June 07, 2020

Adventures in Love, Life, and Infertility. (and 52 weeks of kindness)

“First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in the baby carriage.” That’s how the story goes, right? We all grow up hearing the same fairy tales, and imagining the same futures. But what happens when the future you have always pictured for yourself, is ripped away before you ever even get the chance to pursue it? Single Infertile Female tells the story of a girl, still young and looking for love, who is hit with a medical diagnosis that threatens to destroy the future she always believed she would have. Faced with a choice between now or never, she has to decide if love and marriage should always have to come first. And if they don’t, can you still keep looking for them, even while actively pursuing that baby in the baby carriage?"

While living in Alaska, I began to search for other Alaskan bloggers.
I'm not even sure how I came across Leah's blog, Single Infertile Female but I am so thankful that I did.
Everything about Single Infertile Female just sucked me in.

As a mother, my heart ached for her.
As an woman, I laughed and cried along with her stories about dating.
When she talked about writing a book, I felt so happy and so proud for her.

When she offered to send me a book, I jumped with joy. I literally squealed I was so so excited.
David thought I'd lost my mind but he couldn't grasp any of the reasons I was excited about this or why I just loved everything about this woman and her blog.

As I said, I've been a long time reader of S.I.F.  I've spent hours just reading and reading her older posts catching up on stories she mentioned in recent posts.
So knowing that her book was about her life, I wondered if it would be like reading her blog.

It was in a way but at the same time it was a million times better.
Leah has such a way with words that you just relate to everything. You feel like you're there, like you're a part of the story! There were times that I had to actually remind myself that this was her REAL life and not just a story.
I truly laughed along with her, I cried, my heart ached, the works!
Leah truly IS a writer. She is just so powerful with words that you do actually feel her emotions as she goes through them.

Before reading the book for myself, I read a few of the reviews on amazon and began to wonder if they were right. If the book was too long... If too much time was spent on certain things...
And after reading it, I have to disagree with every negative thing said.
I actually love all the detail put into this. I firmly believe that had Leah cut down the chapters or the stories, it just wouldn't have been the same; it wouldn't have sucked me in the way it did.  I don't think I would have felt as much emotion as I did.  I love that so many details went into this.  I love that she held nothing back.

The book isn't just about her struggles with infertility, it's about her life. Her stories, her adventures in Love, Life, and Infertility.

The book does leave you hanging but that's where her blog comes back in. I've continued to follow her blog and her life. Leah is truly an inspirational woman and I wish her and Cheeks NOTHING but the best.
I for one can not wait to read the next chapters in her life.

I know you guys will love it too!
Go buy it here!
Kindle version available as well!!


This week's act of kindness:

I offered to babysit a friend's kid while she shopped for her birthday.
I let Fin's friend stay the night with us.
I mailed out Fin's Kindergarten pictures to family and a few extra random pictures to distant relatives along with some handwritten notes wishing them well.

What did you do?


Holly McDonald said...

Hi Amber! You forgot an act of kindness this week - you wrote a great book review for a friend! =)

Raising Reagan said...

What a great book. And I loved your act of kindness this week.
It's hard to do shopping with a little one in tow sometimes so that is awesome!!

(¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

Tallia said...

Wow this is a really intense story. I really like the style of writing


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