January 29, 2020

Dear followers.

I'm thinking of starting a new thing here on One me, two monsters.
You interested?! Oh, you are?! YAY!! I'll tell you more.
I'm thinking of a "Featured Friday".
My friend, Jenn over at My Dear Jenn does a "Sunday Spotlight" and I pretty much want to copy it, change the name and pretend it was all my idea.  haha.So here's the deal... email me (([email protected])) with a picture or two and a random post, an "about me" or anything your little heart desires and I'll feature you on my blog.
Featured Fridays-I'm thinking I love it. And hopefully you guys will too! GET TO EMAILING!

Oh and if you'd like to see my Sunday Spotlight on Jenn's blog... CLICK HERE and be sure to check out Miss Abbey too cuz she's just as cute as can be!

Love, A.

January 28, 2020

A long overdue review.

A while (and when I say that, I mean like back in OCTOBER) I entered and WON a giveaway that My Dear Jenn was doing. The lovely, Renee from Simple Aspirations had just opened her etsy shop, Sensible Sundries.  She gave away a vanilla almond oatmeal soap and a cucumber melon soap as well as 2 lotion bars with your choice: I chose pumpkin spice and vanilla bean.
I received my package shortly after and she was so sweet--added a little thank you note on the box and everything.
I opened my box to discover the most WONDERFUL smells I could have ever imagined!! Not even kidding!! The soaps came in this cute little bag and the lotions in these cute little tins.

Let me just tell you, I keep one of these in lotions in my bathroom and one in my purse. Living in Alaska and washing my hands so often, my poor hands get super dry. This stuff leaves them smooth and smelling amazing! The soap is JUST as wonderful! Even my hubby loves it!!

Pop on into her Etsy shop
and order something!
I highly recommend it!!

January 27, 2020

Blizzard bloghop 2011

I've decided to link up with Household 6 diva. She's hosting a BLIZZARD BLOGHOP!  So here goes...

Hello world. I am Amber.

I'm 25 years old. I am a military wife. My hubby is an army man. Together we have two children-one of each. Lucky us, huh?!

I started blogging... well to pretty much get my thoughts and opinions written down and voiced. I've had an opendiary, livejournal, myspace blogs and now I am here.

I'm an on the side crafter. An animal owner. A mom. A friend. A wife. A sister. A daughter. I have tattoos. I have piercings. And I want more of both. Hubby is pretty covered himself.

Anyway... we are currently stationed at Ft Wainwright, Ak.
My kids are everything. Finnie is 3. Miss Maddie is 2. They are the best things int he world and have the power to make me pull my hair out one minute and melt my heart the next.

(cute right?!)

I blog about... well everything.  Life, kids, recipes, vents, loves, hates, pretty much anything that crosses my mind. Oh, and LOTS of pictures.
(Except for right now. I'm posting from hubby's laptop and his picture supply isn't nearly as large as mine, so all of these are pretty darn old).

That's me. That's my life.
Thanks for reading.

January 25, 2020

What's on Amber's phone?!

Head on over to Jessica's blog and LINK UP!!

And heeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrreeeee we goooooooo!!! 

We attempted a family pic. Hahaha 
 My chunky baby being lazy on me.
 All dressed up for girls' night. YAY! :)

Lazy butts...hogging the beanbag chairs, eating popcorn and movie watching. They spent this week with colds. (See hubby in the background being all lame and gamey?!)

 I had never played this game before!
Our after version was definitely more memorable.

Hubby and I had a couples date night.
This place called "the diner" DO YOU SEE THOSE PRICES!??! AMAZING!! I got a BLT for $4.00!!
 The tables were covered in old newspaper clippings.  


 That night we went to the roller derby!

This guy was down the row from us--serial killer hair! It was creepy! Sorry for the HORRIBLE pic, I tried to have hubby sneak snap.
 After the roller derby we all went to Big Daddy's BarB-Q.
 And finally, do you see the odd shape of this M&M?! It was like a triangle!!

Weird m&m!

January 21, 2020

another round of amber's loves and hates.

I thought it was high time for another round of Amber's loves and hates. 
Me too!!

LOVES:when my bittles pull me either way as they scream "my mom!!" at each other.
getting to enjoy music videos while my bittles are still in bed.
tax return.
reconnecting with old past friends. always a good thing  :)
trying to not say "asdfghjkl;" when i find stuff humorous.
my new kindle.
my wonderful followers.
the hannah montana show. pretty much all of the disney shows. they're all so funny but that good wholesome funny. make sense?!
THIS book.
wake up phone calls from my friend, lisa.
late night phone calls with some friends that result in epic fits of quiet laughter cuz it's 3am and you're trying to not wake up the whole house.
coming across high school friends while reading a random blogger's comments. --so weird!! (Hi Kindle!).
planning a mini vacation to anchorage sometime this summer. (me, two toddlers, anchorage. Brave or dumb?!).
Katy Perry.

HATES:when babygirl hands me my heartshaped glasses and says "oh no! bwoken".
having two sick bittles.
-40 degree weather. COME ON!! That is just TOO cold!!
that my very awesome $60 kindle cover with light broke. (damn cute kids)
finding out that someone very important to me just lost someone they love.
the cost of plane tickets!! (holy hell wowzers!).
how long shipping takes when i order from forever21.
not knowing exactly how to feel about something.
when you give something away and then a while later think "dang."
headaches (especially the ones that last DAYS at a time).

Let's hear some of yours! Link it back up here!

January 18, 2020

What's on Amber's phone?!

This week on Amber's phone:
Are you ready?! Are you excited?! I'm pretty excited for you!! I dunno if any of these top the no bear humping from last week, but we shall see. 

Here's my baby girl "reading" her menu at breakfast the other day.

Taking funny pictures with mommy. (baby girl rarely smiles for the camera)

I went to dinner with some friends. We ATTEMPTED to take pictures but it REALLY turned into a giant gigglefest.

My handsome man got stuck trying to sneak some candy! He was screaming for me but I SERIOUSLY had to let him hang on two seconds longer so I could snap this pic!!
Handsome man was reading me a story.

I FINALLY got my kindle in the mail. YAY!!

A sippie and a plate... I'm pretty sure THAT is NOT underwear or socks.

Pretty huh?!

Boredom in the car while dear hubby rambles on and on and on and on and on....

Cute right?!

Webcaming with my sis always equals a good laugh.
that's my week in pictures... hope yours was just as fabulous!


January 16, 2020

Let's talk about people...

In my 25 years of life, I can honestly say there is ONE thing that I will NEVER understand.


I don't understand how you can go from hating someone to being their BFF again the next week.
I don't understand how people can kill other people.
I don't understand how people can judge other people.
I don't understand how people can blame others for their faults.
I don't understand how people tYp3 L!k3 Th!s. (Do you see how bad I am at that?!-haha)
I don't understand how people can try to drag others into their mess.
I don't understand how people can abuse each other.
I don't understand how people can torture each other.
I don't understand how people just bash each other over and over again.
I don't understand how people can just sit and spread such vicious lies about each other.

But today I'm just going to talk about friendship.
I know some friendships slowly dwindle and fade, it's part of life and I am thankful for that friendship-it was what I needed at that time in my life.
But what I don't understand is friendships that are only out of convenience or location.

A while back, I had a "friend" of 6 years choose her fiance (read;current boy toy) over me. She let him say all sorts of HORRIBLE stuff about me and then let her 21 yr old still lives and mooches off her parents pothead rockstarwannabe friend jump in on this... and all the while just sat back and watched the drama unfold. Thank God for the UNFRIEND and BLOCK buttons huh?!
SIX years down the drain....
On the other hand, my friend, Jenny G has been my sister since 7th grade!! (I graduated in 2003, you do the math) and we hardly speak, haven't seen each other in years and I know that NO MATTER WHAT, I could call her at any given time and cry my eyes out or just tell her some funny story and there would be no awkwardness at all.

Being a military spouse, you move a lot. You meet new people all the time and you too often come across bad apples in the bunch.  As if it isn't hard enough to make friends in this lifestyle, people have to go all crazy on you?! COME ON NOW!!

(in case you can't tell, this is far from my usual post and my feelings are probably coming out more than i intended them to).
Just this afternoon, my husband and I were having this conversation about how hard of a time he is having making friends. Between his rank and age he is VERY limited friendship wise. I see his point and I'm sad for him. Everyone needs friends. Good ones!! But at the same time, I almost envy him. I'd almost rather not meet new people and not make new friends just to avoid those few bad ones that hurt your feelings and then talk about it so much that it makes YOU look like the crazy one.
Then he said something along the lines of, "I wonder if we're the bad ones" because we've honestly gone through a few of those let's try to be friends with them...they seem nice.......OK NEVERFUCKINGMIND!! RUN RUN!! friendships. I assured him that it wasn't us and that you don't HAVE to be friends with everyone. Everyone doesn't have to like everyone. If you don't like me, no problem! If we all liked each other, we'd be LYING! Just don't pretend to be my friend. Ya know?!

I know this post is all rambly and probably doesn't make much sense...but it's my blog and my post and my way of venting.  :)

So dear "friends" please go fuck yourself.
And dear FRIENDS, thank you for being true.

To sum it up, I will NEVER understand people.

January 11, 2020

What's on Amber's phone?!

Well, I decided I wanted to participate in this today because I was browsing others while looking through this week's pics on my phone and have some that made me giggle. ... so here goes.
What's on Amber's phone...

We had a ball last Friday and in the safety brief they got, they were told "not to hump the metal bear". I of course DIED laughing when we got there and hubby told me that. And as far as I know, nobody humped it.

My baby had to potty the other day in walmart--I'm thinking his girlfriends will all see this picture when he's older.  Haha

Hubby finally got me some new silverware and silverware holder. YAY hubby!

                     And I shampooed my carpet. It looks TONS better but I still hate red juice.

My dear daughter got pretty nail polish from Santa this year and thank God Santa got the kid kind-it peels right off.  She apparently snuck it to bed with her, daddy went to check on her and then told her to show mommy... she comes running up to me COVERED in paint, shoves her hands in my face and says, "LOOK!! I paint!!"  I just laughed and then we peeled her clean and sent her back to bed. *sigh*

Lastly, my forever21 order FINALLY came!! Like my new dress?! Cute huh?! Ignore the HORRIBLE pic-but cute dress right?!

January 10, 2020

oh bla dee...oh bla da... life goes on.

The other day my husband pointed out to me that my blog name makes me sound like a single mom. Although I never thought of it like that, he's right. So in the near future (whenever my brain thinks of something I find witty) there will be a name change. Any suggestions?!

Also, on my resolution list, one of them was to

Get my baby girl off the baba. (Yup....she's 2 and still on a bottle. Keep your bashing to yourself!)

DONE! We literally just threw the last one in the trash can after she chewed the nipple in half and told her she was a big girl and that they drank from sippies. She walked around saying "where's my baba" a few times that afternoon but we kept handing her her sippie and tada! DONE! YAY!! One down, a million more to go. I feel accomplished though.

Also, hubby's reenlistment bonus finally came in. HOORAY!! SOooooo.... without further ado, CHRISTMAS (Which was Jan 9th in our house this year) PICS!

Also with bonus $, hubby got himself a new laptop and I am ANXIOUSLY awaiting a package from froever21.  EEEEP!!! Come on guys....be excited with me!!  :)  :)  :)   :)   :)   :)   :)  :)  :) <--that is a lot of excitement!! MmmmHmmm.

Ok... good news aside...we recently found out that deployment has been bumped up a month. *sigh* Sad!  I am not excited. This will be my husband's third deployment. My second. And the kids' second. They were too young to even realize that daddy was gone in the first one, thankfully but this one... I'm TERRIFIED guys!  Two toddlers, two cats, a puppy and me 1904723561934810923 miles from home and comfort.  We are going to be staying in Alaska. STAYING IN ALASKA!!  If we were to go home, we'd spend more then we'll have and it'd be a hassle and staying here we will save a lot more money in the long run, but Lord help keep me sane.
Got any tips for me guys?! Suggestions?! Advice?! I'm mostly worried how the kids are going to handle it... they miss daddy when he goes to work.

Also, I hate red juice stains. Got myself a new shampooer though--pretty excited about it and it's doing a fairly decent job. 

Hmmm.... there was something else I was going to mention while I had your attention but it's slipped my mind.

Hope you all have had an amazing week.


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