November 25, 2020

fevers and rashes and pictures, oh my.

First off, I’d like to say how thankful I am to my friend, Rachel for having us over for Thanksgiving dinner.
It was delicious and the kids and I are STILL stuffed and exhausted.

(I’ve been singing that damned Rebecca Black song all week)

Sunday my handsome man woke up screaming and running a fever and broken out in this mess:

I literally googled everything from allergic reaction to chicken pox!
I had NO idea what it was!
I was flipping out!
It was the weirdest thing because he still had a full blown appetite.
Was running and playing.
Just itchy and a fever at night.
And I’m not talking just a little warm, like had it not been 3am and negative 35 out, we’d have rushed to the ER kind of fever.
He tossed & turned in my bed just scratching! Poor baby was miserable!
After a Dr appt Monday, I learned that children can get Parvo.
Who knew?!
Apparently it’s pretty common and noncontagious once the rash appears, so that’s good
but we skipped preschool Monday just to be on the safe side.
The Dr gave him some zyrtec.
Between that and some Benadryl cream, he’s all cleared up
but now his poor skin is just completely dried out.
At least he’s not scratching himself bloody anymore, huh?!
I’m telling you—being a parent is rough!!
If this post doesn’t convince you, check out
this one
This one
This one
or even
this one.

In other news,
Handsome went back to preschool Tuesday and they had a mini party
Little baby lady was super excited to get to follow her big bro around and see what he does during the day.

Then Wednesday, I had my final Dr appt for little Baby O.
I go in Sunday for some paperwork and lab work.

Baby O will most definitely be here Monday morning.
Sometime between now and then, my husband will be home for r&r.
Exciting things are happening, people!! EXCITING!

So if you don’t hear from me for a while, that’s why.
But, follow me on twitter amber__mack,
I’m sure there will be a sneak peak of baby O on there.
Or even on Instagram.
I’m ambermack

I hope you all had a very blessed Thanksgiving.

November 21, 2020

I wonder...

I wonder if my bittles realize how much their lives are going to change in a week.
I wonder if they'll include baby O in their fun.
I wonder if baby O will change their friendship.
They really are the best of friends.
I think it's because they are so close in age.
I wonder how they'll be towards baby O since he's 3/4 years younger than them.
I bet they'll both be the best little helpers they can possibly be.
And I bet baby O will be one loved little bittle.
With the very best big brother and sister he could possibly ask for.

November 19, 2020

How I spent my Saturday.

Woke up to these munchkins hogging my bed.
Ignore the no sheets thing.
I have sheets.
My belly just hinders putting them back on my bed.

I took the kids to Super Saturday.
All day daycare, totally free if your spouse is deployed.
Very handy.
They have fun.
I have a me day.
Both needed.

So, I treated myself to lunch where the hostess looked at me like I was crazy when I replied, "Just me" after she asked how many.

this burger was HUGE! like hold with both hands for each bite kind of huge!

So I ran some errands, found hubby some beanies for his head so he doesn't freeze when he gets home.
Got him some pants. Got me a hat. Got the bittles new bedding sets.
Going to pick up baby lady's new mattress and box spring soon.
Already removed her toddler bed and put together her bed frame.  She seems excited about it.
Hopefully it'll help the no sleeping in her room thing we've had going on lately.

I also discovered this jewelry story that sells plugs. Not like just a few plugs either, like all kinds, all sizes, etc etc. I was in heaven! I'm excited to show it to hubby over r&r! So, I picked up him some plugs and got myself a new septum ring (which I've yet to put in because I can't get the old one out. Ha)

Then I came home and cleaned a bit.
And attempted to take some belly shots for you all.
I had a sweater on over this outfit-it was actually really cute but I really fail at remembering to take photos of my outfits.
Oh and the messy hair--it's negative 30's outside. I had a headwrap/ear cover thing on all day.

 Then I picked up the bittles, listened to them tell me all about their day.
Got home, changed us into jammies
And now here we are.
Home and relaxing.
Like my view?!

The brave little toaster is what we're watching.

I hope you all had a good day too.
Oh. enter GOBBLEGOBBLE at checkout in the shop and save 35%.
Good til end of the month.

November 17, 2020

Dear bittles, please sleep.

I seriously think that baby lady hates her bed.
It's a toddler bed.
It's a cheapo toddler bed.
I think she's officially ready for her own big girl bed.
Hubs is going to get her one while he's home.
She says she wants one like handsome man's
So hopefully if we move her up to a twin sized
she'll sleep in her own room
and there will be no more of this
fighting sleep until 10-11pm
and mommy getting seriously cranky
and annoyed with the little bittle giggles
she hears from upstairs
because as cute as it is,
that shit ain't gonna fly when baby O gets here.
We're all going to need sleep.
but try explaining a newborn's sleeping
patterns to two really cute, giggly, sleepy toddlers.
They just don't get it.
And end up laughing more.
Which again, is really stinkin' cute
but also annoys mommy greatly
when it's 11pm and mommy just wants to go
to sleep too.

November 10, 2020

Being a parent is heartbreaking.

So how come nobody told me how heartbreaking being a parent would be?!
I’m completely serious! NOBODY WARNED ME!!
Kind of like the “Joys” of pregnancy that nobody talks about.
I think I just need to write a book and title it “HEY PARENTS TO BE:: READ THIS TO REALLY LEARN!!”

Today babylady had dental work done. <—DENTAL WORK! That’s it.
It was such an emotional day. So stressful, I completely bawled like a baby.
I posted about it all before. Go HERE to get all caught up.

Major points of that post if you’re too lazy to read.
I called in MAY. It was ONE tooth. I thought she’d chipped it.
Come her appointment in AUGUST, it was the front four.
Due to her age and total freak out at the dentist’s office, they scheduled an appt for OCTOBER.
Come that appt, she had a cold and couldn’t be put under.

So today was that day.

We had to check in at 7am.
They had a little stuffed piggie and some Tangled stickers waiting for her.
Nurses and Doctors and students and the dentist and anesthesiologist all in and out for the first hour asking a million questions, trying to talk to her, listening to her heart, hooking her up and prepping her.
Bittle did so wonderful. She didn’t cry. She didn’t freak out. She let everyone do what they needed to.
I was overwhelmed by all the people in and out. You could tell she was confused but she was amazingly brave.
By 8am she was in the gown, oxygen monitor on her toe, name tag on her leg, blood pressure cuff on her leg and two stickers in her hand.

Then they come in with the little red wagon.
This wagon was all comfied up with a pillow and blankets. I set her in it, the Dr puts the hair bonnet thing on her, I cover her up with her little tinkerbell blanket and away they go.
Still, no tears from babylady.
Me on the other hand, I was a wreck. I completely cried watching them wheel her back.

My little baby was about to be knocked out and hooked up to machines just for some damn dental work! She’s tiny and fragile and my little baby and throw in the fact that I’m due to have a baby in less than 3 weeks, I don’t sleep and hubs is deployed-I think it’s completely ok that I cried!

So after they take her back, the nurse drags me to the nurses’ station and hooks me up with some chocolate pudding, vanilla pudding, coffee, root beer, fruit bowl and devils food cake.  And while I make a quick restroom trip, she refilled my water and set my food tray up for me. She was FANTASTIC!
I ate, watched some netflix on my phone, stared at the clock a million and a half times, jumped everytime someone walked near my room and calmly (ha!) waited to hear anything.
A bit before 10 the dentist came in, told me it was done, she did great! And they had to do less work than they’d originally thought. (Hopefully that saves me a couple hundred bucks as well!)
He tells me they’re waking her up and she’ll be back with me in about 15-20 minutes.

15-20 go by, I’m still anxiously waiting…. one nurse comes in to tell me she’s waking up REALLY slowly so it’ll be another 10-15 minutes.  FINALLY they walk in carrying my little bundle of drugged up baby.  They hand her to me, I sit down and cuddle with her, again fighting back the tears.
One of the nurses goes on to tell me that she did amazingly, even while waking up. She did however get mad at one point when she saw said nurse holding stickers and lifted her blanket to discover her stickers MIA. Nurse quickly handed them back and made amends.  Ha!
So they tell me to try to get her to drink some juice and they’ll unhook her and we have to hang around for another hour.

So we’re hanging out. Cuddling hardcore, watching cartoons when all of the sudden she sits up and says, “MOM! I want these off!” Me and the nurse were like WHOA. So I told her if she drank some juice, we’d take them off. I hand her the sippie and she drinks half of it, hands it back and the nurse takes off everything. She wasn’t even phased by the IV or the tape holding it in place or the little stickies on her chest and back! She was done! Ready to go home.
My brave little bittle.  I had NO idea she was so strong and so brave! She never even cried! Or whined! I’m one proud momma!

Look at this pitiful little thing!
Puffy face, marks from the tape holding the breathing tubes in, bloody nose, swollen lips,

Then we picked up the handsome man where she begged for some cereal! She ate an entire bowl of cereal! How crazy considering they told me she may not want to eat anything and not to push food at her. Then we took him to preschool, came home and this is what she did.

Once she woke up, she asked for ANOTHER bowl of cereal!

Point being, kids are a lot stronger than we think.
Even when we, ourselves can hardly handle it.

November 07, 2020

Good morning.

My wake up this morning started a bit before 6am.
I'm not sure if it was due mainly in part to Baby O.
My hip popping when I tried to roll over.
The fact that I was halfway trapped under blankets by a cat on each side of me.

The fact that I knew I'd have to go out and buy a snow shovel
and eventually drag myself out there to actually shovel

Or the fact that I knew I had eggnog to pour into my coffee this morning.

Either way, it's not barely 8am my time. I'm awake. Sipping on coffee and got to squeeze in a mini MSN messenger chat with the hubs.
And I still have two sleeping bittles, so now I'm just sitting here enjoying the silence.

Good morning, world.
I hope your days are off to a great start.

November 03, 2020

35 weeks.

Guess who got to sneak in an extra ultrasound?!
Yup, me!
I had my 35 week appt on Tuesday & they said he was measuring a bit small.
So they rushed me an ultrasound appt.
He's perfectly fine. Growing right on track.
They worried the living daylights out of me for nothing but at least I got to see his cute little face.
And the ultrasound tech said he has hair!
She even printed me off a little picture of his hair all floating in the amniotic fluid.
I got to watch him practice his breathing.
See him kick me while feeling it.
Watch and listen to his little heart beat.
See his little hands and feet.
The countdown is on, Baby O.
November 28th.

November 01, 2020

Tasty Tuesday: Baked potato soup.

While once again browsing Pinterest,
(you can follow me HERE)
 I came across this picture:

I decided I needed to make it.
Except the recipe was HUGE, so I guesstimated and cut it in half.
At first I was a bit iffy with how it would turn out, but let me tell you--DELICIOUS is what it was!
Try it.
Minus the green onions cuz well, I forgot them.
Click HERE or the picture for the link to the recipe.
Mmm mmm goodness in my belly.



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