July 30, 2020

How we spent our Saturday.

We woke up.
Got dressed.
It rained.
Went to the farmer’s market.
Got some delicious veggies.

And some fudge and bread and candy.

We ate Mexican food.

Then went to the thrift store.
Spent a grand total of $26!
(not pictured-two jump ropes and a nerf gun)

Ohhhhh the ideas I have for these! YAY!!!! 

Then we headed to Joann’s. YAY!
Still need a few more items but we got tired and came home.

How did you guys spend your weekend?!

July 27, 2020

Getting crafty in my head…

Since winter is fast approaching Alaska and my belly is growing bigger and bigger, I have been racking my brain to find creative/fun things for toddler 1 & 2 to do.
Come December there will be a brand new baby
Come September/October it’ll be about to cold to leave the house and mommy will be just about too big to even want to do anything.
So I’ve been browsing (in the midst of HARDCORE cleaning up the basement that was a toy room that just turned into a GIANT nasty mess)
And these are some things I’ve come across that I think Toddler 1 &  2 would adore!
(click the images for the tutorial/credit)
What kid wouldn’t love this?! Seriously!
DIY Pottery Barn Kids Art Room Boards

OH MY GOSH!!! This chalkboard!!! Ahhh!! They would LOVE it!!!

game board storage art (2)

I want to do this with magnets on the backs instead to go with the magnetic chalkboard.

I’ll find more in a bit.
And if you’re lucky maybe I’ll take some current basement pics. YIKES!

Please share your crafty ideas/find with me! I need some inspiration.

Today I….

… woke up cuddled next to my handsome man.

…tried to chat with hubby but he was pretty busy and sleepy.

…cleaned up the house and played with the kids.

…took the longest shower EVER (which is definitely rare with two toddlers)

… went to my friend’s house for dinner. (it was delicious)

…went to McDonald’s for dessert and playtime.

…. got told by the guy at the counter that the guy in the back thought I was hot.

…. met a military spouse that was a man.

The last one is my favorite. When I saw him there with his two sons, I just automatically assumed he was a single soldier.  He talked to our kids and was way super nice to them and talked to them like a parent would and not just like a dbag stranger would.  Then he asked if my friend’s baby was a girl and I said yes. He said his son gets confused for a girl all the time because of his long hair but then he went on to tell me that since his wife is deployed, she’s missed him walking and talking so he wants to save the first haircut for her to BE HOME to witness.  I’m pretty sure he could see the shock on my face but I was truly amazed to meet a milspouse that was a MAN.  Stay at home dad.  He impressed me. He was nice and kind and treated our kids like kids and not like little bothers like most parents at McDonald’s do. 
I’m mostly rambling… I’m aware of that. I just needed to share my Mil spouse MAN story with you guys.

Do you know any stay at home dads or military spouses that are men?


That’s me. Today. In all my HOTTNESS! ha.

July 23, 2020

Dear hubby,

I just wanted to do a mini shout out post for my hubby.
Today is our 4th wedding anniversary.
Let’s do a through the years, shall we?!

I love you forever.

July 21, 2020

Today is Thursday.

Today is Thursday.
All this week I've been pretty mind fucked about what day what day really is.
For instance, I could have sworn up and down that Tuesday was Thursday. Or at least Wednesday.
My brain is all clustery.
But you know how I know it's Thursday?! It's trash day!  Ha!
Also, it means I am now 21 weeks along with little baby monkey butt.
He has an actual name but I'm unsure if I want to share (kind of like...do you guys know my other kids' names?!)
Maybe i'll eventually cave (or slip) and write up a whole post about it.
We shall see. We shall see.

So.... if today is Thursday, that means tomorrow is.....
That's right..... FRIDAY!!
On friday I like to do FEATURED FRIDAY!  But I need help from you guys, so get to submitting!

July 17, 2020

This week was quite the adventure…

Handsome man got stabbed by some bad guys.

We fought dinosaurs.

we played in the sand.

Soaked up some sun.

Almost got attacked by fake seagulls.
Apparently up here they’re called Mew gulls.

Took funny pictures in the car. Cuz it’s our favorite pastime.

Discovered a nearby pool with open swim hours thanks to the middle aged man at McDonald’s that found me oh so schmexy.

Me and baby girl ate lunch with the green lantern.
You jelly?!
You should be!

Momma got a new car!

Pretty huh?!

And baby girl got a new jammie dress that went perfectly with her mini Minnie collection.

Ohhhhhhh my gosh. And of course….
Baby O. is growing.

18 weeks.  19&1/2 weeks. Then 20.


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