May 30, 2020

I'm no blogger.

Sometimes I feel like I'm not a "real" blogger.

Some blogs I love just seem to have it all together.
They edit their pictures and add not only watermarks but those cute little titles and designs and stuff.
Most of my pictures are from my camera phone.
I suck.

Most of my posts are done up in like 30 minutes flat. Sorry guys, but I have three small kids and a house full of crazy to keep up with.

Most of my posts are typed up in the morning before they wake up or after they go to bed prespending time with David.

Every now and again I get the blogging bug and just whip up posts and schedule them out.
I feel on top of things.

90% of the time I have a million emails to reply to, a million drafts saved and a million blog post ideas that I just haven't gotten around to finishing.
Seriously, I think I have like 24 drafts saved currently.

I have a to-do list for all things blog related that just keeps growing.
Every time I mark one off, I add three more.

I have a blog post idea list that's even longer.
Every time I type one up, it sits in draft form.  Sorry, guys.

Sometimes I feel like I'm not as cool of a blogger as I used to be because I do sponsored posts and reviews.
But at the same time, those things excite the crap out of me! It makes me feel so amazing that my little blog has grown into something that people and brands consider someone/something that they want to work with.

David asked me the other day after I told him about a sponsored post I was selected for if I was selling out.
I starred at him for a second resisting the urge to punch him in his face.
I then explained things to him and how blogging worked but he was still confused.  Such a man, that one.

Then I got to thinking--am I selling out?! Does this make me a "real" blogger?

Who knows.
But I like them, I'll keep doing them but I'll keep blogging about the real day to day life and random posts (like this one) as well.
I call that a blogging win.

I mean, I take a million random pictures just to blog them.
I have so many random recipe pictures to go with recipe posts that I just haven't put together yet.

A lot of my post ideas come from scrolling through old pictures. It reminds me that I took certain ones just for blogging.
Lacking ideas?! Go look through your photo album! I mean it!!

I feel real spiffy because I actually made that little picture up there. It's not the best, but it's cute and I actually made it JUST for this post.

See, sometimes I feel like a such a blogger, but the majority of the times, I just ramble.

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Danielle said...

I think it's awesome you do sponsored posts. I would love to get more into blogging with putting ads onto my blog and doing sponsored posts but I don't really know how to even begin something like that.

Paige Summers said...

Sometimes I feel like sponsored posts make me raise the bar. Like, I HAVE to put more effort into them and then it slides into my unsponsored posts

Kristen @ KV Confessions said...

I totally don't have it together either... but I say keep blogging however you want! You're only a sell out if you lose your original voice - as long as you are being genuine, there's nothing wrong with taking opportunities!

Nicolette Roux said...

I wouldn't worry to much about it :) I see a blog as making me happy and sharing what I love with like minded people.

FYI, All my pics are from my iphone on my blog. I just happen to have become VERY good at editing!

Most times I only post once a week, that is my goal.

Keep up with what you love.

Nicolette @

Jo said...

Hey, you have a blog, you blog hence you are a real blogger. Plus if you weren't you wouldn't have any followers, would you.

Pidg said...

See, I'm not a blogger, I just happen to write blog posts frequently. It's a funny thing putting yourself into a "box" if you will. Is there a niche for anyone/everyone? Not sure... You only sell out if you do what you didn't set out to do... like the dishes or laundry or something (wink)

I really liked/loved/appreciated this post!

Heather Leigh said...

I think you're a great blogger! I love how all blogs are different. :)

Allison Miller said...

I love your blog!! And you're a real blogger no matter how you do things. I think your blog looks professional and super. Thanks for all your posts! Love them!

Lin said...

Haha, this post totally made my day! You said exactly how I've been feeling lately. It's like, I know I'm a blogger but I sure as hell don't feel like a "real" blogger. Oh well, guess we better just pretend we have it all together as we continue to ramble on :)

CeCe said...

It's funny because there are times that I don't feel like a "real" blogger because I don't do sponsored posts. I've done one here and there but they aren't exactly knocking down my door. I guess it's what you make it.

Raising Reagan said...

The great thing about having your own blog is that it is what you make of it. It doesn't have to be fancy or all put together all the time ... because it's yours!

(¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

Beth W said...

Ha! You're a real blogger. You just have a life outside of blogging, like 99% of us. :)

D W said...

I have no idea how to add watermarks. But I've been having a lot of fun using Picasa.

Tawnys Tid Bits said...

I for one love your rambling and EVERYTHING ELSE! :)

Lauren Loeffel said...

You're silly. I think as long as you don't lose "you", then you aren't a sell out. I love your rambling posts. They're my favorite. But if I was contacted by a bunch of awesome companies with awesome products, then I'd say YEAH BUDDY! FREE STUFF! And then blog about it. ;)

Miss Angie said...

You are amazing, and you ARE a blogger. IT doesn't matter what other people have, do, or are-you are what you are, you do what you do, and you have what you have. Be proud of it! I love you for who you are and I love your blog for what it is! :) Xoxo!

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