October 02, 2020

My birthday. {A very delayed post}

Soooooo.... I'm 28 now.
Do I feel older?! Nope.
Do I look older?! I hope not?!
Did I have a great birthday?! Yes!

So Tuesday night, my friend Jojo stopped by to drop off my gift from her- it was a necklace. It's perfect for these reasons: it's an inside joke on TWO different levels so it's super funny and it's thoughtful because it's got my birthstone mixed in it.
Plus she got a good laugh out of beating David to the birthday punch.

Wednesday, (birthday day!) I dressed up-ish.
Boots and pants from Kohl's.

My mommy sent me flowers. They're gorgeous and they came in a coffee cup- she knows me SO well!

She also sent me a Starbucks gift basket! YAY!

And then while I was at a baby shower Saturday afternoon, David and the kids cleaned up the house and baked me a birthday cake! They even added food coloring, marshmallows and mini chocolate chips and topped it with chocolate and vanilla frosting. It was insane and absolutely perfect because they made it together just for me.

And then Jenny G sent me the bag I named after Miss Maddie. You can buy it here and a matching wallet.

And then I took myself shopping. I bought Owen a few new shirts (he's finally hitting 24 month clothing and the weather here is all over the place so that slightly annoys me because I'm not sure what kind of clothes to buy! haha).
And I bought myself some makeup and some new under garments that make me feel all fancy like. *wink*

Other than that, my actual birthday day was just a normal day. We went to burger king for dinner which was actually perfect because I didn't wanna cook but also was too tired to drive anywhere to actually sit down and eat. Ahh, the joys of mid week birthdays mixed with parenthood.
I actually wouldn't have changed a thing about it.
I was truly blessed with more love and birthday wishes than I could've ever expected.


  1. Aww:) I love it! I'm glad you had a great birthday. And I'm totally jealous of your Sbux basket!!!!

  2. happy belated birthday! i hope this year is better than the last one was!

  3. I am glad you had a great birthday!!!

  4. Happy birthday!:))) The cake looks soooo yummy.

  5. It looks like you had a very happy birthday! I love that Starbucks basket!

  6. That Starbucks basket would have made my day, or year! You had a great birthday!

  7. Happy birthday! I turn 28 in January. I'm already dreading it :/ Love those booties!

  8. Aw, I LOVE the cake they made for you. That is so sweet. And they cleaned the house too? Perfection. :) What mama could ask for more?

  9. Fun, relaxing, tasty....that's everything a birthday SHOULD be! Yay! :D


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