May 31, 2020

First grade. *pic heavy* (proud momma alert!)(& good deeds)

Phew. It's officially summer vacation in the Mack house, guys.
And let me tell you, I had no idea it'd be so full of emotions!

Let me start with Fin's awards day!

First, he came home with this note:

I jumped with excitement!!
Which resulted in cake pops and a library trip.

27 books later we were ready to go home.
His teacher went on and on about how Fin came in after the school year had already started and took no time at all to not only catch up but to excel! She said he just excels in ALL subjects and she's proud to have him as a student. I cried! I was just so proud!
We got lucky to have her as our first teacher. She's amazing. Look at her faces in these pictures as well. She is so genuine and so wonderful.
David took this. I asked if it was decent. He said it was. By that he apparently meant it wasn't blurry. *sigh*. This is why he's a bad photographer.
He is just beaming!!!
This is the award that all the Kindergartener's got.

Last day! He's on his way to first grade!! I'm so thankful for this woman! Today she told me that she was telling her family about Fin last night & her daughter mentioned something about her playing favorites. She laughed and said Fin was definitely one of em. Melted my heart. He's such a sweet boy and so smart! So blessed to have her as out first teacher. She understood him and helped him grow and learn! Hope next years teacher is just as great!

This week's good deed:
I tipped the grocery bagger even though she was beyond rude.
And when I got home, I had to wash off three of my boxes because a jar of already had broken and spilled all over them when I went to unload the car.
They were stacked SO poorly.
And I helped unload them into my car since she took FOREVER.
I still tipped.
That is my good deed this week.

Tell me yours!!


Lulu and Sweet Pea said...

Awwww, way to go Fin!!!! I'm SO proud of him- what an honor to get an award like that! I got teary eyed reading the post too- weepy proud mom style LOL. And I was going to say that I liked that picture of you guys together! It might not be "perfect" but you can tell you're proud and you both look super happy. It's sweet :) (but I get what you're saying- Shayne is the same way. By "good picture" he means it actually took a picture, but I probably look like a monster haha).

Heather Leigh said...

Good job Fin!! That's so awesome. Proud Mommy moment I bet. :)

And that's so nice of you to tip the grocery bagger. I'm sure she'll be a little nicer for now on because of your sweet kindness. The Lord could have used you in her life. Maybe she was hurt inside from something that happened and you just made her day! :)

Jo said...

Well done Fin! Hope you all enjoy the vacation!

Dara said...

Congrats to you and fin! My kid just finished kindergarten too. We are so proud!

Raising Reagan said...

How awesome for you guys! You must be one proud mama!!

(¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

Christy C said...

Hi! I'm visiting your blog for the first time today, and without even knowing Fin I squealed with joy to see that letter from his teacher! What a GREAT KID! You must be so proud! More importantly, he's had great role models :) Thanks for sharing this story... and i LOVE your idea of 52 weeks of kindness. I admit I don't do enough kind deeds!


Holly McDonald said...

Way to go Fin and Momma! What a great way to start out his educational career! =)

I've been out of town for the last two Fridays and totally MIA on my 52 weeks lately. The goal is to get back on track this week.... fingers crossed!

Sara Witt said...

Is it bad that I cried a little reading this? I can't believe he is out of kindergarden. I remember him as a little baby, and barely walking through the airport. He looks so grown up.

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