July 10, 2020

Sometimes I want to punch my husband.

Yup, you read that right.

Sometimes I just wanna punch him in his stupid handsome face.
(He pushed me OUT of this picture)

You should know that I wrote this whole post up in my head while doing dishes and thinking about how if I mentioned that fact to David, he'd crack some joke about me being in the kitchen where I belong.

Don't get me wrong, I love the man more than anything. He's been my husband for 6 years, we've been together for 7. We've been friends for 14! Good golly that is a LONG time. And WOW I feel OLD!

He's the father of my children, he brings home the bacon, he supports us, he loves us, he takes care of us, he makes me laugh and he's pretty easy on the eyes.

But sometimes I want to punch him in that handsome face.

Like the other day when he basically called me a sell out.

Like today when he reminded me for the cajillionth time to work out. He says it in not such a nice tone that just insinuates that I'm gross and nasty.  That could just be the PMS talking though and he could truly be just reminding me because he cares and because I asked him to remind me and to make sure I actually stick with it but none the less, it makes me want to punch him.
How dare he call me a fat cow!

Like the time he said, "Owen naps like half the day.... what do you do all day?!"
Umm, he wears clean clothes, he eats, he eats off of clean dishes, our kids eat, they're dressed, they're clean, they're entertained, the blog is occasionally updated, etc etc etc.

I swear. Some days he just asks to be punched.
What do you think?
He deserves it sometimes, huh?! 
What about your spouse/significant other?
Tell me some stories so I know it's not just David.


Holly Higgins said...

You're not alone...trust me!

Raising Reagan said...

Bahaha ... I think in some way all husbands need to be punched in their stupid handsome faces! LOL


Angi said...

LOL! I think we ALL want to punch our husbands sometimes, and I'm pretty sure they want to punch us sometimes, too. Good thing nobody acts on it (or shouldn't...?) or we'd all have constant black eyes...lol!!!

Tawnys Tid Bits said...

Oh my!! I love this post! I'm not going to get started responding to this because I'd get too carried away. But just know, I'm 100% with ya! :)

Em @ And Nothing Else Matters said...

With husbands it's all about the delivery. And they so often get it all wrong, so very often. Even when it's something we've asked them to tell us. I so relate!

Rachel Silski said...

Girl...I work full time and mine is the same!!

Kim Carberry said...

hahaha!! Nope you're not alone...Love my fella bits but some days I want to punch him straight in the face...lol

Life of a Little Songbird said...

haha! this sounds exactly like my hubs! he makes jokes all the time about being in the kitchen where i belong! men... cant live with them, cant live without them

Teresa G said...

It must be the name! Trust me you are not alone!

Dee Jordan said...


Ashley McCardia said...

I am glad to know its not just jake who deserves a swift punch in the face sometimes. but they dont say boys are stupid for no reason... :)

Amberly said...

Don't they say the thing about your spouse is you always love them but that doesn't mean you're not always IN LOVE with them?! This post made me giggle because I definitely feel that way quite often!!!


cayli johnson said...

lol I too sometimes want to do the same to my hubby! Thank you for linking up with us at the collective blog hop. I am following you on all your sites hope you do the same! I would love to have you!


Katie said...

i've written quite a few posts about my husband annoying me. you're not alone :)

LittleBird said...

ha! whenever i'm PMS-y even a compliment from my husband can turn into a dig. (you look really cute today!" - "what, i didn't look cute yesterday? what the...?!")
sometimes it gets rulll serious but most of the time
he just runs away flailing his arms screaming "GIRL TRICK! GIRL TRICK!"

Mrs. K said...

No, you are definitely not alone. ;)


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