January 31, 2020

Two things

Two things to tell ya today.
Three really.

1: Happy Thursday!!! It's almost the weekend! Hooray!
(weekends actually don't mean a lot to me but I know for a lot of y'all, you're off work!)

Ignore my face: it was chilly & muddy and I was yelling at a dog. Haha.
Also, these jeans are NOT flattering. This whole outfit isn't now that I see it.
My thighs aren't that big. For realz. And the shirt is baggy-like bad but you can't tell.  Not good pics. Not a flattering outfit.  Oops.

2: Funny story about this outfit--when I uploaded them to photobucket, it posted to my facebook as well. I went to facebook and had new notifications and was like "huh?! I didn't post anything".... imagine my surprise when I saw that these were all over my facebook. (I tend to keep my blog separate from my fb & tend to avoid fb in general really)
And later that day when David's friend came by, he asked, "what was with that mini fashion show on facebook earlier?" I had to explain that my photobucket was synced with my facebook & he's a guy so he was all like, "Okay, Amber.... uh-huh...whatevs" (only less girlie sounding because I don't know what guy actually says, "Whatevs" but you get my point.
50 shades of embarrassment went my face.

Notice my toes?! It was muddy! I was trying to not step in mud.

And I know up there I said TWO things but eh... I can't count. Ha.
3. Have you heard of Little Green Pouch? If not you need to head over there and check it out! ESPECIALLY if you have kids. If you don't have kids, you might consider if for your husband or even yourself. Ha. You probably only need it if you have kids.
I do, so it's handy. Baby O is obsessed with ours.

They are REUSABLE!!!!!!
Dishwasher safe!!
I've blown Owen's mind with these things!!
I put one of the kids' gogurts in it (which the way the gogurt things are made was quite lovely when mixed with the Little Green Pouch) and Owen was SO confused about the yogurt but loved the pouch!!
I also put chocolate pudding in one! He was a happy baby!
We do believe in bibs. But Owen does not. He rips them off & throws them down.
And yes, that is a noodle on his head.
We're to that oh so lovely throwing our food stage.

I expected to only receive one Little Green Pouch to review, so imagine my surprise and excitement when the box arrived (very quickly might I add) to contain FOUR Little Green Pouches!! SUPER HAPPY MOMMY!!
If you've ever bought any of those to-go/travel things, you know how expensive they are!
These are TOTALLY amazing! Worth every cent!! Go see here.
I'm actually considering ordering the little funnel for them. It wasn't difficult to fill them without the funnel but I made a bit of a mess with the pudding. Haha.
Seriously, I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend you go snag yourself some of these bad boys!!
Oh and they expand making them bigger! They can hold more and even stand up!

January 30, 2020

Spring trends with Tarole (A guest post)

Aloha readers of My Three Bitties!

I'm Tarole and I blog over at Island Livin' with One Haole Girl

In a nutshell, I blog about daily living in the beautiful state of Hawaii. My blog has a little bit of everything from fashion and recipes, to health/fitness tips and a Harry Potter Link Up. I hope you stop by :)

But enough about my blog!

Awesome Amber is letting me take over today so I figured I would give y'all an insight of my top three favorite trends for Spring 2013!

Now, my personal style is all over the place. I never like to stick to one look.. most of the time I am just throwing styles together that work with my mood for the day. Also, I live in Hawaii so most of my style spreads are geared more towards the weather on the island :)

One Haole Girl's Spring 2013 Trends 

Spring 2013 Bra Tops by onehaolegirl

The first trend that is a super favorite of mine is the bra top. If you've been around my blog at all or on my Instagram, you know that I love me some high waisted anything with a bra top. I love the free-ness of the simple item. You can dress up or dress down, and they go with so many different options! Defintiely a trend that has potential to stick around for a while - at least in my book :)

The second trend I went with is full skirts. I also really like this look. Whether it be mini, full length, or in between, these skirts are such a great look. I am a fan of feeling free while still looking cute so this is right up my alley.

Ironically, I'm wearing both a bra top, and a full skirt in this picture below...

Taken from my Instagram

Like I said, I like to just dress how I feel.

Spring 2013 Color Blocked Handbags by onehaolegirl

The third trend I went with is color blocked handbags. I'm a sucker for cute purses and this trend makes me happy. I always have trouble trying to figure out which color I really like more, so with this color block trend, I get the best of them all!

Well dears, there you have it! My top three trends for Spring 2013. I hope you stop by the blog for a visit - you'll find all kinds of things in my little corner of the web!

Thanks SO much Amber for allowing me to take over today! I had such a blast :)


January 29, 2020

Curling your hair with a straightener! (first ever vlog)

Happy Tuesday!

That was my inspiration. (Along with like 2049673984290854 other pictures on Pinterest so I finally tried it for myself!

Obviously you'll need a flat iron.
And please ignore my just out of the shower-just blow dried my hair- no make up face. K? Thanks.

Section off your hair.
Take piece by piece.
Start a few inches down from the top.
(Leaving your roots alone)
Put the strand in the flat iron, flip it over.
That's it.... just flip it. Like making a u-turn.
Flip it over towards you and pull.
I do it like twice per strand just to make sure.
But I also don't have a super fancy flat iron and my hair is pretty thick.
But this is what you get when you're done:

Pop a headband on (or not) and head out for your day with your super awesome, super cute hair.
You're welcome.

Oh and don't super curl the back too too much. It'll take away from your overall length.

Grab a button. Join the madness.
Check out Sarah and Melissa's to see what Pinspired them today!

January 28, 2020

Hello, Monday-a review and a giveaway!


I am actually pretty happy to see you today. This weekend seems like it was endless... not in a terrible awful way, just in a long way. I'm tired and a bit ready for the normal week to begin again.

But anyway here we go for last week's little wrap up and the Pinspiration Project's most clicked! YAY!!

Last weeks' TPP can be found here. I showed you some of my go-to cleaning tips! You should head on over & check them out! Better yet, you should just follow me on Pinterest because I pin some awesome things!
So this week's most clicked was Phylicia and her DIY Ombre' Heart Wreath.
Check it out!!

My favorite of the week was Emily and her Skillet Lasagna.


Also this week, I talked about how hard it was to make friends. Can you relate?
I talked about being an internetaholic. Aren't we all these days?!
I told a funny story about how we got our first mattress as newlyweds.
My friend, Melissa hogged the blog to talk to you about ACV! (You know you're curious!)
And I did a few good deeds for this weeks 52 weeks of kindess! Get your good deeds in for this Friday's link-up! Even if you don't link up, just do something nice for someone else!!

Cheers, Monday!
Let's hope you're kicking off a great week for us all!

Be sure to come back tomorrow to see the latest Pinspiration Project.
*hint: mine is about hair! You'll love it!

You can find me linking up here:

Oh so anyway.... I was recently given the chance to test out and review a BellaVita iPhone Wristlet.  I chose this one.
Found HERE
I am obsessed! It's so handy! ESPECIALLY having small kids around. I can snap it shut so Baby Owen can't touch my phone.
The wristlet part of it makes it super handy to carry my phone around while carrying a baby and holding Miss Maddie's hand. I can even attach my keys to the wristlet strap so that it literally all hangs on my wrist while I'm multitasking! I AM LOVING IT!

I'm actually going to order David one soon so he can hook it to a motorcycle pants chain thing & not lose his phone/wallet while flying down the road. Yay!
I plan on ordering David this one!

It came in the cutest little box!

Look how cute it is!!!

Still leaves the camera open for selfies! ;)

Now the lovely folks at BellaVita have given me the okay to give one away to one of y'all!!

*The winner's entries will all be verified!*

January 25, 2020

Hi, My Name is Amber and I am an Internet Addict.

Source: http://20bp.blogspot.com/

As a blogger person in general I am completely addicted to the internet.
I always say that I'm going to cut down but I never do.
I get mad at David for bringing his phone or his laptop to the dinner table when I do it as well.
I mean we both slightly freak out when the internet goes out and have mini panic attacks.
I immediately reach for my phone because I know my 4g will still work.  My post the other day reminiscing about being young newlyweds just made me sort of miss that time in our lives.
We were too poor to have cable and we had a cheap internet package through the best internet provider we could find.
At night instead of watching television, we'd curl up in the floor and watch movies or play board games.
We had fun.
Even now we don't have cable. We have Netflix and a PlayStation and a smart television with a built in Netflix app (that is pretty cool really).  Cable is just too expensive these days. And nothing is really like EVER on so we just switch over to Netflix anyway and turn on something as background noise or something for the kids to watch.

I heard a commercial on the radio today about the top movies currently in theaters and I realized I had not heard of ANY of them.... you want to know why?! Because we do not have cable.... we miss out on the commercials. I came home and googled a few of them just to see what they were about. I felt a bit out of the loop but really, we do not have the time to go watch them anyway so it is alright.
Or we just add them to our Netflix Que and wait for them to come in the mail.

Anyway, I've gotten off topic. Ha. Oops. I tend to do that a lot if you haven't noticed.
Point was, how addicted are you to the internet? How often do you check your facebook or your twitter? Do you use your phone? A tablet? Your laptop, what?
I know David & I have come a long way since our broke newlywed days but when it comes to internet & cable, we've come a full circle.

Why can't we be friends?!

Today I'm going to talk about something that has been bugging me for a while.
Probably since we moved to Fort Benning.


Seriously, you guys.... it's almost February.
We've been here since the end of September and I am just now meeting people..... just now making friends (or at least I think I am).

I never realized how hard it was to get to know people.

You know who I talk to the most?
The ladies at the local Starbucks!
I adore them. They know my drink order and Maddie's name and that Owen is one. Oh and that Fin goes to school across the street.
I'm not even in there that often.... but there are only 5 of them that work there and they don't get too busy so of course they know me.
There is a guy in there every morning about the same time I am, he talks to them and to me and Maddie.
Other than that, I talk to random people at the commissary. (Grocery store) And usually they're older people because I have Owen and Maddie with me and well... they're just cute!

At first it didn't bother me. I was hesitant to even make friends. If you've been a long time blog follower, you've read about some of the crazy people that I came across while we lived in Alaska so I wasn't super eager to jump into making friends here. I didn't want anything like that to happen all over again.

And I just don't think you can top the friends that I had there. 

For some reason moving here has just thrown me off. I don't know if I'm just less social, more introvert-like or what but I'm not as much of a social butterfly as I used to be. I think people have taken a bit of a toll on me. Well, that and I have three crazy children.
When we moved to Alaska, I had an online friend that I met through CafeMom and turned out she lived like a block over so that just worked out wonderfully!!
Then I met wives through David's unit and so on and so on.
I met Rachel through Supper Club-friend of friend of friend type thing. Who knew she'd turn out to be so awesome!
It wasn't difficult to meet people if you let people in.

Before Alaska we were stationed at Fort Knox, Kentucky.
I worked and met people there. (Hi Tifferooni!! We love you!!)
I met one girl from Cafemom and that worked out! We're still friends to this day!
And I had another email me on MySpace back when it was cool insisting that she wasn't a creepy stalker (uh-huh) but wanted to be friends. We actually met face to face when her and her husband picked up David walking down the side of the road.... recognized him from pictures.
And we totally hit it off-still friends to this day. Her husband (at the time) is one of David's best friends today.

But moving to Fort Benning.... I really just don't know if I'm less social or if I just don't really want to put myself out there.
It doesn't help that everyone here that I'd have a chance to talk to just seem so into their routine that if I so much as said "Hi" to them, I think I'd wreck havoc on their day.
Fin's school-all the moms have their mom friends. Some even get there early just to hang out a bit.
They walk together and stand together, etc etc.
Other than that I really just haven't even met people until David started this biker thing he's got going on.
They're family oriented which is pretty amazing!
We had one of their meetings here last weekend (you might remember the tweet about feeding like 25ish people). Well since then, we've gone and played Frisbee golf with them (which by the way is WAY harder than it looks but that's another story for another day). And I took the kids swimming with one of the wives and her kids this past weekend.

David was at one of their meetings and texted me to tell me to text her. She ended up calling me and inviting me. I'm pretty sure I sounded like a moron. (I am terrible at talking on phones. I blame texting. It's killed phone calls for me).  I was so grateful for the invite!! Aside from getting the kids out of the house (and myself out of the house) it was so nice to be invited!! Her husband had plans, she planned on taking her kids anyway and thought to invite me! It was so sweet! I think I'm making friends here.
And as excited as I am about it, I'm kind of nervous about it.
And the idea that I'm going to have to just up and leave again in a few years or they'll leave sooner just kills me.
Part of me truly just doesn't even want to bother with making friends just knowing that we'll have to part ways all over again. Moving is ridiculous. It's for the birds.
This has turned into a late night ramble and a mini vent/whine session all rolled into one.
Wouldn't be much of a me post otherwise though, huh?!
But really.... someone just slap me. Tell me to get out there and make friends. Tell me it'll be worth it and good for me.
I'll probably roll my eyes at you but in a few months I'll be thankful that I did once I'm all BFF like with these wives. Hopefully we reach that point anyway and not just the "oh we hang out when our husbands get together" kind of friends. Those work too but I'd like a real genuine friend here, ya know?!

Okay.... I'm going to shut up now.
I hope you all enjoyed my late night ridiculous ramble.

52 weeks Week 4!

Happy Friday, everyone!!
I'm super excited to bring you week FOUR of #52weeksMTB (I added the MTB for "my three bittles" so that it wasn't getting mixed up with other hashtags on twitter)

This week was a great week for good deeds!

First, head over to my lovely co-host Whitney's blog and check out her good deed of the week!

This week we donated to a friends kid's Jump rope for heart. If you'd like to donate as well, click here.

 photo 47791AFF-3B4B-428F-A6C0-87E6EA75EAC3-2821-00000097A4F27E58.jpg

We took cookies to the ladies at our local Starbucks. They were pretty excited about it!

Owen hung out here a second so that I could leave diapers & wipes on the changing table! I even left a little cards in between each diaper with my business card telling people to click the 52 weeks tab.

We handed out little "hope this brightens your day" with little treats inside along with my card.
I left one in the mailbox for the mailman.
And Maddie handed out the rest to other moms waiting to pick up their little Kindergarteners.

I also bought two $5 starbucks cards. I asked the lady at Starbucks for a pen and wrote "$5. Be kind!" and asked the ladies to hand this to the next person that came in.

And the other one we handed to Fin's teacher.

Then the next day while picking up Fin, she came up to me and said, "I'm going to try to get through this without crying" and went on to tell me a little personal stuff and hugged me and told me she just NEEDED to see that part about smiling! And seeing Fin & Maddie's faces full of excitement when they handed it to her just made her day! She told me that she sat in her car just crying that afternoon because it'd been just the little blessing that she'd needed to get.

This is what this project is all about.
Making people happy.
Making people smile.
Oh my gosh, I got all teary eyed listening to her!
It was the best feeling! The sweetest thing!

And seeing the look on everyone's face as Maddie handed them the little treats (she handpicked each person herself) was just so wonderful! Watching Miss Maddie pick who she wanted to cheer up just melted my heart!

You guys, I mean really.... my heart is just so happy this week!
I can not wait to read all of your stories!
Even if you don't link up, don't blog, etc etc, just do something nice.
Seeing the reaction and just knowing that YOU put a smile on someone's face is worth a million bucks!

Manic Mother

Grab a button. Spread the word. Pass it along. Blog about it. Link up so others can read. Inspire someone. Just be kind.

January 24, 2020

Mattress Hunting Newlyweds

Found here: http://blackdogwoodworking.com/Glasgow-Panel-Bed.php

Once upon a time, David & I were young, broke newlyweds in need of a mattress.

We knew there was ABSOLUTELY no way possible that we would actually ever be able to afford a brand new mattress, so we headed to check the local thrift stores. Even if we were to try get it financed we had bad credit. Bad bad credit. Like they would have laughed us right on out of that store. Do not worry for us though, it is MUCH better now. Thank you for wondering.

(If this creeps you out, I'm sorry-not really-. Trust me--I know how to clean)

Anyway, we found ourselves at the local thrift store looking at random things. Again, young and broke so we quite often found ourselves at the local thrift store looking at random things (and we were in need of just about everything). This was sort of our hobby.

Well on our way out the door, we came across a truck backing up into their little drop-off section. He was about to donate a mattress!!
It was exciting! David and I looked at each other and just KNEW that we needed to ask this man if he'd just let us take it before donating it and us having to wait for them to process it and price it! So David walked up to this man, told him we were in need of a mattress, directed the man's attention my way, told him we had just moved in and were in need of like, well.... everything.

David offered the man ten dollars (which considering he was DONATING it for FREE, he got a good deal out of it) the man laughed, took the ten dollar bill and helped David load it onto the roof of our car.
We then laughed at our random luck, drove ourselves home (thankfully we only lived about a mile away from the local thrift store) slowly-each of us holding the side handle of a mattress out our windows since we didn't have any bungee cords or anything with us.

I am certain that we looked absolutely ridiculous, but ya know what?! We could not have been happier at the time!

January 23, 2020

Meet Melissa!

Hey guys! Today, I have my friend Melissa talking to you about apple cider vinegar and the awesomeness of it!
You probably recognize her from our TPP link up, or maybe you follow her blog too?!
But what you don't know is that we go way back!
Melissa and I have been online friends for YEARS now! (Sarah too). We actually all met in a cafemom group and have just kind of been friends ever since. Yay us!
One of these days we'll all meet up somewhere and it'll be the coolest thing like ever!
Anyway, say hi to Melissa! Head over to her blog and give her a follow or just a nice comment. Continue reading to learn something new!

Hey everyone, I'm Melissa and I blog over at Lulu & Sweet Pea.
I'm 28 years young & I'm married to a phenomenal tattooer named Shayne. We have 2 little ones together...Ayden is 8 and Lily is almost 5.

 I'm a hair stylist, nail tech, and makeup artist turned stay-at-home-mom, so I write about crafty stuff, parenting challenges, wife duties, books & reading, sewing, cooking, family fun, and beauty tips & secrets. I might not look like your average Susie Homemaker but don't be fooled...I've got some experience under my belt! I also co-host an awesome linky party every Tuesday called The Pinspiration Project where you can share your Pinterest inspired creations.

I wanted to share a one of my top blog posts with you guys because I get so excited when I talk to people about it. It's all about using apple cider vinegar (ACV) on your skin for acne. You can read the entire original post here where I share with you my struggle as a 28 year old mom of two and still being embarrassed by breakouts. I'll explain step by step how to make your ACV toner and how/when to apply it. I'll also explain how to start with a diluted concentrate of the stuff and how to gradually increase the ACV amount for maximum results {I started at 25% & now I'm using 100% undiluted ACV}. I'll also go over things like the smell {no, I don't smell like vinegar all day!} and why it works so well for problem skin like mine.

If you would have told me 6 months ago {before using ACV} that pretty soon I'd be confident enough to leave the house without a full face of foundation on I would have laughed at you.

The above picture was just taken before leaving the house the other day. Yes, I have makeup on, but I have nothing on my face besides a little powder for the shine and my eye makeup. This is a huge step for me because in my original post I said how I'd love to be one of those women who didn't have to wear foundation every day. That's finally me!

It's been 6 months since my original post about ACV and I have to say that my skin has completely transformed. I have pretty much no breakouts anymore (other than a few random hormonal ones here or there). I'm not spending a fortune on acne medicated cleansers and creams, and my skin isn't irritated or sensitive at all anymore. I don't have to wear foundation. I don't have to worry about someone staring at a zit on my face anymore. I have more confidence and I don't feel like a teenager going through puberty anymore!

If you are dealing with breakouts at all, I highly recommend giving ACV a shot. It's super cheap and what have you got to lose? Make sure to read my post carefully that explains how to use it. And after you get your breakouts under control make sure to read my 2nd most popular post on the Acne Scar Fading Mask.

Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments you might have. I have people emailing me almost daily praising ACV as well and telling me their success stories after using it. I'd love to hear how this has worked for you!

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