May 27, 2020

Hair bows

I've been pretty bored. I decided to take up a hobby. Crafting-everything I can get my hands on. I've browsed MANY MANY blogs and come across several that I love. But, here lately I've been making some hair bows after a friend of mine sent me the "how to". Here are a few I've done so far.....

While browsing a few blogs today, I became inspired by THIS
I used some ribbon I had laying around and TADA. :)
The yellow button is a bit too small, but I don't think it's too terrible for my first attempt.

YAY ME! :)

May 20, 2020

Trying my hand at blogspot.

Here's me! Taking random pictures one night while the kids dumped water all over the bathroom floor during their bath. Ha.

After browsing and browsing several blogs, I became obsessed!! I decided I needed a blog of my own just to follow these amazingly talented people! So here we go. Hello bloggers. I'm Amber.


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