December 05, 2020

Let's be LEGOs!

This post brought to you by LEGO. All opinions are 100% mine.

Oh my goodness, you guys! I just found the best most fun thing EVER!
Also, Fin about died of excitement when he got home and saw this.
I made us into a LEGO Minifigure Family After I showed it to Fin, I posted it all over my social media channels and I'm truly considering getting them printed off to send out as our Christmas cards this year. I love it so much! And it made Fin so happy! After Maddie & Owen went to bed, I let Fin stay up to help me make a few others! We loved how easy and quick it was to customize them however we felt like! He had fun changing the background around and making us look silly.  He lauhged the most when he changed Bo into a lighter colored dog.  I'm not sure why he found that the funniest, but it was super cute watching him get such a kick out of it.


If you have a LEGO lover, I hardcore suggest you go make one of these! Even if you don't have a LEGO lover, make one anyway, because it is super cute and it was really fun!
So head here: Minifigure Family and get to creating!

Christmas Advent Ideas.

Hey guys! I can't believe it's already December 5th! Can you?
Today I thought I'd share with your our advent countdown ideas and hopefully give you a few of your own.

To keep things simple, we just make a chain countdown every year and the kids take turns ripping off each day to read what it says. (Fin reads them for Maddie)

My Three Bittles: Advent calendar ideas!

  1. Movie night.  Movie nights around here consist of putting the baby to bed, making snacks and having coco or eggnog while we sit around and watch Christmas movies. 
  2. Reads a Christmas book.  Fin reads it to us.
  3. Family game night.  (This one actually went a bit south this year, David had to work and Maddie fell asleep early but Fin and I enjoyed eggnog and video games together)
  4. Hot cocoa night.  We go all out here, let the kids pile their cocoa up with different marshmallows and whip cream. 
  5. Shopping & make our Christmas wishlists.  Take the kids shopping to pick out gifts for everyone but themselves. 
  6.  Another movie night. (I learned last year to push the crafts back farther into the month since they're still in school)
  7. Make ornaments.
  8. Make bead candy canes. (I should probably go shopping to prep myself for these crafts)
  9. Make stick figure snowmen.
  10. Make toilet paper roll snowflakes
  11. Make Santa handprints
  12. Wrap presents.  This is always so fun for the kids trying to keep their presents hidden from each other while trying to be independent and wrap them by themselves.
  13. Make salt dough ornaments.  (Yup. We can only usually tackle one craft a night)
  14. Bake goodies for neighbors and teachers (Like these caramels to go in cookies)and go to the parade.
  15. Take Bigfoot some treats.  Yup, I said it! David every year takes the kids out into the woods to leave Bigfoot treats and then Bigfoot leaves them little gifts on Christmas! Last year, Bigfoot left Fin a skylander guy and Maddie a pony book wrapped in muddy paper towels. it's crazy but they loved it.
  16. Make window decals. Like the ones we made here for Halloween only with snowmen instead.
  17. Make big snowflake wall decor out of Popsicle sticks.
  18. Make hand print wreaths.
  19. Make gingerbread houses! This one was SO much fun last year!
  20. Make Christmas cookies! (for ourselves since we already took treats to everyone)
  21. Drive around and look at all the Christmas lights.
  22. Family game night to include eggnog and hot cocoa.
  23. Look at lights again (this is Maddie's favorite!)
  24. Leave treats for Santa and the reindeer!

December 04, 2020

Gift guide for little boys.

Fin is 6 and dang near impossible to shop for! He's into everything and nothing at the same time if that even makes sense so I thought I'd put together a little gift guide in case you're having trouble with the little boy(s) in your life.

My three bittles: Gift ideas for young boys.

1. Skylander swap force.  Fin is at that age where he just wants to spend every waking minute gaming by himself or with daddy. It's cute but drives me crazy because he usually wants to play Call of Duty and I think he's a bit young for it from time to time  (I hate some of the language from other players- we mute it when Fin plays).

2. A Basketball hoop.  We try to encourage him to get outside and be active. ESPECIALLY with the 1st thing on this lil list of ours.

3. Clothes. They grow SO fast! Seriously, SO fast.  (Clothes pictured here are from Old Navy)

4. Books! Fin loves to read! I've actually considered getting him a Kindle but I think he's a bit too young for that still.  He loves to stay up late to read though and I love it so much.

5. Board Games. Hello family game nights! It's a great way to encourage family bonding as well as get him away from those dang video games!  ;)  Throw in some tasty treats and it's a double win!

6. Construct Bots. Great family fun!  Read more about them here

Now onto stocking stuffers:

My Three Bittles: Boy stocking stuffer ideas.

1. Gaming accessories.  Obviously if you're going to get him a big game like that, some gaming accessories would make nice stocking stuffers.  Like posters, or matching pencil cases or something along those lines.

2. Nerf bullets.  Seriously, if your kiddo has a nerf gun of some sort, chances are he or she has lost like ALL or close to all of the bullets. Refill packs are always a nice surprise.

3.  Pajamas.  Fin loves getting new jammies! Especially when they're themed like his latest obsession. Hence some skylander jammies.

4. Candy.  Nuff said!

5.  A Wallet.  It'll help him feel special and important. Especially to carry any money he needs for school. Give him some responsibility, he'll love it!

6.  A new toothbrush.  See #4!

Hope this helped a few of you out in the gift department. 

December 03, 2020


Monkey bread is my go-to dish to bring to parties, get togethers or those mandatory work things. It's quick, easy, cheap and delicious.

You will need:
  • Biscuits (a 4 pack)
  • Cinnamon
  • Sugar
  • Bundt pan
  • Brown sugar
  • Butter
  • Cute helper is optional!
(Told you it was easy)

Cut the biscuits into four little chunks. (Half and then those in half).
Roll them in a cinnamon/sugar mix.
Place them into the bundt pan (that you sprayed with some cooking spray of some sort)
Once all the biscuits are chopped and in the pan, pour a melted butter/brown sugar (about 1/4 cup butter, 1/4 cup brown sugar) mix over the top of it.
Bake 350 degrees for 1/2 an hour (time and temp may vary depending on your oven).
Thank me later.

Please ignore the clutter/chaos in the pictures, these pictures were taken during our Thanksgiving preparation madness.

December 02, 2020

React Mobile. {An app review}

Let's talk about safety.....

React Mobile is a new app that has a "Follow me" Feature on it allowing your selected contacts to track where you are in teal-time whenever you're worried about your safety and activate the app.  You can simply touch the "I'm Safe" button and let your contacts know that you've arrived safely at your destination. In an emergency you can press the SOS shield ont he app to send out a panic alert (including your GPS location) to your selected emergency contacts via text message and email.  This alert can also be posted to your Facebook and Twitter if you wish. Basically, once the SOS alert is activated you're automatically prompted to call 911 (Or whatever your emergency authority number is based on where you live).

I've used this app! I downloaded it, filled out all of my contacts.  I put David, my sisters, my brother, my mom and my friend, Jojo (she lives here on post near us). When I first went to load my emergency contacts, it gave me the option to browse through my contacts or add them manually.
I love the option to be able to post to Facebook and/or twitter as well. And the spot to change your country is simply amazing! This app is genius really! You'd better believe that when my kids are older, they'll get new phones with this predownloaded (courtesy of mom & dad) on there with us loaded as their emergency contacts!

So after I loaded my contacts, I decided to unload all of them except David to test it out.
Not even 5 seconds after I activated the shield, David called me and said,  "You sent me a mobile SOS and go to this link??" Good to know it works quickly! I then had to explain to him what it was it was and he told me that it was a cool app but he had to get back to work now.
I deactivated it and he sent me this screenshot:

React Mobile, a new free app for iPhone and Android that helps you enhance your personal safety. The app is well suited for families as a safety tool to help parents keep track of their kids. Go download this FREE app.  I hope you never need it, but it's great to have in case you do.

This was brought to you by and React Mobile

Why you SHOULD sponsor my blog.

Happy Monday! Well, is there really such a thing? I hope you guys at least had a great weekend. My Monday is shaping up to be quite stressful actually but that's not the point of todays post at all.

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Oh poo, there's no picture in this post! #Bloggerfail


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