April 30, 2020

Our weekend

This weekend was quite adventurous.
Friday started with daycare & preschool for the older bittles.
Baby O ran errands with daddy while this momma went and got a pedicure with a friend.
While dropping Fin & Maddie off, they told each other they were going to miss each other, gave each other big hugs and apparently Fin is really strong.

I attended a surprise baby shower for a friend with baby lady.
Hubs fed baby O dinner. He says bibs are for girls. Ha. 

While at the baby shower, my men worked on our backyard. They through down some grass seed and planted some rose bushes. I'm quite impressed.
Then they built me some patio furniture.

Ignore the fence. Have I mentioned how awesome the neighbors' dog is?!

baby lady colored while the boys worked.

Baby O turned 5 months old!

I wore my hair parted down the middle.

And we went on a walk around the neighborhood.

April 29, 2020

Apple glazed chickens.

So a while back, Kristina made some of Pampered chef's apple glazed cornish hens. They were AMAZING!! AMAZING I tell you!
But after watching her do it, I decided to use breasts instead of cornish hens.... because... well... that was not pleasant watching her cut those. Breasts just seemed easier.
I also altered the recipe a bit based on what I actually had in my kitchen. (I do this WAY too often) and I thought I'd share with y'all.
Take my word for it.... make them. Either way.

Apple glazed cornish hens. (With my version in ( ). )

4 shallots (didn't use)
4 4-in sprigs fresh rosemary (or just rosemary seasoning like I did)
3 cups apple juice (yay kids!! Already had this on hand)
1 cup cider vinegar (I bought this for this recipe)
1 tsp whole black peppercorns (I left these out)
1/4 cup pure maple syrup. (I used honey instead)
1/2 tsp salt. (yes)
2 tsp olive oil (no)
1 tsp paprika (forgot)
1/8 tsp ground pepper (yes)
2 cornish hens (or chicken breasts)

Basically, mix all of that together (except the maple syrup) and bring to a low/medium boil for about 20 minutes.

Then add maple syrup. Cook another 2-3 minutes. (stirring frequently with a whisk)

Preheat over 450

place chicken breasts on a cookie sheet (covered with foil)

Spread glaze over the chicken(s) with a brush.
Bake for 20-25 minutes.
I pulled them out after about 15 or so to add some more juicey mix over them.

Even my bittles ate both versions.

April 26, 2020


Sometimes my husband is a kick butt monster in the kids' room hunter.

Sometimes he cooks dinner and it's amazing.

Sometimes he's funny. 

Sometimes he poses for me to do a "husband outfit post"

And sometimes he thinks he's captain America.
And sometimes he's just awesome.

April 23, 2020

Let's get personal.

Ok guys....
I think it's high time we get personal.
I'm about to fill you in on some details so don't go getting all stalkerish on me, K?! Thanks.

My name is Amber.
I'm almost 27.

Hubs is David. He is almost 27.
He's quite handsome.

Our babies:
Handsome man:Finley. We call him Fin. I actually do call him "handsome man" daily. He's almost 5.

Baby lady: Madelyn. We call her Maddie. And we both call her "baby lady".  She's almost 4.

Baby O: He's Owen. I call him Ollie Pollie. Or just Pollie.  Because well, he's round like a rollie pollie. He's almost 5 months.

Roscoe and Bella are the cats. 

Roscoe P Cole Train to be specific.

And Bella was not named after Twilight.

Bo is the newest addition. He's an American Bulldog. 

We're both from Tennessee.  I'm from West, he's from Middle.
We met when I was 13, he was 14.
We met at Vacation Bible School at my Uncle John's church.
We pen-paled it from there.
His sister actually refused to let either of us leave until he asked for my number.

He's in the Army.
I'm a stay at home mom.
We're currently stationed at Ft Wainwright, Alaska.
He's been here since 2008, deployed twice.
The kids & I got up here after the first deployment in 2009.
We PCS (move) to Ft Benning, Georgia in August.
Before Alaska we were stationed at Ft Knox, Kentucky.

I have two younger sisters and a little brother.
Growing up it was mostly just mom and us.
We liked it that way.
Hubs has a younger sister.
They don't talk.
They just really don't have much in common.

We both have tattoos.
I have gauged ears and my septum pierced.
I once had an anchor. It fell out. I was kind of sad.

That's kind of all I've got for now.

April 20, 2020

Christmas in April?!

Thursday was kind of like Christmas for the bittles.
Since all the snow was melting, we bought them some bikes and helmets.
Baby lady's been asking for a bike since Christmas.
Then she swore up and down that daddy was going to get her one when he got home from fighting those monsters & bad guys.
Well, when he got home there was just TOO much snow on the ground yet.
So daddy promised that when the snow melted, he'd get her a bike.
Then we found a lady online with some puppies.
They were EXACTLY what hubs planned on getting once we moved to Georgia.
Only about $700 cheaper.
We jumped on that with excitement since we won't have another winter up here and it's perfect timing since the snow is melting.
We weren't scheduled to pick up the puppy for a few more days and that's when we were going to surprise the bittles with their bikes.
We stopped by Thursday night to see puppy and ta da. He came home with us.
So babies got bicycles!
Happy happy Thursday!
Baby lady jumped up and down spinning in circles.

He asked, "who's bike is that one?" Then yelled, "YAY!!!" when Daddy said it was his.
He knew about baby lady's bike & did a fine job of keeping it a secret from her.

Every one had a good day except this one. He had shots. He wasn't please. He bounced between happy, sad, mad & loopy all afternoon.
He seemed to like watching the puppy wander around though.
Also, he weighs 16.9lbs. He's a chunk.

They both also immediately asked where their helmets were. Smart kids.

And this is Bo. He's pretty cute so far. Even with the overly ridiculous whining at 3am after I'd been up all night trying to get a fussy baby with a fever to sleep. And that my friends is saying a lot.

April 17, 2020


Sometimes I bite my nails.
Not nearly as often as I used to, but sometimes I still do.
Sometimes I get nasty rips under my finger because of it.
Sometimes I send my husband to get band aids because every time I touch that little flap of naily thing it hurts like a mofo.
Sometimes he tries to be funny.

They even come with stickers!!

Joke is on him though. I'll wear this leopard print band aid and rock it!

April 16, 2020

Happy birthday, Jennyfur.


Today my best friend turns 27.
Do you guys have a best friend?
I sure hope so.
I hope your best friend is half as awesome as mine is.

Let me just show you some of the awesomeness that is....

High school days. Junior prom.

I’ve been a coffee addict for a while. This was December 2003
The Christmas after our high school graduation.

We once had a “boys are stupid” party. We ended up being the only girls there.
We had more guy friends than anything.
But that was okay.
We had fun and our guy friends were pretty awesome.

And sometimes we just hung out in the bathroom together because we’re cool like that.
And there was nothing that bathroom countertop conversations couldn’t fix.

My 21st bday.

Jen’s bday. (I was pregnant with my handsome man here)

You are one of the best people I know.
Thank you for always being there for me no matter the distance
or the craziness.

Happy birthday dear friend.

April 12, 2020

I know good people.

My friends bring me awesome things.
Kristina came over yesterday with these little goodies for me.
I’m much appreciative.
After she left last night, I spent more time than I really ever should a good chunk of time browsing. This gift card is spent! Plus some. I’m a happy lady.

You can also fine me HERE today.

April 09, 2020

A bit of our Easter morning.


I’ve come to the realization that our children are spoiled.
Not in the bratty kind of way as you can see later from their faces.
But just spoiled.
They’d have been happy with a coloring book and a bit of candy.

These baskets contained:
a coloring book.
A book.
paddle ball.
A learning book.
bag of marshmallows.
Chocolate bunny.
handsome man-two shirts.
baby lady- new jammies.
handsome man-new undies (legos of course)
baby lady- LOTS of hairclips and jewelry.
Baby O’s basket contained a carseat toy, a weird little ball and new bottle nipples because….well… the Easter bunny just knew he needed some.

Climbing high to reach eggs.

Baby lady’s look when she spotted an egg up super high

I hope you guys had a great Easter.


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