October 31, 2020

an almost rant about halloween.

I had a nice little rant all in my head & ready to type.... then I said "screw it" and decided to keep it to myself. 

My Halloween consisted of :

a little monster that thinks he's scary. Please ignore the bday party mess.
this pic was the next morning.

the bittle conned me into a costume.
she thinks she's strawberry shortcake.

So far we've gone to the unit's halloween festival.
A little thing put on by the base.
And today we are going to go indoor trick or treating and
out to lunch or dinner
(depending on when we all get ready)
Chinese food is calling our names.
Hope you all had a great Halloween.

October 30, 2020

My baby lady is 3.

You guys!! Where in the world does time go?! My baby lady is THREE now!! THREE!!! Three years old!! Where did the past three years go?!

Ok, now that I’m sort of past the shock of it. (I’m totally lying)
Here are some picture from her party.

The cake.

I spent 45 minutes filling the top of the stairs with balloons that she’d wake up and see!
Then she woke up and completely freaked out. I think she thought she was stuck. Didn’t quite realize she could step IN the balloons. Ha!
Then handsome man said, “aww M! It’s your birthday! Happy birthday, sweetheart!”, grabbed her hand and helped her down the stairs.
Then she got happy again.

“you like my hat, mom?”
”See my scarf, mom?!”

Preparty cheesin’

This is her “Cheese” face. haha

Gotta love the glasses.

Oh these bittles….

Anyway, I’m exhausted. I firmly believe that birthday party hangover is a real thing. I woke up with it.
My house looks like the girlie aisle of every store threw up in it and the balloons are all half dead.  Ha!

October 26, 2020

The “joys” of pregnancy.

*Warning*If you don’t care to read about peeing on yourself, your vagina falling off, boobs leaking or other not so attractive things, you should stop reading right now.

If you read my blog or follow me anywhere, you know that I am pregnant.
Like very very pregnant.

A while back I posted a tweet about sneezing so hard but NOT peeing on myself only to get one back about someone being not so lucky.
That turned into a conversation about the shit people don’t tell you while you’re growing a baby.
So I’m going to fill you in on a bit of that.
This is my third pregnancy, I think I’m pretty well experienced in this department now and fully capable of filling you guys in.

So I’m sitting here last night watching Gossip Girl and I pause it to get up and get my 29382348902834th glass of water (because at this point it is nearly impossible to stay hydrated, I’m sweating my ass off. -Even though I live in Alaska and it’s WINTER and all our snow melted today, so bipolar much, Alaska?!) and in my efforts to get off the couch, I laughed and thought “now would be the perfect time to write the blog about the JOYS of pregnancy”. So I grabbed my water and a milky way mini or 7.
Here goes:
I am 35 weeks pregnant with baby #3.
And I swear the more babies you have, the more pregnant you feel sooner.
With my 1st I don’t even remember being miserable.
With my 2nd I was probably 7/8 months pregnant when I called my mommydearest into the bathroom to have her look at my overly swollen lady parts and tell me it was normal.
Now with baby O, I swear by like month 4 or 5 I felt like this baby was just going to fall out of me. FALL OUT OF ME!

Nobody warns you that you will have random boob leakage in the middle of cooking dinner and be all like “What the eff was that shit?!”

Nobody warns you that you will need a crane to help you roll over in bed.  No joke, I swear half of my tossing and turning and trying to sleep at night is because by the time I finally get rolled over, I’m like wide awake.

Hormones make you crazy. I literally ask AT LEAST once a week, “am I just being hormonal or is this justified bitchiness” and usually the people I ask agree that they’re mad/annoyed by it too and it’s not just hormones so that’s reassuring. (Or they just don’t want to be on the receiving end of the hormones, who knows.)
You’ll feel overwhelmed, you’ll have mini freak outs about dirt poisoning, you’ll cry at dumb commercials, you’ll be mad for no reason, then you’ll randomly laugh at yourself while crying for not knowing why you’re laughing or crying.

You’ll have days that you do nothing but sit your bum on your couch and beg to not move and you’ll have days that you cook three meals, clean house top to bottom, run a million errands and manage to play 3 games of hide & seek and paint/color with your other kids.

Your hair and nails will either become amazingly beautiful or look like complete shit.
You’ll grow hair in weird places that people will tell you to ignore because it will go away. (and it will, but still!)
Your baby WILL use your bladder as a trampoline and will kick the living daylights out of you.

You will be jealous of other pregnant people that clearly look better than you (even though they really probably don’t) and you will slightly feel better when you hear/read about them them being pretty uncomfortable.

You will probably cry when someone tells you how cute you look.

You will get annoyed when people tell you how tiny you still are-even if you are really pretty tiny.

You will get annoyed with all the “you’re not due til when?! Girl, you look like you’re about to pop!”

You have no idea how many times I’ve wanted to yell at random strangers, “HAVE YOU EVER GROWN A  BABY!?!? EACH PREGNANCY IS DIFFERENT AND YOU WILL GET HUGE BECAUSE YOU ARE GROWING A HUMAN!! SO PLEASE, SHUT UP!!!”

You will become very very grateful for the people that ASK to rub your belly.
People, ALWAYS ASK!!!!!! ALWAYS!
You have no idea how many times I’ve wanted to slap some stranger’s face hand.

People will argue with you left and right about how you’re carrying a girl after they’ve already asked if you know the sex and you’ve said, “yes. it’s a BOY”.  <—this one happens often.

And once baby gets here, people will mistake your little girl wrapped all in pink and purple with a big giant flower on her head for a boy.
And people will mistake your covered in blue little boy for a little girl. <—Just smile and nod.

Oh and gas….. you won’t be able to control it.  You just don’t.
I’m drinking water the other day and driving down the road and burping like crazy.  Can’t help it.
My handsome man is always like, “Mom! Say excuse me!”  (Ha! I’ve raised him well)

You will have people that treat you like you’re the most fragile thing in the world and you’ll have days that you appreciate it and you’ll have days that you want to say, “I’m pregnant. Not Porcelain”

You will lay in bed at night debating on whether or not you want to get up to pee. You know that you’ll feel a million times better if you just go pee, but it’s so hard to get out of bed….

To list a few other things you’ll deal with:
begging for some constipation,
peeing peeing and more peeing,
weird skin discoloration,
Shopping for baby stuff—seriously, so many different brands/types/colors/etc, etc, etc
questions and negative comments, whether you’re formula feeding or breastfeeding, cloth diapering or using disposable, vaccinating or not, cosleeping or not, you’ll have someone disagree with you for something.
And you will get the most unwanted advice from complete strangers that don’t even have children. And people will tell you to nap when the baby naps—psht. like that really happens! Then NOTHING would ever get done and you’d never even sneak in a shower.

Don’t get me wrong, I love being pregnant. It is the most amazing thing in the entire world and such a blessing but I wanted to clear up a few things and warn some of you of the not so joyous side of it too. *Side note*: I only ate 6 of those milky way minis. 

October 24, 2020


Today I revisited that to-do list and knocked some more off of it.
The red ones are what I've done since the first post about it.

My room:Put clothes away
Sweep bathroom.
Mop bathroom
Scrub shower/toilet/sink
Put Baby O's clothes away

Set up crib

Kids' bathroom:Hang curtain
Stick down non-slip stickers
Scrub toilet/sink/shower
Hunt down the missing trash can
Take trash out
Clean off countersWipe down counters
Clean fridge
Living room:
Put away toys
Scrub couches
Organize bookshelves
Take crafty stuff to basement
Scrub coffee//end tables
Set up Baby O's ottoman
Downstairs bathroom:Counters

Wash rugs

Dining room:
Organize hub's care package boxing area.
Scrub table

Laundry room:
Get rid of entertainment center.--I've actually decided to just keep it. Clean out catbox.
Take laundry UPSTAIRS (it's sad that that needs to be written on my to-do list, but stairs lately=FML)

Random:Sweep entry way
Mop entry way
Clean up shoe closet
Sweep shoe closet
Mop shoe closet
Organize shoe closet
Take stuff on the stairs actually down to the basement (same as the laundry getting upstairs. haha)
Take stuff to thrift store
I swear I don't think my house was even this clean when we first moved in!
I also scrubbed the hell out of some walls and baseboards.

Othen that cleaning, I made breakfast. Like actually cooked! Yup!  In my current stage of hugeness, that alone is quite an accomplishment. (we eat 3 meals a day still, don't worry. haha)
And I got us all dressed and cute and prepped to go to a meeting tonight.
Remind me to sneak you a picture of baby lady's little outfit--SERIOUSLY just cute!

here's me now. in case you guys have missed my face.

October 22, 2020

Shout out post.

I am indecisive.
And picky but not too picky to where I'd speak up about it.
I have a million different color schemes that I just love.
And html code makes my eye twitch.

So let me just tell you guys how thankful I am for my friend, Sarah.
We're currently facebook messaging about the colors and look I want for my blog.
I adore her and her patience for dealing with my indecisiveness/pickyness but not/different colors that I love.

If you don't know Sarah, you should.

Also--her foodie blog is freakin kickass phenomenal. For real. In complete seriousness. She rocks my socks-if I wore socks, cuz I REALLY hate socks.

Check her recipe list.  It's my favorite. 

October 19, 2020

Pregnancy fashionista.

Yesterday when I went to pick up my handsome little man from preschool, the lady at the front desk stopped me to tell me that she loved my outfit.
She said, "Every time you come in here, I think "man she looks cute"! I never look that cute, ESPECIALLY when I was pregnant! You have a great fashion sense"
Made me super happy.

So let's have a look back at my pregnancy fashion, shall we?!

While browsing through my pictures for photos to post, I realized I don’t even have pictures of my best outfits. I fail.
Maybe I really should attempt more fashion posts.

October 18, 2020

Tasty Tuesday: Tortilla soup style

Sooooo once again, I'm browsing Pinterest and see this picture:

I decided Baby O told me that I just HAD to have some of this.
So I bundled up the bittles and we headed to the store for some cream cheese and sour cream.
You could even leave out the chicken and use vegetable stock for a vegetarian version of this.

My version.

Even the bittles loved it.
Handsome man devoured his whole bowl and baby lady took her first bite and literally said "yum!"

October 17, 2020

Our weekend.

The bittles had all day daycare on Saturday, so a friend & I went to the craft bazar here on base.
It made me want to get even more creative!
I then treated myself to some fried pickles from
Big Daddy's BBQ
(Where I had the NICEST waitress. She was shocked to hear I had 6weeks left til baby, told me I looked amazing. Gave me a discount and then I found $20 on the way out the door!)
Then I came home & put together Baby O's crib!
Cleaned up that mess and then headed to pick up my bittles.
We woke up yesterday morning to this mess in the backyard.
Winter is upon us.

With the cold and my pinterest obsession, I made tortilla soup for dinner. (recipe coming Tuesday!)
We loaded up and made a quick trip to the grocery store.
Then came home and I finished prepping dinner.
While we waited we made candy necklaces!!

Such a determined face!

Helping his sister-so sweet!

Scooting them all closer to her & telling me not to eat them.

I hope you all had a great weekend. We sure did.


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