!
And what if I hadn't overheard that lady asking?! What if I'd sent him to school?! What if something actually did happen?! You guys, the "what if's" are endless!
And is it wrong that they didn't tell people about it? Is it wrong that this went on for a week before something was done? What if I didn't know and I'd just gotten that phone call? I'd have freaked out wondering what the hell was going on! I'm not a happy momma! I can't even imagine the parents of the kids involved!  Ugh. Such a mess. Such a nightmare. I just kind of want more details or something.
So anyway, I took them out for happy meals for lunch. We tried to go to the cool park but realized they were still in school so couldn't play on that playground. We met up with Daddy & came home. I did a bit of grocery shopping, bought some anti aging cream after a conversation with Sarah & Melissa about how none of us really look our ages. Haha.
We've spent all weekend curled up and lazy thanks to a nasty cold that managed to skip Fin & Maddie but hit me, David & baby O pretty hard. I've taken naps this weekend like it was nobody's business and I don't nap! I hate naps. I wake up like super grump after I nap.
None of us have eaten much of anything. We're finally to that nasty coughing it all up stage so thankfully we're almost done with it, but ugh. It's been a gross nasty weekend.

I'm linking up with Sami today.
You should too.
And before you go, I have my friend, Melissa to talk to you about how Valentine's Day is stupid! And she's giving away a Dream Sampler Box! Go enter! Give her some love!
Happy Monday, guys!

February is the month that most people associate with love. It’s all hearts, candy, flowers and romance. Or disappointment, heartache and tons of ice cream or other comfort food to drown your lack of love/romance in. Thanks Valentine’s Day.

I’m not going to go into how much I loathe Valentine’s Day and the commercialism of this “pretend” holiday. Or even how I’m bitter that Valentine’s Day overshadows and gets in the way of my birthday, which happens to be February 14.

Instead, I’m going to highlight 10 ways to celebrate a Valentine’s Birthday:
1.       Have pizza delivered to them for lunch along with flowers. Everyone loves pizza and pizza, for most people, was a childhood birthday food staple. As for the flowers, flowers just make people happy. But stay away from roses…too “Valentine”.
2.       If you take them out for dinner, try and go to a place that will have live music, like a piano player. Arrange to have the musician(s) play “Happy Birthday” when they enter the room.  Everyone in the room will know someone’s celebrating a birthday and that things besides Valentine’s Day happen on February 14.
3.       Get them a really cool gift that is in no way related to Valentine’s Day and/or love. I suggest the Beanie Buddy octopus named Inky. It’s an octopus named INKY! A friend gave me this in high school and I LOVE it. Especially the name.
4.       Throw them a surprise party. Who doesn’t love a surprise party? The birthday person will be beyond touched that so many people gave up celebrating Valentine’s Day to celebrate the day of their birth instead.
5.       Bake a cake. This is a thoughtful thing. One of my best birthdays involved my roommates making me a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and ‘Happy 19th Birthday Melissa’ spelled out in licorice. It doesn’t have to be perfect…it really is the thought that counts.
6.       Take them out. Blow off work/school/responsibilities to take them to a bar and do birthday shots with them mid-day (or right after work). Valentine’s Day hasn’t really kicked into full gear yet, so they’ll be able to enjoy their birthday without a ton of couples around celebrating Valentine’s Day. If things get a bit wild, that’s ok. And let’s be honest…shots really do make things better.
7.       Spa day. Nothing says birthday like being pampered. Even if you can’t afford a full spa day, send them for something…manicure, pedicure, facial even a massage. This really is the best way to spend your birthday.
8.       Dance party. Just make sure there are no ‘love’ songs on the playlist. Many of my birthdays have included impromptu dance parties and they are ALWAYS fun. Plus, this is so easy to do! Turn on some music and start dancing.
9.       Do something they love but not Valentine’s related. For example, if their favourite restaurant is having a Valentine’s special, skip it. They like to bowl and the local bowling alley is doing rock-and-bowl, this would be good.  I spent a lot of my birthdays at rinks watching hockey games.
10.   Remember their birthday. This really is just basic. Year round so many people remember my birthday because it’s on Valentine’s Day. But then, the actual day arrives and no one remembers/cares because they are so busy and focused on Valentine’s Day. Try and remember their birthday outside of Facebook- send them an e-mail, text message or a phone call is better than a Facebook message (which points out who’s celebrating a birthday that day).  And for goodness sakes, do not give a combined Valentine/birthday gift and/or card.  Separate the two events.

If you know someone who is born on Valentine’s Day, do something nice for them- forgo celebrating the fake “holiday” that is Valentine’s Day and instead celebrate the day of their birth. They really will appreciate it. Trust me.

Thanks Amber for letting me guest post today! You can find me at

If you don't know what a Dream Sampler Box is, head here.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

January 30, 2020

Spring trends with Tarole (A guest post)

Aloha readers of My Three Bitties!

I'm Tarole and I blog over at Island Livin' with One Haole Girl

In a nutshell, I blog about daily living in the beautiful state of Hawaii. My blog has a little bit of everything from fashion and recipes, to health/fitness tips and a Harry Potter Link Up. I hope you stop by :)

But enough about my blog!

Awesome Amber is letting me take over today so I figured I would give y'all an insight of my top three favorite trends for Spring 2013!

Now, my personal style is all over the place. I never like to stick to one look.. most of the time I am just throwing styles together that work with my mood for the day. Also, I live in Hawaii so most of my style spreads are geared more towards the weather on the island :)

One Haole Girl's Spring 2013 Trends 

Spring 2013 Bra Tops by onehaolegirl

The first trend that is a super favorite of mine is the bra top. If you've been around my blog at all or on my Instagram, you know that I love me some high waisted anything with a bra top. I love the free-ness of the simple item. You can dress up or dress down, and they go with so many different options! Defintiely a trend that has potential to stick around for a while - at least in my book :)

The second trend I went with is full skirts. I also really like this look. Whether it be mini, full length, or in between, these skirts are such a great look. I am a fan of feeling free while still looking cute so this is right up my alley.

Ironically, I'm wearing both a bra top, and a full skirt in this picture below...

Taken from my Instagram

Like I said, I like to just dress how I feel.

Spring 2013 Color Blocked Handbags by onehaolegirl

The third trend I went with is color blocked handbags. I'm a sucker for cute purses and this trend makes me happy. I always have trouble trying to figure out which color I really like more, so with this color block trend, I get the best of them all!

Well dears, there you have it! My top three trends for Spring 2013. I hope you stop by the blog for a visit - you'll find all kinds of things in my little corner of the web!

Thanks SO much Amber for allowing me to take over today! I had such a blast :)


January 23, 2020

Meet Melissa!

Hey guys! Today, I have my friend Melissa talking to you about apple cider vinegar and the awesomeness of it!
You probably recognize her from our TPP link up, or maybe you follow her blog too?!
But what you don't know is that we go way back!
Melissa and I have been online friends for YEARS now! (Sarah too). We actually all met in a cafemom group and have just kind of been friends ever since. Yay us!
One of these days we'll all meet up somewhere and it'll be the coolest thing like ever!
Anyway, say hi to Melissa! Head over to her blog and give her a follow or just a nice comment. Continue reading to learn something new!

Hey everyone, I'm Melissa and I blog over at Lulu & Sweet Pea.
I'm 28 years young & I'm married to a phenomenal tattooer named Shayne. We have 2 little ones together...Ayden is 8 and Lily is almost 5.

 I'm a hair stylist, nail tech, and makeup artist turned stay-at-home-mom, so I write about crafty stuff, parenting challenges, wife duties, books & reading, sewing, cooking, family fun, and beauty tips & secrets. I might not look like your average Susie Homemaker but don't be fooled...I've got some experience under my belt! I also co-host an awesome linky party every Tuesday called The Pinspiration Project where you can share your Pinterest inspired creations.

I wanted to share a one of my top blog posts with you guys because I get so excited when I talk to people about it. It's all about using apple cider vinegar (ACV) on your skin for acne. You can read the entire original post here where I share with you my struggle as a 28 year old mom of two and still being embarrassed by breakouts. I'll explain step by step how to make your ACV toner and how/when to apply it. I'll also explain how to start with a diluted concentrate of the stuff and how to gradually increase the ACV amount for maximum results {I started at 25% & now I'm using 100% undiluted ACV}. I'll also go over things like the smell {no, I don't smell like vinegar all day!} and why it works so well for problem skin like mine.

If you would have told me 6 months ago {before using ACV} that pretty soon I'd be confident enough to leave the house without a full face of foundation on I would have laughed at you.

The above picture was just taken before leaving the house the other day. Yes, I have makeup on, but I have nothing on my face besides a little powder for the shine and my eye makeup. This is a huge step for me because in my original post I said how I'd love to be one of those women who didn't have to wear foundation every day. That's finally me!

It's been 6 months since my original post about ACV and I have to say that my skin has completely transformed. I have pretty much no breakouts anymore (other than a few random hormonal ones here or there). I'm not spending a fortune on acne medicated cleansers and creams, and my skin isn't irritated or sensitive at all anymore. I don't have to wear foundation. I don't have to worry about someone staring at a zit on my face anymore. I have more confidence and I don't feel like a teenager going through puberty anymore!

If you are dealing with breakouts at all, I highly recommend giving ACV a shot. It's super cheap and what have you got to lose? Make sure to read my post carefully that explains how to use it. And after you get your breakouts under control make sure to read my 2nd most popular post on the Acne Scar Fading Mask.

Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments you might have. I have people emailing me almost daily praising ACV as well and telling me their success stories after using it. I'd love to hear how this has worked for you!

January 16, 2020

Travels and blanket thievery.

Once upon a time I traveled with three small children on three different flights from Alaska to Georgia!


Once upon a time a baby Owen decided to poo his brains out and explode out of his diaper and onto his outfit, blanket and carseat..... at 2 in the morning.... on a plane full of people..... that's also the time I stole a Delta Air blanket that TO THIS DAY Fin still yells at me about for taking it. But that's another story for another day.

Today I have the lovely Melissa of Dreams and Colour guest posting for me!
Go stop by her blog, give her a follow and just say hi!  :)

Back in January of 2000, I went to Portugal on a school trip. When the opportunity came up, I jumped at the chance to travel to Europe. My parents were supportive and on board from the start.

As the trip drew near, I had doubts and wasn’t sure if I should go. A lot of my friends, for one reason or another, would no longer be going on the trip. The teacher organizing the trip and my dad both encouraged me to go, and with hesitation I agreed.

It was a trip of a life time. I have so many great memories from that trip, bonding with others on the trip, meeting people from other countries, sightseeing, etc. While it wasn’t the trip I thought it would be, it was still fun. Although, I don’t think I’ll ever go back to Portugal. But that’s another story.

Of course, I took a ton of pictures to document my trip, which my friends and family were anxious to see. I remember going over to my grandparent’s house. I was telling my grandpa about my trip and showing him my pictures. He pulled one out and said “I’m going to paint this for you.”

My grandfather was a wonderful artist. He was always drawing, sketching, taking pictures, painting. When he retired, he focused more on his art. As he developed Alzheimer’s disease, art was still something that he was interested in and able to do. However, more and more of his paintings were going unfinished.

Months passed by and he would talk about painting my picture, but I never saw any progress. I so badly wanted the painting…my own, one of a kind piece of art. A painting done just for me, by grandpa.

In September of 2001, my grandpa announced my painting was done. I loved it and cherished it from that moment. That painting became my most prized possession.

As a student, I kept that painting in my childhood bedroom, where I would see it every day. When I moved into my parent’s weekend home after graduating, I convinced my dad to let me hang the painting in the living room, which is where it is still housed.

I was told, and decided to believe, that my painting was one of the last ones that my grandpa finished. The painting serves as a reminder of my trip, of my grandfather’s artistic ability, the time we spent together and everything he meant to me.

As his Alzheimer’s disease progressed, he drifted away from creating art, even though art remained a lifelong passion until his death in 2011.

January is Alzheimer Awareness Month.

-          There is no known cause of Alzheimer’s disease, nor is there a cure at this time.
-          If no cure is found in the next two decades, Alzheimer’s disease has the potential to bankrupt the global medical care system.
-          The only way to truly diagnosis Alzheimer’s disease is by an autopsy. Currently, people get tested for a variety of disease (such as Parkinson’s) and if they all come back negative, you are given an Alzheimer’s diagnosis.
-          You have a 12% chance of developing Alzheimer\s disease or a related dementia. If you have a family member who has the disease, your chances increase to 30%
-          There are currently 35 million people worldwide living with Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia

For more information, please visit or your local Alzheimer Society/Association.

Thank to Amber for letting my guest post today! You can find me at

December 28, 2020


A couple of weeks ago, Amber asked me if I was interested in doing a guest post on her blog. I was excited for the opportunity and said yes right away. Then reality hit…I would have to come up with a topic to write about. With work being crazy and the holidays being hectic, my mind was drawing a complete blank every time I thought about it. 

They always say, “write what you know” and I know that the World Junior Championship (WJC), an international hockey tournament, started on December 26.  To Canadians, this is a HUGE deal! People countdown to Christmas, Canadians countdown to WJC. Canadians clear and arrange their schedules around these games (myself included). You might be thinking, what does this have to do with what I know and/or this post?

I know the Five Reasons It’s Awesome To Be Canadian.

1.       There’s a unicorn on the Canadian Coat of Arms.
Not even making this up. Feel free to google it if you don’t believe me.  I don’t know why it’s there…but it’s there and it’s pretty awesome. Who puts a unicorn on a national symbol?
2.       Coloured money.
You have no idea how much easier this makes things.  Half asleep in the morning, at Tim’s getting your morning coffee and bagel, it comes to $3.57. You’re too tired to count out change or, if our money was the same colour, try and figure out which dollar amount is on the bill. Just look for the blue one ($5) and you’re on your way!
3.       Poutine.  
This is by far one of the worst things health wise that you can eat. But it is sooooo good. To a lot of people, it doesn’t even sound appetizing- French fries, gravy and cheese curds. But trust me, this is one of the most delicious things you will ever eat. Ever.
4.       Hockey.
There is nothing else that brings our country together more than hockey. It’s our national past time and key to our cultural identity. There’s the actual sport, The Great One, songs and it even appears on our money.  Hockey is life or death in Canada.
5.       This video:

Thanks to Amber for letting me guest post today. You can find me at

David & my brother drove through Canada on the way down from Alaska-they say it's beautiful! And that the people were friendly.
Even the cop that pulled them over and wrote them a ticket.

Thanks, Melissa for hogging my blog! :)
Go check out Melissa's blog and tell her I said hello!

This Month's Bittles Bottom B!

December 14, 2020

Neighbors and their assumptions.

Living on base, we have neighbors. Like same wall neighbors. Better than Alaska though when we had neighborwalls on both sides. Here at Ft Benning, we only share one wall. But they're thin. I head their music. They probably hear me yelling at the dog.
With that in mind, I often wonder what they think of us. We've yet to really meet them. We see each other in passing and they don't even wave or acknowledge us. It's weird. I'm unsure if they're anti-social or just don't care to meet us. (Based on the amount of people they have over that quite often block our mailbox, I'm going with the latter).

Anyway, read on to hear about why Elizabeth's neighbors probably think they're getting divorced.

Hey! My name is Elisabeth and I blog over at Bella about the love of life, food, and family. I'm a 22 year old senior at Brigham Young University studying International Relations. Fascinating right? (or maybe just to me? thats okay) My blog is my creative outlet and my journal of life as a newlywed.

This beautiful male specimen is my husband, Ben. He just graduated in Chemical Engineering from BYU and is a lover of rock climbing, warm cookies, and me. You can read more about how we met, our engagement, and our wedding here.

I love blogging about romance but I thought I'd share a not so romantic hilarious experience we had recently:

Late at night I got a phone call from a friend, a slightly drunk, borderline hysterical, and incredibly close friend. Yes, it was boy drama (but seriously, her life is more dramatic than any reality series of watched - if only I could tell you the stories).

When she calmed down enough to tell me what happened it was my turn for hysterics. I choked. I couldn't really breathe, and I certainly couldn't formulate complete sentences.

I dashed outside (so not to disturb a studying Ben), without any shoes on, sobbing "How could he! What was he thinking? I just ... I wish I could... I can't believe..."

I almost failed to notice the neighbors who witnessed my sobbing exit from our apartment.

The next afternoon we were headed for a weekend getaway. I was to pick up Ben from work. I walked out of the apartment and almost failed to notice those same neighbors witness me leaving the apartment, a little more composed, all alone, suitecase in tow.

I promise, it wasn't what it looked like.

Have you ever had people overhear awkward conversations?
Hop over to Bella and say hi!

Seriously, isn't that hilarious?!
I often wonder what my neighbors think about us and some of the crazy things that have gone on in our time.
Hopefully nothing too crazy.
Now.... go say hello to Elizabeth!
Also, isn't she just gorgeous?!

Be sure to check out this blog as well:


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