May 21, 2020

Maxwell House -good to the last drop!

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I am a coffee-aholic so imagine how happy I was to see that Maxwell House had come out with some Single Serve Cups! Talk about convenience! I love K-cups but I'm not a huge fan of flavored coffee so I usually just buy Maxwell House in the jars that they come in and use my reusable K-cup so I was so pleased to see that they had these. Such a time saver. It's quiet a pain having to rinse and refill that reusable thingy. But now I don't have to!

So anyway, we shopped. Our local Walmart has Maxwell House Single Serve Cups in stock so we headed there to grab up a box of awesomeness.

 Can't not take a selfie in the bathroom!

Maxwell House also makes em in the French Roast as well, FR lovers!

Baby Owen took this one all by himself! I couldn't not share!

Anyway, I actually considered making myself a cup as soon as we got home because I was so excited about em but decided it'd be best to just wait until morning time.

Bring on the morning!


I grabbed the House Blend and it was a GREAT choice!

Those blue lights make me pretty happy!
First cup of Maxwell House Medium Roast. Thanks Single Serve Cups!
Early. Pre-coffee. Rough night's sleep. Don't judge.

I am truly SO glad to have tried the NEW Maxwell House single serve cups! These cups bring Maxwell House's great taste to an easy-to-use single serve cup! Truly, good to the last drop!
Now that I know these are out, I will definitely be investing in more of them when I run of of this box! They're so convenient! So much easier than filling that dang little refill cup thing.

I add a bit of milk and sugar to mine, depending on my mood I'll skip the milk or use creamer instead but 90% of the time, I'm a milk and sugar kind of girl.
How do you take your Maxwell House?

 And if you didn't know, Maxwell House Coffee has a facebook page. I'm already a fan of theirs! 

For more pictures, please go check out the Google+ album over here.


Sarah E. said...

Nom nom coffee!!! :) I am drinking my cup right now. I'll have to look for those single serve things. Maxwell is pretty affordable, so I'm sure it'll save me money with the Keurig!

Tawnys Tid Bits said...

#1 why you have to post a coffee pic! I only have 1 a day, but now you make me want another! LOL!

I love Maxwell House, but lil ol' me has to brew in a big coffee pot.. and like I mentioned before, I'm a 1 cup drinker so I waste alot when it's just me at home. Do you have to have a special machine for this single serve?

Melanie @ bear rabbit bear said...

The bathroom pics are awesome haha :)

Corinna @ The Sweet Spot Blog said...

Would love to see the 'after' coffee photo!

Barb Camp said...

I LOVE my coffee!

Kristin IDelights said...

I drink Maxwell house as well :) I usually make a pot towards the week and just re-heat a cup in the am when I get up. Those single serves sound pretty nice. Thanks for sharing, and the photos were fun too :)

Misty Kearns said...

Love that Maxwell House has k cups now!

Hanan said...

I'm a coffee fanatic too, but I don't think I've ever tried Maxwell House coffee before. Crazy right?!

Lynsey @MoscatoMom said...

THIS may very well be the best news I have heard all day LOL I love Maxwell House and have missed it since getting my Keurig! SO glad they now have Kcups!

Shane Prather said...

I'll need to keep a look out for the maxwell cups!!

Maribel Reyes said...

FOr me a half coffee half milk and a sugar packet. I will sometimes add a sprinkle of cinnamon just to add a bit of more taste.

Tonia Larson said...

I have some of these K-Cup too and we've almost finished the entire box already! So good!

Jennifer said...

Coffee = Life in this house! I just wish I had a Kuerig!

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