June 12, 2020

U by Kotex (sponsored)

If you're a male reader (do I even have any of those?!), you might wanna skip this post!

Fair warning!

Today I'm going to talk to you guys about Tampons. Yup, you read that right..... TAMPONS!
Why you ask?! Well, because I keep it real, that's why! Duh!
You act as if you didn't know that already!

My go-to tampon and absolute favorite is honestly, U by Kotex in *Click* version (the compact ones)!
I know you have a favorite too, don't try to lie to me.

U by Kotex (Click version) is my favorite because:

The box itself kind of makes me not dread buying them.

The colorful wrapping actually makes me a little happier inside when it's time for me to need them.

The compact size is just THE best! It's so much easier to just conveniently tuck away in your pocket or purse.

They start compact, but expands to full size with just one Click.

The slim applicator features a smooth tip for easy, comfortable insertion.

I much much prefer plastic to cardboard. Can I get an "amen" here?!

They are available in Regular, Super and Super Plus, which well..... some days you just need other sizes.

You have to admit, those colors just make you not hate em!

Plus, the myth or fact on the back of the box.... well I'm a sucker for random facts. I blame David for this. And Jenny G. They're both full of random knowledge that drives me crazy but at the same time makes me a sucker for things like this.

I had NO idea that working out while cramping would actually ease cramps! Did you!? If you did know that, don't tell me. I'd rather not feel dumb for not knowing that. Thank you. Ha.

Anyway, with U by Kotex, I just feel protected against any random accidents and/or embarrassing situations that might

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You're welcome.
I actually can't take credit for that free sample but still.

I wrote this review while participating in a content series through Clever Girls Collective on behalf of U by Kotex, and received products to facilitate my post and compensation for my time to participate.


Lala H said...

on my way to get my free sample! thanks for sharing

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Tawnys Tid Bits said...

One response.... one word! AMEN!!!!

Natalie Blair said...

Dude I just put in for my free sample! The part that got me was that they "click" to open! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT??!! I need that!

p.s. I had NO clue walking or exercise relieved cramps. I get the bad.... hmmmmm....

Eleanor Harte said...

My mom always has told me exercise relieved cramps but I wasn't sure I believed her....now I guess I do!

Alissa said...

I hate that exercise relieves cramps because when I do have cramps that is the last thing I want to do! It is a good reminder that I need to do that though!

Danielle Doerr said...

I too love the U by Kotex tampons! I'll admit, I was that girl who was seriously afraid of using tampons and bought these because they were small and compact. Now I won't use anything but tampons and I've been buying the same brand for the years since!

I might also have to try that exercising tip. I get the worst cramps each month to the point where all I can do is lay down in bed with a heating pad and sleep. I could definitely try exercise or at least something more productive!

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Lauren Loeffel said...

Oh my God Amber. How did you NOT know that about cramping & exercising?? :P I'm just kiddddddding! You know I love you.

I wish I could wear tampons again. After having kids, I think my junk got all whacked out and it's really uncomfortable for me:( Boo.

Kenzie @ Life According to Kenz said...

I just tried out the Playtex Sport ones and fell in LOVE... LOL. Is it wrong to fall in love with a brand of tampons? Hahahaha! They're actually COMFORTABLE.

I'm totes on my way to get a free sample of these babies. :) Way to keep it real, Amber. That's what I love about you!!!!

And - I had NO IDEA that working out helps cramps!! WOAH!!

Chelsea said...

These are TOTALLY the same tampons I use! I'm a HUGE fan. I love that they're compact so that I can just stick them in my scrubs pockets when I have clinical!

Angela Peters said...

These are by far my favorite & I LOVE the packaging!!! Great post!!!!!!

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