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October 15, 2020

If you're ever in Columbus, Georgia.

This past Saturday, David, the kids, our friend Jojo and her kids all loaded up and headed downtown to the Columbus Museum for their Fall Festival.
It was a load of fun.

They had little mini costume contests (that were totally rigged- probably not really but the winners had dumb costumes!), a little scavenger hunt for the kids (a list of questions they had to answer by going through the museum and finding the paintings that matched the questions), little booths that the kids could decorate bags and win little prizes and fun kiddie stuff like that.
We had a good time.

Poor Jack didn't weigh enough to hold the chair down!
Maddie took a selfie!
This is where Owen whined and whined until I got him out of the stroller because he wanted to go into the cool tent thing and take a picture like the other kids did!
They're sharers!
This was during her little ballet spin while walking across the stage during the costume contest!

We also got to see the Andy Warhol exhibit which was pretty freakin' cool and it's only going to be at this museum for a bit longer, so I'm glad we caught it while we were there.

Point being, if you're ever in Columbus, Georgia, check out the museum of art. 


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