October 26, 2020

Tasty Tuesday's peach cobbler.

What you'll need:
1 c. of flour
3/4 c. of sugar
3/4 c. of sweet milk
2 tsp. baking powder
Pinch of salt
1 stick of butter
2 cans peaches. (You can really use any fruit you'd like.)

First, sift sugar, flour and baking powder together. Mix with milk.

When butter is melted and hot, add the batter. This is what mine looked like once all mixed. Be careful, the pan will still be HOT!

Spread peaches (or fruit) over the batter.

Then add some of the juice on top.
Back at 350 for about 45 minutes.

Here is mine fresh from the oven (and where I poked it with a fork and it gushed out)

Hubby's sample piece minus the ice cream or whipped cream you top it with.

**Recipe courtesy of my father in law.

October 25, 2020

I lost my "L". Oh no!

Wanna see my favorite wake up call?!
My friend, Jenny G. got this cup for me. Sweet huh?! I get told every morning that I'm the best mom in the universe. Ha ha. What could beat that?!

OK, it's not BEATING it, but it's a bonus... COFFEE!! mmm mmmm good!

I sent my hubby to the store for a few items the other day, creamer being one of them. I wrote "caramel machh or vanilla anything" thinking can't go wrong with either of those.... right?! Well, he comes back with this. I'm guessing all he read was "caramel". I was intrigued, I almost made an evening pot of coffee, but I knew better.... it'd mess with my sleep. (Which by the way is already SERIOUSLY jacked up). I patiently waited unti the next morning and tried it.... for grabbing the wrong thing he didn't fail. haha. It was pretty darn good really.

Also, the other day we did some "spring cleaning". Husband got in a mood to organize and I wasn't about to argue with him.... mid cleaning, he taught our son how to game. *sigh* it was pretty cute though. Kiddo would say "haha daddy, i got you" and Hubby would run RIGHT IN FRONT of son's gun so that all he had to do was push the button. Super duper cute.
Oh, the mess on the side of the table, stuff I was supposed to be putting away. Oops! But who could pass up this photo op?!

And this pic is horrible, my apologies but I was in a hurry to capture the moment. She climbed on him to hug him. He just sat there and took it. Laughed a bit and dealt with it until she started pulling his hair and cracking up. Then he was done. (Also, please ignore the wet wipe mess under the table and the lunch mess on the table. Cute little girl here had been EVIL the day this was taken--wet wipe fiasco!)

On a nonphoto topic, can I just point out that it is nearing the end of October and we have hardly any snow on the ground. This is so weird. This time last year it was freezing and almost a foot of snow. I remember sinking into the snow while we took the kiddies trick or treating. Currently my handy dandy phone app tells me it is a whoppin' 33 degrees outside. Highs today or 32 (haha, they lied) and lows of 12!! It's telling me that it's supposed to snow Thursday, Friday and Saturday so I guess we shall see.

**Side note** If you happen to notice any of my words missing the "L" in them, it is because my keyboard is currently missing it's "L". Thank you dearest son of mine. Grr.

I had more to ramble about, but my brain isn't working right today... maybe I'll remember later.

October 13, 2020

A week of my life... in pictures.

Hello my loves. Hope everyone is well. I've been a bit busy.
Hubby was in the field for three weeks, he's home again. WHOO HOO!!!
A friend and I had been going to this gym on base, the "mommy gym" is what it's known as. It's pretty much awesome! Has all the basic equipment in one half of the room and the other half (seperated by a fence/baby gate) is a crapload of toys and books and a slide and cartoons for the kids to keep occupied!
In other news, today the hubby and I decided to get our daughter (who is about to turn two) a puppy!! She is puppy crazed and when I showed her the picture, she said "*gasp* MINE!! puppy!! mom!! Its puppy!!! MINE!!" So yea, I think when she wakes up from her nap she will be SUPER excited!!
Her name is Neeko. She's 5/6 months old. A little lab and spinger mix. (isn't that a weird combo?!?) She looks straight up lab. She is just so cute and so sweet and she has worn my son out in the whole hourish that she's been here!! Haha.

Weather news:: IT'S FREAKIN COLD!!!! Ok, so seriously.... today is high of 32 and low of 18, so it's not THAT cold yet but it's getting there!! I snapped this photo the other day!! Crazy huh?!?! It's *warmed* up some so most of the snow has melted, but give it a few more days and we'll all be buried in it.
Today is my friend, Jenn's (she is also currently hosting a giveaway, check it out) 25th bday. Her present came yesterday (and perfect timing too, cuz she was having a craptastic kind of day). But seriously, who doesn't love forever21?!

This has also been a very busy week for our mailbox! Yes, our mailbox!! My friend, Kadi sent my kiddies some goodies!! These pics show their newest outfits! Super cute huh?! My son also got a little Percy the train flashlist and my daughter got a Kiss me elmo (or MELMO as she calls him). My friend, Kayla sent some goodies for em, I got lots of SWAPSTYLE stuff. (Click it if you don't know what it is! It's FABULOUS!)

And tonight I am making another version of the "what's in my kitchen" soup! Mmmm!! It smells AMAZING already!!
Let's just hope my husband LOVES it as much as I do!! He really doesn't much care for when I "create" recipes. (And trust me, he has GOOD reason to feel this way. I've made a few NASTY creations. Hahaha)

Have you ever made a recipe flop?! Or created your own something wonderful?! Do tell. :)


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