July 30, 2020

I won! I won!!! YAY!

Hello hello my followers! :)

Eeeep. My friend jenn, at A Cup Of Jenn awarded me with my very first blogger award. How exciting huh?! I think she digs my blog. YAY!

Along with this very exciting award, i'm supposed to include 7 random facts about myself... Y'all ready for these?!

1. I've had three last names in my life. Married only once though.
2. I was Pentecostal for 4/5years. (Which if you know me now, you'd find that hard to believe).
3. I say i'm from Tennessee, but I was born and spent my first 7 years in Michigan.
4. I love being an army wife. I love NOT knowing where we will be in another 2 years.
5. I bounce back and forth on whether or not I like living in Alaska. Overall, the fact that I LIVE IN ALASKA wins and I love it.
6. I wish I could be the perfect Suzy Homemaker, but I suck at cooking/cleaning and all that jazz. :(
7. Things I say throughout the day bounce to the beat of kiddie songs.

Now this is where i'd tag some people and award them as well, but seeing as how I have 7 followers and two have already done this-i'll come back to this. :)

Ok, on to my normal random blogging....

I got my septum pierced. Eeeeks.

Oh, and I'm now a blond. I can't remember if I mentioned that in my last blog. Ha.

July 28, 2020

I think i'll blog.

hey hey pretty followers.
I'm reading a new book. Biter is the new black. Buy it HERE. It's pretty HILARIOUSLY mean. (and i'm only on page like 24)

Oh, HUBBY GOT ME A NEW CAMERA!!! Yay anniversary present. Eeep. I'm very excited about this. Here are a few "new camera" pics.

this was the view not zoomed....
My crazy children and their juicesicles.

ummm, what else is new in the mack house. I'm currently taking a crafting break-too much going on. Trying to pack and get ready to move, my house is a DISASTER AREA right now. :/

I think i'm mostly done rambling... :)

July 21, 2020

Trying to catch up....

Since my laptop went all psycho on me, here's a bit of a catch up blog. Enjoy :)

SOOOOOOOOOO, doesn't that just look AMAZING?!?! I've discovered the GREATEST blog ever!! She does a "foodie friday" ahhh, i've tried Her potato soup and bread bowl (the pics above)
I also tried the cajun chicken pasta

Anyway, Kristi at Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherrys. I love your foodie fridays!! Thank you for sharing them with me!!

Also, my friend, Mandy (click her name to view her blog) is my number one mommy makes stuff fan/shopper. She keeps me on my toes when she makes her requests, but I LOOOOOOOVE it!!!
here are a few headbands i've made just for her.....

Ok, that is all for now!

July 19, 2020


First things first, my friend Jenn at A cup of Jenn is doing a GIVEAWAY to forever21.com
Check it out, follower her blog, mention my name! :)

Now, onto the normal bloggity blog....
so i'm super sorry i've seriously been slacking. (laptop issues, finally fixed. WHOOP)
I've had a pretty busy schedule. (bday party, bbq, babysitting, packing, cleaning, sewing, blah...)
So, here I am! i'm back. I'll add some pics soon. I <3 my happy little bunch of followers. Yes yes, I do.

Ok, so hey guys!! How are you?! I think I've had toooooooo much caffeine already today. Boooo!!!
Woke up BUTT crack of dawn to wait for the maintenance man (between 8-11), thankfully he showed up around 9:30 so it wasn't too horrible and I'm listening to my dishwasher actually run again, so YAY!!
Only downside of waking up early, Finnie did too. He's currently curled up on the couch watching Thomas the train, but he'll get cranky and whiny later. :(
Speaking of Thomas, if you're on my facebook, watch that video I uploaded of him talking about his birthday--SUPER SUPER funny!! Kiddo is WAY excited about his Thomas party!! (PS, if you're up here: don't make plans for Sept 4Th, that's his party and you're coming. OR ELSE!! Grrr. ha, OK not really or else, but still.....)
It's a few days after his ACTUAL bday (Aug 31) but we'll be moving and stressed and the 4Th is a Saturday, so yea....

Ok.... I think my ramble might be over, I really need to get up and clean a little bit, but yay!! Be on the look out for some pictures whenever I get around to uploading them onto the laptop that likes to crash on me. *sigh*


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