January 31, 2020

Two things

Two things to tell ya today.
Three really.

1: Happy Thursday!!! It's almost the weekend! Hooray!
(weekends actually don't mean a lot to me but I know for a lot of y'all, you're off work!)

Ignore my face: it was chilly & muddy and I was yelling at a dog. Haha.
Also, these jeans are NOT flattering. This whole outfit isn't now that I see it.
My thighs aren't that big. For realz. And the shirt is baggy-like bad but you can't tell.  Not good pics. Not a flattering outfit.  Oops.

2: Funny story about this outfit--when I uploaded them to photobucket, it posted to my facebook as well. I went to facebook and had new notifications and was like "huh?! I didn't post anything".... imagine my surprise when I saw that these were all over my facebook. (I tend to keep my blog separate from my fb & tend to avoid fb in general really)
And later that day when David's friend came by, he asked, "what was with that mini fashion show on facebook earlier?" I had to explain that my photobucket was synced with my facebook & he's a guy so he was all like, "Okay, Amber.... uh-huh...whatevs" (only less girlie sounding because I don't know what guy actually says, "Whatevs" but you get my point.
50 shades of embarrassment went my face.

Notice my toes?! It was muddy! I was trying to not step in mud.

And I know up there I said TWO things but eh... I can't count. Ha.
3. Have you heard of Little Green Pouch? If not you need to head over there and check it out! ESPECIALLY if you have kids. If you don't have kids, you might consider if for your husband or even yourself. Ha. You probably only need it if you have kids.
I do, so it's handy. Baby O is obsessed with ours.

They are REUSABLE!!!!!!
Dishwasher safe!!
I've blown Owen's mind with these things!!
I put one of the kids' gogurts in it (which the way the gogurt things are made was quite lovely when mixed with the Little Green Pouch) and Owen was SO confused about the yogurt but loved the pouch!!
I also put chocolate pudding in one! He was a happy baby!
We do believe in bibs. But Owen does not. He rips them off & throws them down.
And yes, that is a noodle on his head.
We're to that oh so lovely throwing our food stage.

I expected to only receive one Little Green Pouch to review, so imagine my surprise and excitement when the box arrived (very quickly might I add) to contain FOUR Little Green Pouches!! SUPER HAPPY MOMMY!!
If you've ever bought any of those to-go/travel things, you know how expensive they are!
These are TOTALLY amazing! Worth every cent!! Go see here.
I'm actually considering ordering the little funnel for them. It wasn't difficult to fill them without the funnel but I made a bit of a mess with the pudding. Haha.
Seriously, I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend you go snag yourself some of these bad boys!!
Oh and they expand making them bigger! They can hold more and even stand up!


  1. who would like chocolate pudding, right? hahah. he's really cute!

  2. I would have died! I definitely keep my blog and FB ie: real life folks from my past and present separate. It's like living two lives sometimes!!

  3. I was JUST WONDERING when someone was going to invent reusable squeezies!!! THANK YOU!!!

  4. That Green pouch looks awesome!.. Cute baby :)

  5. Thanks for hosting the giveaway at: NOT YOUR AVERAGE BABY BLOG.

    Thanks for including the picture, because I was thinking how it wouldn't get gross


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