September 16, 2020

Monday. {Day 1 of Birthday Week Extravaganza}

It's the start of Birthday Week! HIP HIP HOORAY!
My actual birthday is Wednesday. I'll be 28 in case you're curious.

Today's giveaway is all about some gift cards! Are you excited?!
I'll go ahead & give you a sneak peak of the rest of the week as well.
Tuesday is for the blogger in you. Design credits, ad space, etc. etc.
Wednesday is all about Fashion & Beauty.
Thursday is anything else that doesn't fall into the above categories.
Friday is all about the cash. COLD HARD CASH.

Anyway.... let me start off by rambling about my weekend.
My weekend that started on Wednesday morning. 2am Fin wakes up, I hear him cry. I roll out of bed and go see what happened- he tripped over a toy and landed on a wall.... on his eye. It was just a little scratch but when he woke up to get ready for school, it was a full blown black eye. On picture day. *sigh*
I picked up Maddie from preschool Wednesday morning like normal. Then around 1pm the school nurse calls me saying that Fin was in there complaining of his ear hurting. He couldn't hear out of it the day before and he had a low grade fever.
I picked him up from school and called the hospital. They managed to get me an appointment for 9:15am Thursday.
Okay, drop Maddie off on Thursday morning and book it to the hospital, park way in the back instead of even trying to find a closer spot and run inside.
Turns out on top of his black eye he has an ear infection and sinus/allergy issues.
When I asked his Dr if he could go back to school, she asked him if he wanted to. He said no so she said, "well mom... if it's okay with you, he does look a little pasty" with a wink.
We leave there with half the pharmacy (5 different medicines) and head to the PX to pick up a few things we needed and let him trade in some games and have a day home with me. He bought a new game with some birthday money he had.
We then picked up Maddie from preschool, who by the way had a GREAT day! She went in without waiting on her teacher like she usually does! Her teacher said she hung up her backpack (instead of it sitting in the floor by her chair), she sat on the rug (instead of a chair on the rug or just standing on the edge of the rug), she did the smart board, she ate her snack, she even put her hand on her chest for the pledge of allegiance! SERIOUSLY, a great day!! Let's hope that keeps up after the long weekend.
Shoot. So then come Friday, the kids had no school, I had an eye appointment that I almost had to cancel 3x. (David's work schedule was seriously all over the place until 7am- my appt was at 10).
During my eye appointment, I realized how seriously expensive glasses are. I got 15 days of trial contacts.
I CAN SEE! It's AMAZING! I had no idea how bad my eyes were until the appointment. SERIOUSLY.

So then after my appointment, we took the kids out to this pizza place that was kind of their end of the week reward thing that we're trying to start. (Next weekend is a pool trip, the weekend after is Mcdonald's milkshakes and play place, etc etc). Turns out Maddie caught a cold. We realized it when she started coughing up lungs (not literally) at the pizza place.
After the pizza place we headed to check out this local music school to enroll Finster in some guitar lessons. We walked out of there enrolling Maddie in a ballet class as well. (So buy some ad space and help me fund these extracurricular because good grief, kids are pricy!) Then we headed to do some Baby Shower Shopping for a friend's baby shower next weekend.
Then to the grocery store so David could get some snacks for his all day duty and then game night with a few friends.
Saturday consisted of hanging out at home with just Owen while David pulled 6am-6pm duty then headed to game night with some friends and the kids had a sleepover at their friends' house. I attempted to catch up on some bloggy things and clean the house. I also dyed my hair and painted my toes while Owen slept.
Talk about a wild Saturday night.

Sunday wasn't even lazy. David, Owen and I went to breakfast and then picked up our two + one, cleaned the house a bit and then we had 2 birthday parties to attend (same house thankfully) but phew. I'm pooped.

David's facial expression here cracks me up but breakfast with them makes me happy.

I feel like I've been majorly slacking on online blog land but phew it's been busy around here.
My poor house is a mess, birthday week has thrown me off-I LOVE it but it's like a whole week of rafflecopters and HTML and you guys know how I feel about HTML.

Anyway, now that I've rambled.... a lot....
GOOD LUCK ON TODAY'S GIVEAWAY! Be sure to check back all week to see what awesome prizes are up for grabs!
Happy birthday week to me!

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Rachel said...

i am loving Davids face in this haha! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SASSY!

Jessica | Living La Vida Holoka said...

Girl, you've been busy! I hope everything is okay with Fin now.

Happy birthday week to you!

Sarah Grace said...

happy birthday week!! what a fun week full of giveaways! can't wait to follow along!

xo, sarah grace

Beth W said...

Happy (almost) birthday!

Laura Darling said...

Just reading that post makes me tired! :) I hope you're all back on track for birthday week!!

Neri said...

And you just reminded me about getting my eyes checked. lol

courtney erickson said...

I'm exhausted just reading about your adventures!Happy birthday!!!


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