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September 25, 2020

What we've been up to.

HEY HEY HEY!! Happy Wendesday! How are you guys?! I feel like I haven't really blogged in just about forever because of Birthday week! It was a good week! There are still some of the giveaways up and running-- it's not too late to enter.

I'll share them with you real fast then get on with today's blog.

$20 to Wendy's.
$150 paypal cash.
And A little bit of everything.

Anyway.... here's what we've been up to! {In pictures}

My kids rock!
Fin got a Bzzkit!
Happy birthday to me!
I am so in love with these boots, it's ridiculous!
Baby O likes to hang in my lap when it's just us at home.
My fun outfit on Thursday. Thanks to Em's closet.
He loves checking the mail in hopes that he gets a new Lego magazine!
Built his Transformer!
I never get much done online lately cuz of these two big heads.
Even with a cold, swinging makes him happy!
She asked me to straighten her hair.  I about died from the cuteness of it!!
Owen had a Bella Cat sleeping with him.  He was all cuddled with her when I opened his door.
Went to a friend's house for dinner- Fin played dress up! HAHAHA!!
This is what happens when you ask O to cheese.
Love them!!
Fin got a haircut!!
Maddie just kills me with her cuteness.
Owen was TERRIFIED of this mask when it hung on the shelf but now when it was on Fin.
O's like, "Whatever Fin"
Bo Devil is huge and a big baby.
Owen's a ham. He'd get mad when Bo would lay on the pillow. He wanted it for himself. All the crap in the floor--Bo toy shredded.
Carrying his snack bowl everywhere.
Happy that she got two pieces of cake for being good. (One piece cut in 1/2. I'm a trickster)
I think my pants are too long.  Also bug spray took the polish off my toes- how weird is that?!
He likes to try to fix his own hair.  I love it.
Posing at PreK pick up! My gosh her outfits are fun!

That's been our week in pictures.
I'll be back later to share my birthday day with you guys!
In the meantime, go enter those giveaways while you can!
Hope you guys are well.
Leave me a comment telling me one good thing that's happened to you in the past weekish!

September 06, 2020

Uhhh.... yeah.... I got nothing.

I feel like it's been the longest week. It was a 4 day weekend so my days have just been thrown off completely and now it's Friday and I'm just sitting here dumbfounded that it's already the weekend.
And it's been a busy week and we have a busy weekend!

Tuesday morning, I ran to the commissary and then to the PX to pick up Maddie a little backpack she'd been drooling over.
Wednesday I met up with the Sarahs (there are two) for coffee and a park date for Owen.
Thursday one of the Sarahs was nice enough to go with me to Sam's Club so I could use her membership and then we browsed around Babies R Us (While I sneakily asked what she needed for her soon to be baby) and I bought Owen THE CUTEST JACKET EVER!
This one:
Can be found here.  Thank you Babies R Us.

Now if only Fall would reach Georgia so that Owen could wear it!
Sarah got a tiny 0-3 month one for her little bundle as well!

And then today (Friday) I really need to actually go grocery shopping but I'm probably not going to til after the weekend is over. We won't be home most of it so no real reason to grocery shop.

In other news, David graduates airborne school today! YAY!
He's jumped out of an airplane 5x in the past 3 days. He's sore and exhausted. He landed on his butt the 2nd jump and has walked with a limp ever since. Bruised tail bones HURT! Poor thing.
Oh but I did pick him up a banana cream pie and a case of Sam Adams seasonal beer as a congrats present so he was pretty excited to see that when he got home. Got some major wife points on that beer! (He spent all last Fall trying to find the Caramel Apple kind & we could NOT find it ANYWHERE and the box has it in there along with 2 that he really likes and then 2 other he hasn't tried).

In other other news, Fin's alarm just went off. Time to kick into mommy mode and get these munchkins ready for school.
Wish me luck!

Oh and I'll leave you with some pictures from our week.
The ones of Maddie's hair- she can't see the back so asks me to take pictures for her to see what it looks like.

And for the record, my house is never spotless but in my defense, I have 3 kids and 2 dogs and a husband.
It's not dirty, just lived in messy.
And anything you see in the floor is probably something the dogs chewed up that morning! They're so fun. (Sarcasm in case you didn't quite catch that).
Unless I'm sick. If I'm sick that means I haven't cleaned up the house in a few days and I'd avoid it because man oh man this house gets messy and it just happens SO freakin' fast.

Blah. That's all I've got for today.
I'm not fully awake yet and my brain is already going nonstop about all the random things I need to get done today.
Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend.

July 29, 2020

What we've been up to {in pictures}

Today I thought I'd just share what we've been up to lately but in pictures.

I've been cooking. It's been all amazing.

This is country gravy breakfast casserole found here

David and I bought a lawn mower. Just a push mower, we have no need for a ride on one but we felt very adult like buying it.


July 08, 2020

Weekend recap fun!


Happy Monday!
I know it feels so wrong to say that to you guys, because I bet Mondays blow for you!
Mondays don't bother me though.

July 07, 2020


This weekend I decided to link up with my friend, Tawny and her instagram recap! She does it weekly, so you should check it out! :)

This week, Bo got himself a fancy pair of glasses!

July 01, 2020

Great fun was had!

This has been such a wonderfully long weekend!
Things sort of start to normal out again for us this week.

Fin starts his summer enrichment program today through the school where they focus on science and math.  He is really excited about it. 
Fin and Maddie have dentist appointments today (cleanings) and David signs back into work today and goes back to work tomorrow.
Fin's "school" is only from 9-12 so that's pretty great too! That means we still have all summer afternoons to check things off our bucket list.

Speaking of our summer bucket list, I don't think we're doing too terribly on checking things off of it!!  Like umm, number 24 and number 9 just this weekend! (Six Flags and fireworks).

Saturday I took Fin and Maddie to Six Flags (blog post coming about it later this week)

Here's a bit of a sneak peak of that! I am so thankful for my bloggy friend, Diana for taking this and a few others and later emailing them to me! My phone was at 40% by the time I got there thanks to mapquest and I needed to turn it off to ensure we'd be able to find our way home!

June 24, 2020

Monday morning feeling fine.

Oil changes
Clear skies! (The whole week that David's parents were in town it poured-the day they left it was sunny)
I got dressed. Like in real clothes and makeup.
Ring c/o Wanderlust Dress: here.


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