July 31, 2020

The Pinterest Project. #2

Since we're mid move, I get to try some of the cleaning tips I've seen on Pinterest.
I was probably more excited about this than I should have been.
But eh, it's whatever. Maybe I'm just cool like that....
Yea... let's go with that one.

Anyway.... a really long time ago we had some friends that would bring their kids over with red koolaid. Even though I insisted she not do that.
Then one time the kids went wild and let's just say red koolaid ended up ALL over our carpet.
I'm talking everywhere.
It was not pleasant.

So a while back I pinned this knowing it'd come in handy when all of our furniture was gone and I could get to all of the carpet:

Here's our version:
In the bottle we put:
Peroxide & dawn dish soap.
(2 parts peroxide. 1 part dish soap)

And we didn't use a white towel.
We used green.
It still worked.
The spot in the after picture is still damp.
Maybe I'll remember to eventually take a dried picture.


(It doesn't HAVE to be a full minute by the way)

(you just kind of set the iron on the stain for a few seconds. Like 15-20 seconds. Don't burn your carpet!)

(did you notice that my silly husband left the "b" out in "amber"?!?
Kidding. His knuckles say "American" in case you were wondering.

Have to pause to say hi to Bo.
He was super curious about what we were doing.



Be sure to link up!
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That one winner will get a large spot on mine, Sarah's and Melissa's blog for the following month.

July 30, 2020

The Pinterest Project top 3 + my fav.

Today we (me, Sarah and Melissa) are telling you the top 3 clicked from The Pinterest Project this week!
And our favorite of the week!

Are you excited?!

**insert drumroll here**

The most clicked project this week is...

Emily from Hope Squared's Campfire Orange Peel Cinnamon Rolls.

The second most clicked is...


The 3rd most clicked for the week is...

Now, my personal favorite of the week:

Kristina and her eggless cookie dough!

Don't forget to get your projects ready to link up to tomorrow's The Pinterest Project!!

What do you blog about? (and a ridiculous fear)

I kind of despise that question when I get asked it.
I always say, Oh I just blog about everything. Life, marriage, kids, living in Alaska, being a military spouse, cats, dog, etc etc.
But really... I've sat here going, "what is my blogging niche? Am I a mommy blogger? No! There's no way"
And you know what guys, sometimes I AM a mommy blogger. Sometimes I have entire posts about my kids and I'm okay with that, because guess what......

It's my blog.
They're my kids.
Granted my whole blog isn't about them, but usually I worry if I'm talking too much about them because I don't really want to be in that "mommy blogger" catagory. NOTHING against that, I just feel my blog is more than just posts about my kids. At least I'd like for it to be. Maybe that's all in my head?! Eh well.
Point being, I AM a mommy blogger because I do have kids.
I have three amazing kids.
I'm pretty proud of them.
I'm going to talk about them because I'm proud of them.
So if that classifies me and a "mommy blogger", I think I'm okay with that.

Now that that little rant thing is out of my system, let me tell you...
I am terrified of construction!
Most specifically, road construction.
I dropped David off at his tattoo appointment the other day and went to take the kids to this inside play area on post with wifi. I thought I'd kill two birds, one stone kinda thing. Let the kids play out of the house (much needed with these weeks of rain we've been getting) and I'd get out of the house and hopefully get caught up on some internet stuff I needed to get caught up on.

On the way there, the 4 lanes became 2 lanes. Marked off with orange cones. "Are you kidding me?! DANG IT!! Am I in the right lane?! Oh my gosh, is that car coming at me in MY lane?!" <--  true thoughts, guys. true thoughts.
Of course he wasn't IN my lane and we didn't collide into each other going 20 mph but still.
I'm totally rational, don't you know?!

See the truck turning?! See how close he is to the other car coming straight?! Ahhh!!

If I hadn't been so worried about knocking a cone over, I'd have snapped a picture of the MILES long cone traffic.
It was odd.
And I drive a durango.
It's wide.
I was worried.
Don't judge me.

July 26, 2020

It's OK. . . .

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK that I posted this post is so late.
It's OK that I have two posts today because I'm bored and can be while our house gets packed.
It's OK that I'm typed one handed while I scarf down a BK chicken sandwich, onion rings and a coffee.
It's OK that I sit my but ON my couch before the movers take it away and I spend til Tuesday night sitting on the floor.
It's OK to laugh at David yelling at the dog as the dog tries to run up the stairs to bark at the guy packing our stuff.
It's OK that I feel bad that they only sent ONE guy to pack our whole house up.
It's OK too feel bad about not being able to help. (liability)
It's OK to think that my husband watches retarded stuff. (Season of the witch?!?!)
It's OK that I'd probably like that retarded stuff if I was actually watching it.
It's OK to miss my babies while they're at my friend, Rachel's house during packing.
It's OK to love this picture
(my 21st birthday. Almost 6 years ago)
It's OK to think that people who dye their dogs are odd.
It's OK to tune out David when he rambles on and on endlessly about how big the dog is getting and how much he's going to weigh.
It's OK to kind of want to skip the vacation and just be settled in Georgia already.
Moving and living out of suitcases for over a month.... eh.
It's OK to think that I have the cutest kids in the world.
It's OK that I just did a happy dance about winning an ad space. WHAT WHAT?! Oh yea!

And it's OK that some of those are crappy phone pictures and that I'm in a weird mood.
I blame the sunshine.

Loose Moose Cafe

If you're ever in Alaska, (Fairbanks to be specific) go to the Loose Moose cafe.
I'm quite serious.

I first discovered them last summer. (Summer 2011, pregnant with baby O, deployed Hubs) when I tasted their so so so heavenly honey mustard. Oh you guys, I can not express to you the amazingness of this honey mustard.

Here's the kiddies coloring while we ordered.


The little build your own food station loaded up with everything you could possibly think of to top your burger or hot dog.

This was my food before I devoured it and then realized I should have taken a picture. Sorry guys, I was hungry.
That's the honey mustard. It's seriously amazingly delicious.
I dunno why.
I ordered the jalapeno burger with American cheese.

Now I'm off to watch some strangers pack up my whole house.
Tomorrow they come back to load it up and send it to a storage unit in Georgia!!

July 24, 2020

Because I like to jump the gun.


I've decided to accept sponsors here on My Three Bittles.
I know I'm still a smaller blog, but I'm an up and comer. (at least in my head I am)

Now before you go thinking I'm crazy, let me show you why I think I have potential.

According to my stats I've had 97 visits just today.
110 yesterday.
1,437 just this month!

That's a LOT in my book!
Now here's a look at my monthly stats:

(my average has doubled since last month, cuz I keep track like that!)

See?! Making progress.
I have 280+ twitter followers.
190+ facebook fans.
170+ instagram followers
180+ pinterest followers.

And a few friends that like to help me spread love.
(remember my giveaway? The ad spaces from some bigger bloggers? I like to think that they love me just a smidge) (is smidge a word?)

Anyway.. I promise I will promote the mother beepity beep out of you and do my darndest to help you grow as you help me.

I've been approached by different businesses asking me to join them.
Remember my Four eyes post?
And see shabby apple over
And Firmoo
Paper Coterie.
(ps, click them to get discounts. Firmoo you just pay shipping! Free glasses for first time customers.
Paper coterie, use the code "welcomejournal" and get a journal FOR FREE! you just pay shipping)
See guys, see how much I love you?!

So yea. Head on over to my sponsor info and check that out.
The code "allyouneedislove" will save you 25% but you'd better hurry because there are only 10 code uses available. (I like to keep things interesting like that)
So there you go.
It's out there.
I feel better now that I decided to just put it out there. I've been going back and forth for a bit now, so yea.
I hope you decide to join me! :)

Strainers & pipe cleaners {easy kid entertainment}

I had the kids bust out our strainers.
I ran down to the basement to dig through our already packed up craft box and thanked God that I didn't throw out the pipe cleaners.

At first, I must admit I didn't think my kids would be too thrilled by this. They looked at me like I was pretty crazy.
But I put 2 or 3 in each other their strainers to show them and they took over and went to town!
We sat in the kitchen for a good hour just playing with the pipe cleaners and the strainers.

Fin said his were brains.

Miss Maddie said hers was a boobie trap.

July 23, 2020

Random park day (and some winners)

Covered in Grace

These were actually taken about two weeks ago and I'd forgotten all about them.
My bad, guys. My bad.

Okay, for real... I have the cutest kids.

Welcome to Maddie's cafe.
She'll make you pizza rocks.
I hear they're delicious.

Speaking of rocks, Baby O was obsessed with them.
He swam in them, threw them, picked them up one by one and examined them, then dug in them.
Gotta let them explore the world around them.
He had fun, and a bath when we got home.... cuz, eww.

Cute, cute, cute.

And they even picked me some flowers. Sweet babies.

And the winners:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I'll be emailing you guys in a bit, but if you see this before I email you feel free to shoot me a message at [email protected]

July 20, 2020

No heat curls.

Surely you guys have seen the no heat curls going around, right?!

WHAT?! You haven't?!
Hold on...
I'll link you to some::

Lady did it HERE.
Annelise did it HERE.
The paper mama did a video HERE
Kristen did it HERE

See, it's been around.
So I used this quite often but the other day I decided to do it for the first time since David's been home.
He laughed at me and asked me what in the world I was doing.
To which I responded, "Tomorrow my hurr will be AMAZING and you will be mad jelly, bro" <-- Yup. that's how we talk to each other.

The next day:

I actually pulled it halfway back this go around.

Have you tried this? If not, you totally should.
If you do, be sure to come back here and let me know. Preferably with pictures because I like pictures.

Don't forget, the "Amber's Alaskan adventure is coming to an end" giveaway ends at midnight.
Go get your votes in!


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