December 14, 2020

Neighbors and their assumptions.

Living on base, we have neighbors. Like same wall neighbors. Better than Alaska though when we had neighborwalls on both sides. Here at Ft Benning, we only share one wall. But they're thin. I head their music. They probably hear me yelling at the dog.
With that in mind, I often wonder what they think of us. We've yet to really meet them. We see each other in passing and they don't even wave or acknowledge us. It's weird. I'm unsure if they're anti-social or just don't care to meet us. (Based on the amount of people they have over that quite often block our mailbox, I'm going with the latter).

Anyway, read on to hear about why Elizabeth's neighbors probably think they're getting divorced.

Hey! My name is Elisabeth and I blog over at Bella about the love of life, food, and family. I'm a 22 year old senior at Brigham Young University studying International Relations. Fascinating right? (or maybe just to me? thats okay) My blog is my creative outlet and my journal of life as a newlywed.

This beautiful male specimen is my husband, Ben. He just graduated in Chemical Engineering from BYU and is a lover of rock climbing, warm cookies, and me. You can read more about how we met, our engagement, and our wedding here.

I love blogging about romance but I thought I'd share a not so romantic hilarious experience we had recently:

Late at night I got a phone call from a friend, a slightly drunk, borderline hysterical, and incredibly close friend. Yes, it was boy drama (but seriously, her life is more dramatic than any reality series of watched - if only I could tell you the stories).

When she calmed down enough to tell me what happened it was my turn for hysterics. I choked. I couldn't really breathe, and I certainly couldn't formulate complete sentences.

I dashed outside (so not to disturb a studying Ben), without any shoes on, sobbing "How could he! What was he thinking? I just ... I wish I could... I can't believe..."

I almost failed to notice the neighbors who witnessed my sobbing exit from our apartment.

The next afternoon we were headed for a weekend getaway. I was to pick up Ben from work. I walked out of the apartment and almost failed to notice those same neighbors witness me leaving the apartment, a little more composed, all alone, suitecase in tow.

I promise, it wasn't what it looked like.

Have you ever had people overhear awkward conversations?
Hop over to Bella and say hi!

Seriously, isn't that hilarious?!
I often wonder what my neighbors think about us and some of the crazy things that have gone on in our time.
Hopefully nothing too crazy.
Now.... go say hello to Elizabeth!
Also, isn't she just gorgeous?!

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  1. I find that pretty funny. I also happen to do alot of that too. I am sure people think I am crazy and bipolar for the tip bits they hear. Nice to met you Bella.


  2. I wouldn't take it too personally. My husband and I have lived at three different apartments and now a house. Not once have we introduced ourselves to our neighbors. We'll say hi if they say it first or wave if they wave, but that's the extent of our interactions. We simply just have no interest in meeting them for various reasons. *shrug*


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