May 24, 2020

Day off. 52 weeks, week 21

Hey guys.

Real quick: Last day to vote. Go vote FOR ME. Help me win some money to spend on the site to buy my kids some shoes for school this fall.
Please. Thank you.

Phew. It's nice to actually talk to you again.
It's been an awkward week on the blog. Like nothing but giveaways.
I rarely sign up to do giveways lately since our finances are all messed up but I swear every time that I do, they all time out to be at the same time therefore looking like I only do giveaways.  *sigh*
Oh well. I hope you guys have liked em! They're some great ones!

Anyway, it's Friday.

And I'm taking the day off.

It's been a mad house around here lately, just go go go, so many things to do, to get ready for, etc etc.
My phone's been going off the hook.
My email has been blowing up like crazy.
I'm sure I've missed a few deadlines and I've rejected a few things that otherwise I wouldn't have but man, I just need today. (I also typed this up yesterday).
So it's a 4 day weekend for Fin, the pool opens today (and it's free, yay). If you need me, that's where I'll be. Don't expect to hear from me until later today though (if even then) because I just need some me time.
And by me time, I obviously mean me as in mommy me time.  :p

52 weeks of kindness

Anyway, this week's kindness:

I refrained from speaking..... a lot. Now you guys have NO idea what I'm talking about but take my word for it, it was hard to do. It was good of me to do. That counts as a good deed. Trust me. It does.
It REALLY does.

Other than that I've honestly got nothing.
Oh, I left change at the library when I went to print off a few MORE things for this IRS/identity theft fiasco.  So that counts too. Except the guy behind me brought it back to me. Came and found me in the children's room to hand it back to me. It was really nice of him.

Other than that, I haven't left the house other than to take Fin to school and pick him up. I've been a super nice driver, I mean obnoxiously nice really but eh. That's more so just ME than an act of kindness.


Raising Reagan said...

It's always nice to take the day off! I am off to celebrate my birthday for the next five days on a houseboat on the lake!
Days off are bliss :)

Enjoy your Memorial Day!

(¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

Tawnys Tid Bits said...

POOL!!! I'm so jealous!!!! Enjoy your day love!

Sarah E. said...

Count that good deed for me too! LOL. It really is hard to not speak out when others are doing something so wrong and selfish and just plain disgusting :( <3 Enjoy some much needed relaxation!!

Kristin said...

Sometimes just keeping your mouth shut is the kindest thing you can do. That's been my strategy the last couple of days too :)

Sara Witt said...

If it makes you feel any better, I picked up your good deed for the week :)

One of the ladies who checks me in for PT fell in love with my wallet a few weeks back. I haven't seen her since she said something, but she was there today. I gave her the wallet, because I have tons that I am simply not using, plus it gave me an excuse to use my Zelda on.

She was in shock when I gave it to her, but I told her it was my pleasure. She said she had gone to where I got it and couldn't find it anywhere so getting mine made it extra special.

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