May 29, 2020

Breakfast burritos how to

My hubster gets up way too early for me to even consider making him breakfast.
So when we go grocery shopping, we usually spend a good chunk on frozen breakfast foods.
It's quite sad.
Sad that we spend so much and sad that he eats that crap.
So I decided to make breakfast burritos for him.
It's pretty simple, but I thought I'd share just in case someone needs the how to.

Basically you cook up some eggs

cook up some sausage

Shred some cheese

LET IT COOL COMPLETELY!! -- VERY important or the burritos get soggy.

Lay tortilla shell on foil (Plastic wrap works too. I've used both)


Burrito it up.
Roll in foil.
Seal foil.

Last time I made them, I used 2 packages of 8 LARGE tortilla shells, 2 lbs of sausage, a whole carton of eggs, 1 lb of cheese and it made 14 burritos.

to cook:
remove foil, microwave 2 minutes. Hubs says for best results flip over halfway through. So 1 min on each side.

May 25, 2020

Ree Drummond is a flipping genius.

A couple of years ago, I went to a New year's eve party at my friend Kim's house.
She had this chicken dip of awesomeness as a snack to help ward of the drunkeness. (It helped only slightly in case you were wondering).
A bit later, I sent her a message basically begging and pleading for this recipe.
She graciously shared.
I made it.
It's been a favorite around here ever since.
Seriously, we eat it quite often.
And when we host a BBQ or attend a BBQ, I make the chicken dip.
It's always a hit.
Seriously, we had a BBQ when Hubs got back from Afghanistanland for his platoon.... They all told me that they were eager to try it because they'd heard nothing but good things about it for the past year.
About 15 soldiers pigged out that night on this chicken dip.
Kristina's made this chicken dip! Everyone she's ever made it for loved it. She tried to claim it once (no, she really didn't...nobody listened when she said she got the recipe from me) and I set them straight. Ha.

So hubs and I are sitting here the other day. Dinner was in the crockpot. The house was smelling fantastic. (Tex mex chicken minus the corn, add rice, wrapped in tortilla shells). We wanted a snack.
I'd been aching for some chicken dip, so I went to make it....
only to discover we had NO ranch dressing.
I was heartbroken.


Search the internet for homemade ranch dressing.
Then I see the Pioneer Woman's ranch dressing. I told hubs, "score!! Ree Drummond has a recipe for it". He looked at me like I was an alien.
I then go on to tell him, "she's a flipping genius!! She is the one I got the iced coffee recipe from".
He continues with his unexcitement.
So I continue with my excitement, "babe!! Sarah swears by her! She's famous! She has cookbooks!! I WANT THEM!!!!"
He's still unthrilled.
I browse the recipe. Realize I have all the ingredients (except buttermilk, but I made a bm sub-- 1tbsp vinegar, almost a cup of milk poured into it. sit 5 min. tada).
I make it. Taste it. Then yell, "BABE!! REE DRUMMOND IS A FLIPPIN GENIUS!!!"
He say "uh huh..."

I go on to make chicken dip....
then I taste the ranch again and throw it in the fridge with satisfaction.

So in case you didn't know.... Ree Drummond is a flippin' genius.

Recipe for the ranch can be found here 

May 23, 2020

draw something.

I like link ups.
And I like this app.
So go link up too!

I think "peanut" was my favorite. It made me giggle.
Also, sometimes when mine sucks...I ask hubs to draw for me.
He may or may not have drawn the viking.
So head on over to Mrs K's blog and link up!

Also, if you don't have this iphone app, you should totally get it.
It's fun.
I'm ambermack
feel free to start a game!

May 22, 2020

Sometimes we go out on dates.

Sometimes I look like this pre date.

Sometimes we take the kids to daycare.

Sometimes Hubs thinks he can fit through the kiddie door.

Sometimes he is right.

Sometimes we go to the Salmon bake.

Sometimes hubby eats fish and I gag.

Sometimes we take Baby O to the movies with us.

Sometimes he gets bored and we end up sitting in the entrance to the theater hallway/walkway thing to enjoy the rest of the movie.

And sometimes Hubs gets mad because some lady behind us asks him (not so politely) to turn off his phone or take it outside before the previews even started.

May 21, 2020

5 months.

Baby O is 5 months old.
(Almost 6 months now because I'm a slacker and forget to post the pictures when I take them)

He's getting all big and such.

May 18, 2020

That time I felt like Cinderella.

This past weekend, we attended the welcome home/redeployment ball.
Good times were had. Dancing. Drinking. Eating. Hugging. Laughing. The works.



Just need the dress and shoes and ready to go!

He prettied up too.

We clean up nicely.

A few too many of these were involved....

Pictures like this started happening...

And this....

to sum up the night, it was fun.

Also, I just read a post that my friend Melissa wrote up... (if you don't follow her, you definitely should)
I couldn't have said it better myself.
To read it....CLICK.

May 11, 2020

weighin' on my heart...

And here begins the usual ramble that I hope makes sense in the end.

Sometimes I just get homesick.
And not just in that "oh sigh.... Tennessee is so much prettier than here" or that "man, I wish I could go home" kind of thing. Yes those too, but currently I'm homesick in a different way.
Being military, we don't really have a long term home. The bittles won't be able to look back on a place they call HOME. I remember growing up, our favorite summer activities were to walk out back and jump from sand dune to sand dune; to climb to the top of the sawdust pile and run down it as fast as we could; to jump from big huge rock to big huge rock.  I had a home. It's the place I lived the longest.
My babies, well we move every couple of years. I often wonder where they'll call home. Husband & I both call Tennessee our home. He was an army kid, but they settled in Tennessee. It's where he was the longest.

I don't have a wall that we mark their height on.
I don't get to keep the wall with the nail hole from when Fin decided his toy hammer would work with a real nail and had to prove it to me. He was completely right, by the way.
I won't get to point and say, "that's where Maddie took her first steps".
I'm hoping that when we move to Georgia, we'll be able to spend more time with family and those will be the memories that are equal to my big rocks and saw mills.
I wasn't raise in a military family, so I often wonder how it works for the kids. Where do they call home? How do they decide where to go to college? Or where they want to settle? On one hand, it must be nice to not chose a college based on closeness to your parents...
Maybe when they get older, we'll rent a house off base. A house with a real yard and trees and stuff for them to go climb on and fall out of and ensue an emergency room trip... (what childhood is complete without one?!)
For now, our backyards are what we make of it... they're quite content with bubbles and chalk and chasing each other back and forth, or even just digging holes.
They are currently thrilled for camp outs, which to them are sitting outside and roasting marshmallows over the fire pit or eating dinner outside.
Hopefully it won't matter to them that we don't have a permanent home. Hopefully the days of duck feeding at the park and walks to the big field will still stand out to them.
I've learned that in military life, you make the most of what you can.
I'm assuming that since this is the life they will know that they'll be content with the memories we make.
I see lots of fishing trips, days at the lake and play date with friends in the near future.
But after three years in Alaska... far away from family and friends.... I am more than thrilled to leave here come August. Not just because of the nasty winters or the summers filled with ashes from the wild fires. But because once we get to Georgia, we will be closer to our home. And maybe, just maybe that will be good enough.

May 09, 2020

Draw something.

Today, I'm linking up with Mrs K. and her Draw something link up.

Clearly I rock at this game.

This one annoyed hubs. It took him a second to get it.
So his retaliation.... he wrote "good luck" instead of even trying to draw the pic.
I bombed some of the letters away and guessed it right anyway.
Oh yea, I'm a smart one.

Head on over and link up!!

May 04, 2020

FF: Meet Mrs. K!!

GUYS!!! Meet, Mrs K!!
And head on over to her blog!
We swapped today.

Hello, My Three Bittles Readers! I’m Mrs. K and I blog over at! I “met” Amber online just before I left Alaska and I’m still kicking myself every day that I didn’t try to make time to meet her in person before I left because as you all know, she’s awesome.

I have been blogging for years, but I just recently switched blogging platforms so it feels as if I’ve started over. I like to blog because I’m quite forgetful and I want to remember all the crazy things Army Life often throws my way. I’m a mother to a sweet little nine month old baby boy and wife to a good lookin’ man in uniform. Professionally, I enjoy writing and the helping professions. Before I became a mom, I was a counselor. Eventually, I’d like to finish up my Master’s and get back into working again. Until then, I’m meandering through the day to day life of a SAHM and loving (almost) every minute of it!

I blog about traveling, crafting, family and friends, my faith, weird quirks I possess and much more. I hope you’ll stop by and check me out. If you do, please introduce yourself. I love finding new blogs to follow! Happy Friday, y’all. Have a fun weekend!

Thanks so much, Mrs K for guest posting!! I'm so glad to have you here!
And on Wednesdays she does a link up for the "draw something" app.
It's awesome!
Check it out

You guys be sure to go check her out and tell her I said hello!


May 02, 2020

Who am I?!

I went grocery shopping yesterday.
I bought blueberries for the handsome man.
And we had a pineapple for the hubs.

I hate both.
Seriously, the fruit I do like are: cherries, grapes, watermelon, honey dew and cantaloupe.
That's it.

Hubs started eating the blueberries. He put them back, then reached in the fridge and grabbed more.
I laughed at him.
He then pulled out the pineapple and I watched him attempt to cut it open himself, pretty entertaining....

He then tried to tell me that fresh pineapple tasted better.
At this point, I already was devouring the blueberries and telling him that I don't even like blueberries.
He insisted I try a chunk of pineapple.
It was delicious.

Apparently, I now like blueberries and pineapple.

Also, this is my first post on my new macbook. Yup, you heard that right. Hubs bought us both new macbooks. Hooray!


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