July 03, 2020

Six Flags + Wet Ones

“I wrote this review while participating in a campaign for Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Wet Ones. I received free admission to Six Flags, attended an informational and complimentary luncheon, and received a gift bag and promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.”

This past Saturday, the oldest two bittles and I went to Six Flags over Georgia.

Fin and Maddie were so cute and so excited!
They got a bit bored and anxious waiting to get in and waiting on everyone to gather up to get ready to go, but once we started up, they were right back to happy and hyper!
This rollercoaster actually terrified me! They loved it so much!! I was scared having Fin so far away from me!  I'm apparently a big ole sissy.

Fin's favorite ride was the Monster Mansion!
Maddie wasn't a huge fan of it. Even the nice monsters scared her.

Maddie's favorite ride was the rollercoaster pictured above.

Pictured here with Diana's little girl, Lizzie.

Riding the train and touring the park!

Hey!! HEY!! Did you know that my kids were super heroes?!
Meet Batman and Batgirl.

This last picture was while waiting for cotton candy! Those Wet Ones definitely came in handy after that sticky mess!

Wet Ones are the handiest of wipes! I swear it! I've been a long time user and fan of them.One time I was grocery shopping and touched a package of chicken..... it leaked on me.  The hand sanitizer dispensor was out of course and I couldn't exactly rush my cart and kids to the bathroom.  I ran to the aisle with the cleaning supplies and ripped open a box of Wet Ones.  Ever since that day, I've always carried some of the individually wrapped ones in my purse and/or diaper bag.

Think about all the uses: My example above,  Lunch boxes for back to school, after eating cotton candy, while car eating,  after playing outside, park trips, picnics, after eating out, for those drippy ice cream covered hands, while golfing (David carries some in his golf bag),  field trips, in your child's backpack,  after handling money, etc etc. The list is endless really! 

Did you know that they come in two different scents?! Fresh and Citrus!
They're also safe for sensitive skin! They even make hand wipes for sensitive skin that's been pediatrician tested!
You can visit www.wetones.com for more product information and usage tips!

And just like that, we checked another thing off of our Summer Bucket List
Huge huge huge thank you to Mom Central, Six Flags and Wet Ones for being so awesome!


Jessica | Living La Vida Holoka said...

I've been to that Six Flags!
Those superhero capes are so cute. It looks like your kids had so much fun at the amusement park!

Emmy said...

I still have one in diapers so always have wipes with me- but I guarantee that once he is potty trained I definitely plan on having wipes or wet-ones with me still, there are so many times they are needed!

Janet said...

This was such a fun day. It looks like yall had a blast!

Janet said...

This was such a fun day. It looks like yall had a blast!

Lauren Loeffel said...

Looks like they had a blast! I love their little capes:) I'm pretty sure our kids would get along perfectly haha!
And even with Tucker being (almost) potty-trained, I will continue to buy wipes, just for cleaning purposes alone!

Carly said...

Aw, it looks like they had a blast!!!


Melissa said...

Wet ones are great. They are in my pile of things to pack for camping this weekend. :)


Kendall said...

Awe, I love Six Flags! Looks like you guys had a great time!

Pams Party said...

Looks like a lot of fun! We are going to Six Flag Great American in Chicago soon. Can't wait after seeing your pics.

Deanna Ritz said...

Looks like you had a great time. I can't wait to take my kids one day soon. Thanks for sharing. :)

Kathy Penney said...

Looks like you guys had fun! Absolutely love the Superhero capes! Adorable.

Kristin @ Celebrate the Goodness said...

I've never been to Six Flags and this post has me dying to go now. Looks like you all had a great time!

Lacey_Renea said...

Looks like y'all had a BLAST!

Also, I take wetones with me everywhere!

Samantha Gronemyer said...

They look like they had such a great time! And oh this sure does take me back! I used to get season passes when I was a kid because we lived so close.

nyctalon said...

That's so cool! I've always wanted to go to six flags! And I carry Wet Ones with me all year round - perfect for cleaning up messes!

Neri said...

How awesome! They are just so cute!! My kiddos finally got capes today. :-)

Neri said...

How awesome! They are just so cute!! My kiddos finally got capes today. :-)

Melanie @ bear rabbit bear said...

It looks like you had a ton of fun!!

Angela Peters said...

Looks like you had so much fun!! I love our Six Flags I'd love to visit another!!

Paige Nicole said...

I like wet ones. lol. I used to keep them in my car until they dried out.

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