Our Summer Bucket List

Have you ever made bubbles with your kids?! Check out our adventures in bubble making: http://www.mythreebittles.com/2013/07/unpoppable-bubbles.html

Here's the original post about our summer bucket list but I thought I'd make a page to knock em off as we go.

1. A trip to the zoo.
     Ours is about 2 hours away so hopefully we'll go at least once.

2. Lots of library trips.

     Duh! Reading, out of the house, checking out movies, all around fun!

3. Story time.
     Our local library does a story time-10am on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

4. Make unpoppable/bouncing bubbles.   Found HERE
5. Bubble bath pool.
     My mom did this for us as kids, just put dishsoap in your kiddie pool! HOURS of fun!

6. Colorful pool days!
     I'm thinking food coloring + water = more hours of fun!

7.  PicnicsHere.
     I don't know about your kids, but mine just love the idea of picnics. Take a blanket, some snacks and go!

8. Beach trip.
     I'm thinking a trip to Panama City or Destin is in order. Both are about three hours away so not too bad.

9. A trip to Six flags.  Found HERE.
     Our closest is barely 2 hours away and what kid isn't thrilled with the idea of an amusement park?!

10. Pool trips.
     Our local pool is FREE so heck yeah we'll be there!

11. Make our own water table.
     I'm thinking anything to do with water is a huge win!

12. Sidewalk Chalk Spray.

13. Exploding sidewalk chalk.
     Found here.

14. Make our own bouncy balls.

15. Make glowing chalk.
     Found here.

16.  Mini carnival.
     Using this pin here.  And here.  And here.

17. Nature scavenger hunt.
     Idea found here.

18. Lots of movie nights!!
    Netflix DVD's in the mail are great. Add popcorn and soda as a special treat! We like ice cream floats!

19. Make popsicles.
     Like these.

20. Water balloon fight!

21. Make s'mores!
22. Get treats from the Ice Cream Truck.
23. Water paint!

24. FireworksHere

25. Bubble snakes!!

26. Water balloon pinata.

27. Lots and lots of baking/making delicious treats.
     We plan to make these, these, these and these AT LEAST!
28. Alphabet hop scotch.

29. Cloud gazing.

30. Tie Dye 4th of July shirts!
Like these! How cute, huh?!

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