July 19, 2020

I'm late.

It's Friday.
Usually I have today's post prepared but it's 8 am here and I don't.
I mean I've done my good deed, I just haven't had half of a second to sit down and type it up.
Even now, I should be feeding the kids breakfast & making sure they actually get dressed but I'm sitting down instead.
It's been the busiest of few days & I'm pooped.

Anyway, so I know you've probably seen me talk about my BFF Jenny G's new shop.  If not, then you probably don't follow me on twitter or on facebook (and you should head over and follow them real quick).
I helped name this bag. Maddie. The Madelyn.  Yup.
I own this bag in blue.
And I ordered this bag for my mother in law.  While they were in town, I heard her mention to David's dad that she needed a new bag.
Two birds, one stone- I ordered a bag from Jenny G and had her ship it to David's mom. She mailed it out that same day!  I was sneaky & asked David's mom her favorite because "I" was looking for a new bag.
When she got it, she was surprised.  It made me happy and made her happy to help "me" shop and then to get it herself.

What about you?  Were you kind this week?!

1 comment:

Holly McDonald said...

It must be one of those days! I was late with my post today too! I hope your weekend is a bit less busy and you have a wonderful one!


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