June 11, 2020

To Do Procrastinator.

My current to-do list is like 50 miles long.
I might be slightly exaggerating but only slightly.
It's totally at least 20 miles long.

And instead of knocking ANY of the the things off the list, I'm here... blogging about my to do list that's anywhere from 20-50 miles long.

I am queen of procrastinating.

I even vacuumed my bedroom (needed but not on the list) earlier today just for something else to do.

You see, David's parents are coming into town in a few days for about a week or so.

So I'm trying to get the house cleaned up and ready for them on top of maintaining the actual every day house cleaning on top of kids and their total boredom (thanks horrible nasty rainy weather for that) on top of shampooing my carpets because of said nasty rainy weather + dogs, on top of blog deadlines to meet on top of scheduling some blog posts for while they're here because I think it'd be a bit rude for me to be glued to my laptop while they're here.

This picture does NOT EVEN do it justice. It was nasty. It's worse now. The sun came out for about 20 minutes long enough to bring a ridiculous amount of flies out and into my house while I had the door open in hopes of getting the dogs out to pee before the rain came back.

This pile includes my grocery list, my meal plan (neither of which are finished), this payday's budget, my blog to-do list (two pages alone) and my little notebook of blog ideas.

There are about 5 of these that don't need replies.

This (blog comments folder) is after I deleted the anonymous spam comments and the no-reply comments (after hunting them down or at least trying to to let them know that they're no-reply) and the ones that didn't really need a reply.

another view just because what kind of procrastinator would I be if I didn't take more than one picture?!
Also, that decaf coffee is most certainly NOT for me. It's for my father in law. I don't do decaf anything. Psht.
See where it says "internation -cuz I'm too lazy to add the "al"?! coffee blah blah"?  Thanks Chelsea for that mess. I'm determined to try it not because of her latest vlog.

Then I took a few pictures of these two. they're just cute.

Also, this is what days are like with baby Owen.
Do you see how crazy/brave he is?!

And in the process of all of this, I made lunch. I mean like I actually cooked bacon to make turkey/bacon sandwiches, toasted bread, etc etc.
I spent TIME on lunch.

The power went out a few times. Just long enough to annoy me as I was doing this post and mess with my pictures long enough to make my eye twitch.

I kind of giggled at kids as they ran past my window to get home. (Remember the sun that appeared for a whopping 20 minutes?! Poor kids).

I worried about the major amount of sirens I heard.

I hoped it would stop raining before David got off work and had to drive home.
Normally the rain doesn't bother either of us-he rides his bike in it no problem but today (and the rest of the week) he's off post at the local college for a weird class and it's a bit farther out via the interstate than where he normally comes from.

Blah blah blah.

I paused to promote my BFF's new store!
(The Ida is my new fav! America is 2nd!)

Oh and playing a LOT of candy crush.
I tweeted about it.
It was entertaining.... to me at least.
I need to be:

Blogging actual stuff that I need to get blogged. 
4 posts have deadlines.
Scheduling posts for the next two ish weeks.
Finishing up the meal plan and grocery list.
Moving Maddie's bed into Fin's room to make a make-shift not twin size bed for them to have while they're here.
Dishes because with a family of 5, they're just nonstop.
Figuring out what to make for dinner tonight.
Emailing Tawny the guest post I promised her.
Reply to emails.
Laundry. Ugh.
etc. etc. etc.
blah. blah blah.

What do you do when you procrastinate?


Jo said...

Phew, all I can say is good luck!

Tawnys Tid Bits said...

This sounds like my post of the things aka dates I had a month or so ago (my list is coming to an end). I procrastinate about straightening things. I come in the house and just drop everything on the kitchen table (we have 2, thanks God). Then next thing you know it looks like a mail delivery room/dressing room on Black Friday!

raisealittlecain said...

Sounds just like me haha
Good luck!!! :)

Rachel Silski said...

OMG my email scares me...every day!

Jenn said...

I've slowly become a non procrastinator. But really, once it's in your system, it's a hard thing to shake!

Jenifer Neha said...

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