May 31, 2020

First grade. *pic heavy* (proud momma alert!)(& good deeds)

Phew. It's officially summer vacation in the Mack house, guys.
And let me tell you, I had no idea it'd be so full of emotions!

Let me start with Fin's awards day!

First, he came home with this note:

I jumped with excitement!!
Which resulted in cake pops and a library trip.

27 books later we were ready to go home.
His teacher went on and on about how Fin came in after the school year had already started and took no time at all to not only catch up but to excel! She said he just excels in ALL subjects and she's proud to have him as a student. I cried! I was just so proud!
We got lucky to have her as our first teacher. She's amazing. Look at her faces in these pictures as well. She is so genuine and so wonderful.
David took this. I asked if it was decent. He said it was. By that he apparently meant it wasn't blurry. *sigh*. This is why he's a bad photographer.
He is just beaming!!!
This is the award that all the Kindergartener's got.

Last day! He's on his way to first grade!! I'm so thankful for this woman! Today she told me that she was telling her family about Fin last night & her daughter mentioned something about her playing favorites. She laughed and said Fin was definitely one of em. Melted my heart. He's such a sweet boy and so smart! So blessed to have her as out first teacher. She understood him and helped him grow and learn! Hope next years teacher is just as great!

This week's good deed:
I tipped the grocery bagger even though she was beyond rude.
And when I got home, I had to wash off three of my boxes because a jar of already had broken and spilled all over them when I went to unload the car.
They were stacked SO poorly.
And I helped unload them into my car since she took FOREVER.
I still tipped.
That is my good deed this week.

Tell me yours!!

May 30, 2020

I'm no blogger.

Sometimes I feel like I'm not a "real" blogger.

Some blogs I love just seem to have it all together.
They edit their pictures and add not only watermarks but those cute little titles and designs and stuff.
Most of my pictures are from my camera phone.
I suck.

Most of my posts are done up in like 30 minutes flat. Sorry guys, but I have three small kids and a house full of crazy to keep up with.

May 29, 2020

The link up of all link ups.

Guys, I kid you not.
Today I am here to bring you the link up of ALL link ups thanks to my friend, Tawny.

Her brilliant self thought that there just needed to be a grand compilation of all link ups known to bloggers.

You know that you've come across link ups in your day and then you forget where you saw them or who hosted them..... well today we fix that!

If you know of a link up, encourage that person to come to my blog or Tawny's blog and put it in the right spot! Then when this link up is over (June 5th) we'll compile a HUGE list for everyone to look back on! OH YEAH!!
Great idea, right?!
So get to linking up! Spread the word!

If it's not time for your newest link up, link up last week's just so we know about it!!






Saturday and Sunday:

May 28, 2020

Our long weekend. *Very pic heavy*

Happy Tuesday!
It's weird saying it's Tuesday. That was a long weekend.
I hope you guys had a great weekend.
Fin was home all four days. Poor David was only off yesterday and had to get up at 3am this morning.
I apologize now for all the phone pics.

Anyway, here's a peak at our weekend.
Owen likes to sit up there to watch his cartoons. Then he gets mad because he can't get down again. Weirdo can climb over the side of the couch but can't get off the table.

Maddie played tic tac toe on her leg.

I wake up with a Bo dog next to me.

He threw out all of the toys just so he could sit in it. This has been happening a lot. He's an odd kid, guys.

Fin came home with this note! I cried happy mom tears & took him to Starbucks for cakepops!

Then we went to the library. He picked out 27 books and 4 movies (Harry Potter)

Maddie and I drew fish

We're talented!

ELMO! He's discovered Elmo. He gets so excited when I turn it on. I even have to fast forward to Elmo's world-he's not much of a fan of Sesame Street.

Happy and sad faces were drawn on hands. I laughed really hard at this.

Maddie's started to brush her own hair. It's cute. Then she immediately puts a headband on.

He knows how to relax.

Ice cream happiness.

We spent a lot of time at the pool. I mean we went four days in a row.

Fin's scared of the pool. I mean he wouldn't even let go of the edge with his floaters on. He'd just hang there. If he went under at all, he PANICKED. Finally by day four he jumped off the ladder and into the pool. Half a million times! Without even holding his nose or anything!! Proud momma moment, for sure!

Maddie is fearless. She jumped in about a million times! Just flying into the water. Then would float and swim around like it was no big deal. She's a fish.

Baby Owen loves it too. There were a few times that he'd just try to jump out of my arms and into the water. He thought it was hilarious to just flail and jump. I found it less funny. We've gotten him a floatie now.

Daddy refilled the pool and had it waiting for us when we got home from the big pool!
A great distraction to how hungry they were since dinner was still cooking.

Speaking of dinner.....
David grilled fish, crab and chicken.
I made cheesy potatoes, mac and cheese, corn cobs and a salad.
Oh man, so good. I don't like seafood, but these weren't terrible at all. They were GOOD. I wouldn't purposefully request seafood but at least I know it's not terrible. (it's still gross).

Told you there were a lot of pics.

Anyway, I had the chance to design a t shirt! I think it's cute.
Head here to check it out and maybe order one for yourself, a friend, for a future giveaway, etc etc.
I'd love to see people rocking the shirt I designed! Let me know what you think of it!

And as every weekend goes, I link up here.

May 24, 2020

Day off. 52 weeks, week 21

Hey guys.

Real quick: Last day to vote. Go vote FOR ME. Help me win some money to spend on the site to buy my kids some shoes for school this fall.
Please. Thank you.

Phew. It's nice to actually talk to you again.
It's been an awkward week on the blog. Like nothing but giveaways.
I rarely sign up to do giveways lately since our finances are all messed up but I swear every time that I do, they all time out to be at the same time therefore looking like I only do giveaways.  *sigh*
Oh well. I hope you guys have liked em! They're some great ones!

Anyway, it's Friday.

And I'm taking the day off.

It's been a mad house around here lately, just go go go, so many things to do, to get ready for, etc etc.
My phone's been going off the hook.
My email has been blowing up like crazy.
I'm sure I've missed a few deadlines and I've rejected a few things that otherwise I wouldn't have but man, I just need today. (I also typed this up yesterday).
So it's a 4 day weekend for Fin, the pool opens today (and it's free, yay). If you need me, that's where I'll be. Don't expect to hear from me until later today though (if even then) because I just need some me time.
And by me time, I obviously mean me as in mommy me time.  :p

52 weeks of kindness

May 23, 2020

Revolt + bloggers = BIG EPIC GIVEAWAY!

Sooooo remember how I said I was part of Revolt?!
Well some lovely Revolt bloggers teamed up and boy oh boy, you should be excited for this giveaway!! MMMHMM!! This giveaway blows MY mind, I know it will yours as well!

Image Map

May 22, 2020

Spring Fling Giveaway.

Don't forget to vote for me!!

                   Hello and Welcome to the First Official Spring Fling with Everything For Ana!!

You guys!! I'm so happy to be helping out with this giveaway! I'm excited to help spread the word! You guys, there are some AMAZING prizes up for grabs!!

May 21, 2020

Maxwell House -good to the last drop!

I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and their client.

I am a coffee-aholic so imagine how happy I was to see that Maxwell House had come out with some Single Serve Cups! Talk about convenience! I love K-cups but I'm not a huge fan of flavored coffee so I usually just buy Maxwell House in the jars that they come in and use my reusable K-cup so I was so pleased to see that they had these. Such a time saver. It's quiet a pain having to rinse and refill that reusable thingy. But now I don't have to!

So anyway, we shopped. Our local Walmart has Maxwell House Single Serve Cups in stock so we headed there to grab up a box of awesomeness.

 Can't not take a selfie in the bathroom!

Maxwell House also makes em in the French Roast as well, FR lovers!
Baby Owen took this one all by himself! I couldn't not share!

Anyway, I actually considered making myself a cup as soon as we got home because I was so excited about em but decided it'd be best to just wait until morning time.

Bring on the morning!


I grabbed the House Blend and it was a GREAT choice!

Those blue lights make me pretty happy!
First cup of Maxwell House Medium Roast. Thanks Single Serve Cups!
Early. Pre-coffee. Rough night's sleep. Don't judge.

I am truly SO glad to have tried the NEW Maxwell House single serve cups! These cups bring Maxwell House's great taste to an easy-to-use single serve cup! Truly, good to the last drop!
Now that I know these are out, I will definitely be investing in more of them when I run of of this box! They're so convenient! So much easier than filling that dang little refill cup thing.

I add a bit of milk and sugar to mine, depending on my mood I'll skip the milk or use creamer instead but 90% of the time, I'm a milk and sugar kind of girl.
How do you take your Maxwell House?

 And if you didn't know, Maxwell House Coffee has a facebook page. I'm already a fan of theirs! 

For more pictures, please go check out the Google+ album over here.

Mia Mariu Anti-Aging Skin Care Products. (A review and giveaway)

Hey guys! Today I wanna talk to you a bit about skin care.
I recently received an anti-aging pack from Mia Mariu and let me just say, I am pleased!
I'm 27 years old, I'm not old yet but I have noticed some wrinkles starting to form here and there so I figured it's time to take action to prevent them.
This is where Mia Mariu comes in.

The cleanser: I liked it. It left my face feeling clean and fresh.

The anti-aging brightening serum- I honestly don't know. My face felt better after using it but I'm not sure if it changed anything. I'll continue to use it though because I do like it-it's just one of those things that takes more than 2 weeks to test out, ya know?!  It did seem to perk up my skin, like refresh it if that makes sense.

The anti-aging eye cream-same as the serum.

Product description: Rejuvenate Your Skin Anti-Aging Pack contains a Refreshing Foaming Gel Cleanser, an Anti-Aging Brightening Serum and an Anti-Aging Eye Treatment.  The Refreshing Foaming Cleanser’s silky formula will leave your skin soft, hydrated and refreshed.  Sea Kelp and Aloe makes this a fabulous super-gentle cleanser for all skin types.  Our Anti-Aging Brightening Serum is a must-have age-defying serum that targets sun spots and pigmentation while brightening overall clarity.  This serum contains anti-aging peptides, skin-brightening botanicals, Aloe and Vitamin B5 Complex.  The Anti-Aging Eye Treatment is a lightweight formula that quickly absorbs into the skin, instantly awakening tired-looking eyes.  The Eye Treatment contains antioxidants like Japanese Green Tea, Aloe and Vitamins B5 & E to help reduce puffiness and dark circles around the eyes.

Now you have a chance to win a pack of your own! That's an $87 value!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Don't forget to vote for me HERE!!


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