July 09, 2020

Meal time

How do you do meals?

I usually just make the bittles' plates and take them to the table. They eat what's in front of them or at least a good chunk of it. But lately I've been trying the "family style" eating where you carry all the food to the table and let them pick and choose.

My Three Bittles: Family Style Dinners!! Try it. It helped my kiddos eat more/better!


I tell them that they get to choose what they want but they HAVE to eat it all.  The other morning, I let Maddie have jelly and syrup on her breakfast--she ate her whole plate of everything!! Seriously, if you have a picky eater, try letting them pick their own food/toppings.

Dinner recently was a chicken salad. The bowl I dished out had lettuce, tomato and chicken. They got to pick whatever other veggies they wanted as well as dressings, cheeses and toppings (croutons, bacon bits, etc etc). They both devoured it!

Breakfast the other day: pancakes, fruit plate, egg plate. 

Taco night: the only thing they HAD to take was the meat and at least one vegetable. 
They both ate more than I've ever seen them eat on taco night.

I go through a lot more dishes this way but I don't mind it at all!


Raising Reagan said...

LOVE taco night!!! Yum!
And a great idea. I will definitely try this with Rey on the nights she is being a bit stubborn about food.

(¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

Jennifer said...

This is definitely a very good idea. Everyone has different pallates so we all like things a little different than other people.

Jenn said...

That's a great idea! Sam's only topping of choice these days is ketchup (OUR CRUTCH), but I like the idea of this!

Nicole | Pharr Away said...

I love this idea and will definitely give it a go! Thanks!

Neri said...

That's an awesome idea!! I may have to try this out with my little people!! Thank you!!

Katie said...

that sounds like a great plan! I'm sure they like that they have the choice and can do it on their own too!

Emmett Katherine said...

kids love it when they can have some input!

Jennifer Rollins said...

I need to try this. My son is SO picky. He hardly ever eats it seems. Thanks for sharing this idea!!


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