June 03, 2020

Maddie's growing up.

Happy Monday!

Our weekend was a busy one!
Friday we ran some errands.
I mailed off my swap box to Ricci.
I returned the Harry Potter movies that Fin checked out.
And I ran to the PX where I treated Fin & Maddie to chocolate shakes and we picked up some swim floaties and a we had a birthday party coming up so we picked up a present for it.

I wore my LUVs while errand running.  -->  See that button?! Go buy a pair! You will not regret it.

Friday after dinner we had some ice cream sundaes.
The kids were super excited about this mess.

Saturday was David's birthday but he had to work so when he finally got home, he decided to grill.
While waiting for the food to finish up, Daddy tried to teach Fin how to skateboard!

Then the pie I got for David's birthday was still frozen. Oops.
So we went to the pool in attempts to thaw it out.
It was still frozen.
So we had ice cream cones.
Fin turned into a bird and pecked Daddy! HAHAHA!

And then I pained my nails. They matched. I felt really girly and sort of proud of myself.
It's an odd feeling. I rarely paint my fingernails.

Lucy played in the sprinkler.
Bo's feet were barely wet but Lucy was soaked. The size difference between those two crack me up.

And lastly but the most important, Maddie went to her very first sleepover.
She wouldn't even let me help her pack her bag! She was so excited! She kept talking my ear off the whole ride there about how fun it was going to be and how they were going to pass around flashlights and tell stories.
She ate lots of pizza, watched a movie, ate popcorn and was out by like 9:15pm! HAHA
Major moment here, guys!! This is my shy little Maddie! She's opening up to people!!
At the pool, she says "Hi" to other kids!! It's insane but makes me so proud to see her being way less shy.

So yeah, that was my weekend.
How was yours?

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Oh! Duh, before I go...
My bloggy BFF, Melissa hit 1,000 and is hosting an awesome giveaway!!

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Raising Reagan said...

I was just thinking about that the other day with Reagan ... she'll be three in September but acts like a five year old. So other than her grandparents sleepovers ... when will her actual first sleepover be. So cute. Yay Maddie!!

And thank you for the giveaway ... I would buy some new gym clothes! Lame I know :)

(¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

Jenn said...

Makes a mama's heart swell to see her babies turning into such awesome little people, right?? I'm so glad she had such a great time at the sleepover!!

Cassie Tucker said...

The Target card and I would buy some stuff for my hubby for Puppy Father's Day :)

Liz @ Fitness Blondie said...

Aww!!! The first sleepover, I totally remember those days :)

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