February 28, 2020

Sun Safe Fun for the Family

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The days when you can happily let your kids run outside in the snow without getting sunburned is coming to an end. The blazing hot heat of summer is getting ready to say hello and you will need to get out the sunscreen once again. The appeal of creating snow angels and having snowball fights is just as fun as having a game of marco polo for kids

As a parent, it is your responsibility to keep your kids sun safe and cool while they are enjoying being kids. It is better to plan ahead in the world of parenthood and you do not have to wait until summer to get started.

As winter draws to a close, many retailers bring out end of season sales and there are many bargains.  Discounts on sports equipment, pools, ice cream makers, water guns and snow cone machines can be found nearly everywhere.

You just have to decide what you are going to spend on your money on because every child is different in terms of what they like.

Having a great time on a hot day is always about incorporating water - especially water fights!

But to host such battles, your kids need a battlefield. Getting a pool installed is a good choice because then they can take their battles under the water. Water pistols are very popular and also water bombs - though these tiny balloons are a bit tricky to fill up so you might have to help.

As for sports equipment, make sure you pick something that your kid enjoys to play immensely. Do they want to be the next Michael Jordon? Then install a basketball hoop and help them practise shooting hoops. If you are particularly handy around the house, then you can install one yourself. Just make sure the court is standing clear of any windows.

If not basketball, then why not soccer? All you need is a good soccer ball, some pipes and a large net to create a goal. Sports are not only a favourite pastime; they are fun and beneficial to your child's health. They assist in improving hand-eye coordination and fitness. Being active is always a big plus.

But running around all day and playing in the water can get exhausting. Cold refreshments are key in these moments. Ice cream makers can come in handy at this time of the year and also snow cone machines.

However, if your kids want a quick fix, then go with the snow cone machine. They can watch the ice crush and spill out in a snowy waterfall. They find the process fascinating in their young minds and then they can pick which snow cone syrup flavouring they wanted.

To make the process more exciting, why not get your kids to pick two flavours?

There is bubble gum, strawberry, cherry and many more to choose from.

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