May 19, 2020

Are you ready to be photo bombed?!

This week I had good and evil battling on my leg.
Baby girl seriously loves little Bella. Also, you can totally laugh at baby girl’s after bath hair.
Then we went for a ride in the new little wagon.  They loved it.
My handsome man likes to make funny faces. But he also had a chalk stache going on.
We’ve spent lots of time at parks and outside. Baby girl conned me into swinging with her and a friend sent me this pic later.
And look how handsome my little man is in this new summer outfit.
More outside time…also, Robin on the happy meal is looking a bit queer. Like, seriously.
My kids think a pooper scooper is also a shovel. I’ve tried to explain otherwise but they don’t listen. Or care.
Handsome man was leaving daddy a facebook comment. It was long.
I have a deep weird hole in my backyard-it’s the escape hole from the basement, I guess. But I tried to use the pooper scooper to save the toys and clean the hole… it worked til I dropped the scooper. Then the broom came to the rescue.
I prepped hubby’s birthday box. It’s literally filled with confetti junk and random party favors. I’m excited about it. I know he’ll be like “is she serious?!” but he’ll laugh and they’ll all get good use out of the toys and candy.
Bella wanted to go to Afghanistan. She told me so.
The kids got new jammies… I tried to get them to hold still so I could take a picture to show daddy…. this was the best one. But they picked the pj’s themselves.
Baby lady likes to accessorize.
Handsome man likes to dance with Elmo.
He said he was talking to daddy. He had a good 5 mintue conversation of daddy rambling and him saying “yes”, “mmhmm”, “yes daddy”
She tried to scare me. She held the snake towards me and said SSSSSS.
The end.
I hope you guys laughed like I did.

May 15, 2020

Things I love about summer.

Things I love about summer:

The smell of grills going.  
Walking outside barefoot. 
The look on my kids' faces when I say "yes, we're going outside today!". 
Sand between my toes.
Not having to bundle us all up just to run to the grocery store for milk. 
Soaking up the sun! 
The sunshine!!
Pink lemonade. 
The green EVERYTHING! 
My kids barefeet. 
My kids in their new summer clothes- so darn cute! (I'll post pics later). 
The fact that I'm posting this from my iPhone from my backyard as I sit on a lawnchair, barefoot.    Watching my babies eat their snacks at their little Mickey umbrella table that is now outside instead of the basement. 
Wearing shorts without freezing! 
Knowing that in a few weeks we are totally gonna go to the lake! 
Loading the kids in the wagon (if you follow me on instagram, you've seen this wagon, if not "ambermack" is me and I'll post pictures in my next post" to check the mail or walk down the road.  Sidewalk chalk! 
When my princess asks for her hello kitty glasses.
Taking my bittles clothes shopping and letting them choose their own clothes. (baby girl's favorite color is purple, btw). 

So tell me guys, what are you summer loves and hates? 

May 09, 2020

Just call me Nancy.

Negative Nancy that is.

  I think my hormones are getting the best of me today. I’m sick. Allergies are kicking in. The kiddos are sick. We’ve been sitting in the house for a few days no just trying to get better. I have no energy to even walk to the park and with them sick too, it’d be a pointless trip.

I haven’t talked to hubby since Saturday night. I’m sad. I’m sick and I just want to talk to him.
And mind you, TWO days is NOTHING. Not a big deal AT ALL, but so far all of our conversations have been less than 10 minutes long and on facebook chat. I haven’t seen or heard his voice since he left. Again, I’m just whining. It’s really not THAT big of a deal, I’m stronger than that, trust me. I’m just sick and emotional today so I’m whining.

You know when you’re sick, you just wanna be cuddled or loved or told you’re pretty and that you don’t look like you’ve spent half the morning in the bathroom. -yea.

Also, my brain is DUMB.
I went to turn in the kids’ paperwork to get them registered in schools and hourly care and all that mess only to realize I never got their physicals done. Yup. Completely forgot. THEN, baby girl’s shot record ONLY has her 2 month shots on them.  WTF, right?! I KNOW she’s had more then that but I don’t know where she had them or where the records are so now poor thing is gonna have to get some blood drawn just to find out where she is with her shots.  I feel like such an awful mom right now. And I’m fairly certain it’s just because that’s an OLD shot record but ask me where the latest one is…  NO IDEA. Like seriously, as much as we’ve moved since then it could be anywhere. ANYWHERE.  So yup… my poor little two year old drama queen is gonna have to get blood drawn to probably get more shots.  Just shoot me.

Again, seriously… I’m just whining. I would hope you guys know me well enough to know that I don’t whine often.  I’m debating on whether or not to even post this when I’m done cuz I just needed to vent.  VENT VENT WHINE AND MOPE.
And it’s all cuz I’m sick. I’m just so freakin’ tired of being sick.
Granted, I am starting to feel better so that is nice but then I get slammed with a throbbing headache-sinus mumbo jumbo. I just can’t catch a break. *sigh*
whining sucks.
It’s actually pretty depressing.

Ok, yea. So happier note… the Farmer’s market opened this weekend.  I didn’t go cuz all sickly and it was rainy and I knew the first weekend wouldn’t even have the produce I wanted but I AM most definitely excited that it’s opened. It means SUMMER and GOOD fruits and veggies. Do you know how hard it is to find good produce in Alaska?! It’s not easy. It’s either icky when you buy it or icky by the time you get it home.
True story.

And I learned that on May 25th, Chena lake opens up.  I never got to go last year cuz hubby was always too busy. This year however, I plan to practically live there. I’m not kidding.  I need the sun, the kids need out of the house and I was just destined to be a beach bum.

Plus, that goes right along with my resolution to explore Alaska. so YAY!

And even though I don’t care for seafood, I am excited for the Salmon bake to open up.
Ok according that that link it totally opened on mother’s day! I don’t think it gets good and popping til a bit farther into the summer though. Another thing we never did last summer that I wanted to go to. I’m pretty excited.  It’s pretty pricey for a plate but I hear it’s well worth it!

ok, I’m totally gonna post this.  I’ve definitely made myself less negative and happier.  Yay.

I hope you guys are having a great day.

May 06, 2020

Featured Friday::Meet Renee!

Today I’d like to introduce you guys to Renee of Simple Aspirations. I came across Renee when I won a giveaway Jenn was hosting. I won some of Renee’s soaps and lotions and let me tell you—AMAZING!! I love them!! hubby used one of the soaps while one of his tattoos were healing and he loves it too!! It didn’t dry him out or break him out. And the lotions, I’ve had to hunt them down after my daughter hides them from me cuz she loves them!! I carry one in my purse and the other is in my makeup bag! And I have one of the soaps in my bathroom! Seriously, you guys should check out her shop. Aside from her talent, Renee is so sweet! And after THIS post, I adore her so much more! haha. I just know you guys will love her too!

So here you go guys…. meet Renee!

Hello to Amber’s bloggy friends! I feel so honored that Amber asked me to do the Featured Friday, but then I was like, “oh crap, what do I say?” So let’s start with the basics shall we?

My name is Renee and my blog is Simple Aspirations, where I hoped to blog about my transformation to a simple life, but really it’s just turned into a blog about how crazy my life is and how I’d really like that simple life right about now! I also post recipes quite often since I happen to be a huge lover of all things food, especially sweets! I am an Army wife and pet mom to four. My pets are always getting attention on my blog and in real life. I’m an avid believer in the Green Revolution and cutting back on the toxic things we use in our showers and in our homes. I also love REAL food, but I do have a weakness for junk food (who doesn’t?)!

I am a Colorado native, but am calling Fort Hood , Texas home for now. A little over a year ago I left my insanely busy job due to a military move, and Meniere’s Disease. Since then I’ve taken up making soap and body products and sell them on etsy, check out Sensible Sundries. Right now Sensible Sundries is sort of on hiatus as I prepare for another move, my 21st move actually. My husband is deploying shortly and I’ve decided to move as well. Where am I going? I’m not sure yet, though I do know that wherever I go I'll be close to family.

So, if I haven’t totally bored you out of your mind, head over and check out my blog, or for a less edited version of my life add me on Twitter! Thank you so much to Amber for this opportunity! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!




May 04, 2020

Mini rock stars, fake smiles and goodbye.

My eyes are closed.
Baby girl looks like a mini rock star wanna be.
See her hat?! She totally wanted it cuz it looked like Strawberry Shortcake’s. -true story.
My men, they’re just handsome.
I sent my sister this picture yesterday & she replied with, “OMG dude! Your boobs are huge!” Haha. Apparently being almost 10wks pregnant has increased my boob size. That would explain the annoying fucking pain they’ve been causing me.

Anyway. The deployment has officially started. This was our last family photo for a while.
I didn’t cry. I teared up a bit, but he asked us to leave before they loaded up the buses. He walked us out to the car, hugged the kids, put them in, hugged me, took a funny pic with me (I’ll post later for you guys to see), kissed me and left. I teared up a bit but didn’t cry. I still haven’t. I’m not sure if I’m just numb or if it hasn’t really hit me yet or what.
I think I’m too sick to really let if affect me yet.
I have a cold. A ridiculous could. My head feels like it’s the size of a blimp. My nose hurts, it’s runny. I woke up so many times last night thinking it was bleeding but turns out it was just really running. I then woke up at 6am to go pee, blew my nose, climbed back in bed only to rush back to the bathroom after a coughing fit that led me to dry heaves. Not fun at all. I sneeze and it hurts. I have no energy, my throat is so sore it hurts to talk or swallow or even sip water. I’m miserable and it’s not even due to deployment yet.

Anyway, that’s pretty much it for this post. Just wanted to give you guys a mini update. I swear I’ll have more pictures and words for you when my head is more balloon sized and less blimp sized.


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