January 30, 2020

Our weekend.

Baby O hit 2 months

And apparently it's a long standing tradtion to go completely crazy and strip down to bikinis and boxers and swim trunks in this kind of weather.
Some of the comments I saw on a few of these pictures talked about how back in their day they did it without shoes too!

January 29, 2020

Baby O. turns 2 months old.

Can you guys believe he’s already 2 months old?!
I can’t either.
He’s getting chubby.
She not much hair.
Talks all the time.
Smiles all day.
opens and closes his hands.
still dislikes tummy time.
wears 0-3 month clothes.
Wakes up 1-2 times a night.
(last night he woke up at 3:30am and then again at 8:30am. it was NICE!)

He melts my heart.

January 26, 2020


If you follow me on Pinterest or you're on my facebook page, you've probably seen this already.
Today I was talking to my friend Jenny G about her CRAZY job and we got to talking about tattoos and tattoo cover up. So I told her about this video I saw a while back and that I'd find it and share it on the fb so she could see it.

Then after watching that video, I clicked one of the related ones and was even more amazed by this guy:

I'm now slightly obsessed. Even more amazed. And kind of in love.
I added this to my bucket list.

January 24, 2020


Deployment is coming to it's last few months....
So with that in mind (YAY)
I've been browsing for possible homecoming dressed. (yay)
Because well, last time hubs saw me, I had just had a baby and it wasn't a pretty site.
I was a drugged up crazy lady.
Hormonal and exhausted.
Odd shaped and all just had a baby like.
Not pretty.
Even though, he'd argue with me left and right about me not looking pretty.
He's silly like that
and always finds me pretty.
He's a smart man, that one.
But I want to look FABULOUS when he sees me again.
In just a few months.

So, help a lady out please.
Here are a few I'm loving.
Which do you guys like best?

Source: modcloth.com via amber on Pinterest

Source: modcloth.com via amber on Pinterest

January 20, 2020

Out my back door.

App: photosynth. 

This is my backyard. See the fence to the right?! Her dog ate it this summer.
My yard is covered in about 2 feet of frozen snow! It's insane.
Do you see all the snow on the table?! It just sits there. It's the craziest thing.
Oh and when the wind blows, it's pretty cool to see all the snow fly and fall off those trees.
Oh, Alaska... as much as I am not a huge fan of your winters, you really are quite pretty.

January 15, 2020

In my 26 years....

I'm not old. I'm not super young either. But it's sad when I consider myself more mature/grown up than a lot of people my age.
Some people I know are just getting married, some have 3+ kids, some have been married a few times, others still living up their party days.... me?! I'm quite content spending each night at home reading a book while feeding a baby while the bittles play.
The other day, I had a random flashback thought of all of the anonymous comments and drama that happened back in February. I'm not sure what brought it on, but it just made me think how much has changed since then. I'm no longer harassed by crazy people or scared of stupid blog comments but I've also distanced myself quite a bit from a lot of people. I just kind of find it easier than constantly questioning whether or not someone is genuinely my friend or if I'm just their convenient/temporary friend. I'd like to say that I've kept to myself because of the deployment or because I have a new baby but nope. In all honesty, I've come to question people. I've seen too many people go through crazy drama and I've been a victim of too much of it myself to just easily open my heart up to just anyone.
I keep a guard up constantly. I'll never be the one to initiate plans and I don't go out of my way to befriend somebody.
Its pretty sad that I am only 26 years old and have become such a hermit. But more so, it's sad that there are people out there that drive others to become distant and alone.
Don't get me wrong, I have friends and I like a lot of people, but there are times that I find myself questioning random remarks that I know there is nothing sinister behind. I've just come across too many bad apples to not think that way.
I'm honestly hoping that once we leave Alaska that will change. I've met some truly wonderful people in my time here and honestly hope to keep in touch with them but the negativity of this place is always brought up in some form or fashion, whether it's seeing someone out and about that you've had past issues with or seeing a friend go through something similar.
Since we've been up here, my motto has been, "I swear they send all the crazies to Alaska just to mess with the few sane people here", and I mean it.
I imagine anywhere we go will have some crazy people and some wonderful people, but I just find it sad that some people have nothing better to do than sit around making others miserable all day.
I can't even say "leave that in high school" because that's not even high school crap.... it's just crap.
It makes me sad that so many terrible people are out there tearing at the good ones piece by piece. And it makes me wonder how many people are like me... almost a hermit for fear of dealing with more crap. I am only 26 years old! I spend my time sitting at home with my three small children browsing pinterest or reading a book or coloring with the kids.... I do nothing to cause grief or drama or to even really be gossiped about, yet all that stuff happened back in February with "anonymous" and look how that mess spun out of control. I will just never understand some people and the hatred they have towards others.
Why tear each other down?! Why force people to become hermits and scared of the world?! I don't understand it. You truly have to have a terrible heart to mess with people like that. I wonder if some of them even realize how terrible they are... or if they just go about day to day thinking, "oh...I wonder if this will piss her off, let's try it" or if they just don't realize how messed up in the head they truly are.

Anyway, ramble over.... sleep deprived and needed to ramble.

Source: tumblr.com via amber on Pinterest

Remember that, folks.

January 10, 2020

I have crappy neighbors.

The other day my friend, Rachel was over here hanging out and all of the sudden she made this face and asked if that was my neighbors. I sat for a minute before I realized she was talking about the sound coming from my neighbors' house. The music blaring through my walls. I've apparently grown pretty used to the sound. That reminded me of the time that the music got SO loud that I actually started hitting the wall.... only to realize, he couldn't hear me over his own music! I went and dug out the hammer! The hammer for crying out loud and started banging on the wall. So hard that I honestly am surprised there isn't a hole or dent in the wall. After a bit he turned it back down to the "normal" level that I've gotten used to hearing.
How ridiculous is that that I've gotten used to hearing this music?!
It's never at a set time. It's randomly all throughout the day, all throughout the week.
I shouldn't be surprised though honestly.
When hubs was home for R&R, he took the bittles outside to play.
They were greeted by the neighbor boy who is handsome man's age (4) wearing slippers and a tshirt.  He opened the door and started talking to them then walked outside, hopped up and down the sidewalk, walked back inside and came back about 5 minutes later.
We had snow when hubs was home. A lot of it. How do you not notice that you're 4 year old is not only talking to strangers, but outside... half naked?!

Neighbors on the other side.....

 She shovels all of her snow into a pile in between our garages because her husband's truck is in the way of her actually moving it. The pile wasn't this bad until 2 days ago when she shoveled. I just thought it was the snow falling. I didn't realize she ADDED to the pile.
Coming home from preschool yesterday, I pulled into my driveway and my car swerved a bit because of all the extra snow in my way. I'm not thrilled. Look at the picture on the right... see the edge of my garage?! She the snow blocking it?! Yea...

After the issues I had getting INTO my OWN garage, part of me wants to go out there and knock it all back onto her side. 

I suppose I should be happy that this is the least of my neighbor problems but they still frustrate me.

January 09, 2020

That time my bathroom looked like a scene from Dexter.

Reason #203572894239048 that Alaska and I aren't meant to be a forever thing: dryness.
I'm sitting on the couch the other day doing up this post and GUSH. My nose just starts pouring.
My shirt is now stained. And my bathroom totally looked like a crime scene there for a bit.
And we all know I'm not one to NOT share (this post or this one) so....

My sink was triple this by the time it was done. And I seriously looked like I've been beaten up. 

Also, have you ever tried to clean a septum piercing after a bloody nose?!
Not fun. 

it's a picture post.

He was standing up.
She insisted on helping me shovel.
We have a LOT of snow.


 Be on the lookout for posts about my crappy neighbors and random things I've learned in my 26 years of life.  I'm currently too exhausted to add anymore to this post. 

January 05, 2020

photo a day.

Are you participating in this?

me. exhausted and spit up on.

mmmm. fruit loops.

cuddling with the bittle.


hubs' socks.
If you tweet or instagram, you should link up.  There are literally over 31,000 photos already!
It's actually pretty fun trying to think of something unique but then you realize it's kind of impossible with so many people participating.
Leave me your twitter names and/or instagram names!
Follow me on twitter or on instagram. I'm "ambermack"

side note: this is my 200th post.
Time flies when you're having fun.

January 01, 2020

amber's resolution list that needs a better name.

I've never been too big on the whole "new year's resolutions" thing. Mostly because in all honesty, nobody really sticks with them.  But this year, I've made a little list that I'm going to call "amber's how to become a better person list" <--I'll end up shortening that... it's a bit long.
But anyway, on my journey to becoming a genuine better person I'd like to:

1.Do at least one good deed a week & come blog about it (hopefully that'll force me to try to stick with it)
2.Comment more/stalk less. -I'm totally a blog stalker and noncommenter. Let's fix that!
3.Actually stick to a workout routine. -I never really have because I knew we'd have more bittles. Now that Baby O is here, I believe we are DONE and it's time to get my body back!
4.Eat better. -Not that we eat terribly now, but more fruits and veggies is always a good thing.
5.Do more with my bittles. -Explore more, get them out & about, let them be young.
6.FINISH at LEAST one book a month. -My poor bookshelf and kindle miss me. They told me so.
7.Less time online.-Good grief, much needed.
8.Start a bucket list -self explanatory.
9.Spoil myself a bit. -In all honesty, I spoil the hubs and the bittles but the most I usually buy for myself is a box of hair dye or some thrift store finds or crafty what nots to make cutsie stuff for the house, others or the bittles.
10. Love more, worry less.
11. be me. -Too often I find myself being cautious of what I say or do or wear. It needs to end.

I hope you all stick to your resolutions or lists or whatever you choose to call them and I hope that 2012 brings you as much happiness and I expect it to bring me.


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