May 08, 2020

Health Scare and A Review

David went to the Dr the other day to get a physical.
The doctor informed David that he has the cholesterol level of a 45 year old man.

David's 27 years old.

Talk about a WHOA moment. We eat pretty healthy. We don't eat out. We do eat more beef than chicken or fish, I don't like fish and beef is cheaper than chicken. We usually always have a salad with our meals or at least a vegetable so we were just stunned by this news.

Since I became a member of Revolt, I'm obviously eating a lot healthier which has already put a strain on our grocery budget (I had no idea how much of certain foods I'd be eating-my own mistake for not reading further down on the meal plan)

But it's high time the rest of them starts too! Today for lunch I made David eat grilled chicken, sweet potato-plain and steamed broccoli. He wasn't thrilled but of course he ate it since I made it and put it in front of him. Ha.

But seriously, wish me luck and send me those healthy recipes!

I'm off to pack. Yup, PACK. We're heading up to Tennessee Thursday afternoon to watch my sister graduate from college on Friday morning! YAY COURTNEY!!! And then heading home Sunday.
Can we talk about how excited I am for this trip?!
I mean not only do I get to see my family which is just super super needed but I get to watch my baby sis graduate AND I get to spend a portion of Mother's Day with MY mommy! I am one excited lady!! 
Only downside is, David can't come with us this trip. He'll be home with the crazy pups .... and probably eating a lot of crap that I would greatly disapprove of.

Before I go, I want to tell you about my new end table decor.
It's from Way Basics.

You totally need the help of a very funny toddler.
This was seriously the easiest thing in the world to put together and I just love it!

Owen loves it too!
I currently have it just sitting on one of my end tables to hold the stuff that I don't want a tiny child to get-like my planner, the TV remote, a notebook for blogging things, the grocery list, etc etc.
It's brilliant, sturdy and I am in love. I plan to order more in the future and put them in the bathroom to replace the shelf thing we currently have in there. They're stack-able!! I want to get 3 or 4 and stack em up for the bathroom! I think it'd be so cute and modern!

If you don't believe how easy it is, check out this video.

I have this one and love it.

Seriously, go order one or two or a lot more.
Thank me later.


Mrs. K said...

J has high cholesterol, too....Like, ridiculously high. It is definitely genetics because he is in good shape. He takes medicine for it.
You're going to Tennessee? I'm jealous! We had planned on going for my bro's graduation (from HS) but driving 8ish hours with two small children doesn't sound fun. Is that terrible?

Jamie said...

Have a great trip!

Erin said...

Where in Tennessee!?

Sara Witt said...


I know I sent you this stuff in a text message but thought I would share it in a comment to incase any of your readers want the information as well.

For great healthy recipes go to Awesome recipes I cook from there all the time.

Also, buy your veggies frozen there are always sales on them and the ones they freeze are mainly a part of the clean 15.

Also, try and find out what your natural calorie burn is, this will help you with that whole calorie in calorie out deal. I may be bias but I find My Fitness Pal and the Jillian Michaels app to be the most helpful (you can pay 3.99 a week and get custom workout and meal planners from JM)

Also give yourself 1 day a week to just eat without tracking. It sounds odd but honestly I do it and then I remember why I like eating healthier. It is a bunch of little things that I have been doing but it has been working. Let me know if I can help and I will :)

Tabi Deneweth said...

I have a high cholesterol husband, too. And we eat vegan most of the time! Granted his levels have come down since we've cut out the meat a year ago, but he still has to keep a close watch on it with his doctors. Sometimes these things run in the family (unfortunately). Best of luck to you and the fam with the healthy eating - it can get pricey but is DEFINITELY worth it!

S.I.F. said...

I swear, some people are just more prone to high cholesterol, and it has nothing to do with diet! I hope you guys are able to get his under control though! And I love the end table!

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