September 05, 2020

An update on my not so babyish baby.

I used to do those little monthly updates but I stopped around like month 7.  I suck. 
I'm terrible at keeping up with baby books and things like that. 
So I thought I'd do a little update here on the ole blog all about Baby Owen.

He'll be 2 the end of November.
He's crazy.
He's hilarious.
He's reached that monkey see, monkey do stage.
He sword fights with Fin.
He fist pounds and high fives.
He yells at Bo and Lucy.
He chases the cat around yelling "KITTY!! KITTY!" then kisses her if she lets him catch her.
He kisses everyone and everything EXCEPT me.
Unless I ask Fin for a kiss. Then Owen will run up, push Fin out of the way and kiss me and laugh.
He likes to push Fin & Maddie away from me and say "Mine". It's funny. We play a "my Maddie, MY Fin, MY Owen, MY mom" game where I get attacked by all three kids at once and they push each other away.
He's a daredevil.
He loves to slide and swing and climbs all over playgrounds without help. It scares the ever loving crap out of me.

He loves food.
He loves to eat.
He insists on putting salt and pepper on everything because he sees us doing it.
He insists on using a metal fork like the rest of us instead of a baby fork.
He insists on actual cups instead of sippies like the rest of us.

He's a crybaby!
Sometimes David can just say "No" in a certain tone and Owen's little lip will quiver and then the tears will come.
It's hilarious really.
He'll run to me freaked out if they dogs start barking too loudly or if the kids get too loud.
Loud noises freak him out and send him my way scared.

He's funny. He likes to make funny faces, play peek a boo, grab my face and force me to make funny faces.
He gives himself hiccups constantly from laughing too hard.
He can't go to sleep at night without seeing his friends on his ceiling (his mobile plays music and lights up little animals on the ceiling).
If you try to put toys or stuffed animals in his crib, he won't lie down until he's tossed them out.
He once switched his mobile from the usual music to birds chirping. He cried for the longest time before I finally realized why he was upset. I switched it back and he calmly laid down and started talking to his friends again.

He's obsessed with choo choos and Elmo.
He hates having his diaper changed.
He loves baths and pools.

Overall he's the happiest baby in the entire world.
He's a ham.
He's handsome as can be.
And he loves to run.

There you have it, guys.... Baby Owen in nutshell.


Angi said...

He is adorable!! And what a fun little boy!!

Although I swear that 2nd picture looks like he's chowing down on a piece of raw meat. What ARE you feeding your children, Amber!? ;)

Hallie Oceanside said...

what a ham, he is soooooooo adorable!

Neri said...

Oh those cheeks! He's precious!!


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