July 29, 2020

What we've been up to {in pictures}

Today I thought I'd just share what we've been up to lately but in pictures.

I've been cooking. It's been all amazing.

This is country gravy breakfast casserole found here

David and I bought a lawn mower. Just a push mower, we have no need for a ride on one but we felt very adult like buying it.


David made the kids paper airplanes. They played with them for HOURS and I mean literally for HOURS! They were so excited to toss em around and watch them fly. It was seriously cute!

Early morning shopping means Baby Owen is still in jammies. Yup, I was that mom. In my defense, I'd just woken him up to take Fin to school and head to the gym. The grocery trip was completely last minute because we were totally out of milk. But doesn't he look thrilled to sit in the cart like this?!

Maddie got her LUV shoes in the mail. She's worn them everyday since! She loves them! (You can use the code AMLUV20 for 20% off your order)

I used Janie's recipe and made Philly Cheesesteak Pizza. It was really really good but totally out of our normal.

I think it's HILARIOUS when Bo gets his toy stuck on him like this.

I spilled a whole cup of coffee. I was sad. Thankfully they made me a new one free of charge.

This is what our weather looked like the other day. Thankfully it was followed by a few days of sunshine that hopefully continue because we have had nothing but rain since the end of May.

Oh look, I cooked more food! These cookies were really good but a pain in the butt to make and had to sit overnight TWICE!

You guys, Owen is seriously a nut. Just look at these next few pics. The chair he's sitting in is his old highchair that I'd pulled the cover off to wash. He took it upon himself to move it from the kitchen to the living room and then used it as his chair to watch cartoons but not before throwing a blanket on his head and being a complete ham.

I cooked again! I made David and I dinner after the kids had gone to bed. He had 24 hour guard duty earlier in the week and didn't get home until 8pm for dinner. It was yummy!

Poor Maddie had a tummy bug. The night that David had 24 hour duty, I had her sleep in our bed. She's tossed and turned all night. I'm about to have to make her a Dr. appt if it keeps up. We're currently on day 3 of it.

If you follow my blog's facebook page you might have seen this post. Well this is the thing I was talking about.

Fin wants this for his room. If they still have it tomorrow when they open up again, I might get it. It's marked for only $15 so I think that's kind of worth it. The doors open up and there is one shelf that goes along the whole inside. I go back and forth on it though. Your thoughts?

We finally got the kids another pool after the dogs popped the first one. We should've known better than to get an inflatable pool.

And I had a quarter for Maddie to get a gumball!!! This is HUGE! She always asks but I never ever have cash/change on me. So she was pretty excited about it.

And I snagged this water table off of a facebook sales site for Owen. SCORE!

This was on Fin's homework.  I laughed out loud.

Fin was doing pushups and David got down to show him "the right way".... Owen decided to join.

The toy hamster ate all of his imaginary food.  Mom life is very entertaining.

And I trimmed my own hair and added in some layers.  Yay!

We also had friends over (do you know how exciting it is to say "friends"?!) Sunday afternoon for a BBQ.  That was good times but no photos were taken. 
So what about you guys?! Did you have good weekends?! Busy weekends?

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  1. Loving EVERY single picture! First, Starbucks gave you a free coffee after you dumped yours, great customer service there! And Owen... I just wanna squeeze his little cheeks! He is a fan of the camera for sure!

  2. Love this!!! Those cookies look YUMMY!!

  3. Dinner at your house looks like its always good:)

  4. So now I need to find that recipe for the philly cheese steak & make it - that looks like it was in a restaurant! Also those cookies I need shipped to NY :)


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