October 10, 2020

Watching the world with Baby Owen

Happy Thursday, guys.

Owen and I just spent the last half hour sitting outside of Starbucks, playing, people watching, yelling at everyone on a motorcycle, "DADDY!!! DADDY!!!", pointing out all of the "Bo"s we saw (every dog is Bo) and watching cars go by.

After dropping the kids off at school, I ran to Starbucks with every intention of getting something and coming home, sitting out back, enjoying the cool air and forcing a blog post out.
Then when we got there, Owen was happy and talking to everyone, an older man said to another as we were walking out, "I wish I was that happy in the mornings". It was just cute! And as we were walking out, Owen said, "Outside" insinuating that he wanted to sit outside for a bit since we'd done it the other day after a gym trip and had a bit of time to kill before picking Maddie up from school.

So, I thought, "what the heck! We can waste a few minutes".... that few minutes turned into 30. Am I mad? NOT AT ALL! It was so nice to just sit there with Owen, no real distractions (cartoons, internet, etc etc). We just sat there doing everything I mentioned above. Then it hit me, "I have NOTHING to do. THIS is what I should be doing! I don't have to rush home and half ass a blog post, it won't kill Bo to sit in his cage for a few minutes, it won't hurt to just sit and enjoy Owen" and that's what I did.

Now we're home, we're out back, he's running around with his apple juice (with the little green plug for my coffee) and his snack bowl (full of MY croissant) and chasing Bo around while cutting the grass with his bubble mower.

Sure I have a million things I should be doing- dishes, laundry for sure, the house is a mess, Maddie's birthday party isn't going to plan itself, etc etc etc.

But this moment... here and now. It's a once in a lifetime kind of deal. I know there will be other days like this, I could literally do this exact same thing tomorrow but it won't be the same. Owen will probably yell, "mom!!" then point and yell "outside!" to me but today, I'm going to enjoy it a bit more than normal.

Below are two little videos from our morning of watching the world.



    And you have a really cute drawl. ;)

  2. He's such a little sweetie!! So glad you get this one-on-one time with him. :)


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