November 21, 2020

Arg Matey.

Remember this post about being stressed?!
Welp, it's not gotten any better.
In fact, the army is taking it back (I mean, of course I KNEW they would) but they're taking it back in a total of 4 months.
That's $350 a month. YIKES!!
And we thought we'd have this last paycheck to kind of stock pile on some food before it started, NOPE! They started it.
Leave it to the army to get a jump start on something when it benefits them.

So anyway,
first off, thank you all for your super wonderful and helpful comments. (To which I still need to reply to, I'm so sorry I'm an awful email replier blogger person)

Now, we aren't pulling Maddie from preschool (yet) because she needs it.
She needs the social interaction, she needs the attention, she needs something that is ONLY hers. Being the middle child of two brother, she needs something special just for her.
Aside from that, we can't just pull her temporarily-there is no temporary to it. It's permanent. So in a few months, when we've paid the army back and we could easily afford it again she'd have no slot. If we pull her, she loses her slot and goes back to the end of the wait list. And the wait list isn't just for that school or class. It's be the big waitlist. She could end up anywhere-with all new teachers, all new friends and I just don't want to do that to her.

I did a strict meal plan, my grocery budget was perfect with what we had. I even shopped a bit under and managed to buy the things that were MAYBEs on the list. YAY!!! YAY!!!
So far it hasn't been too bad. I mean, it's been annoying not being able to stop by starbucks and grab a cup of coffee whenever I felt like it. It's been frustrating not having k-cups. (Thank goodness for a reusable one). It's been super annoying listening to David whine about not having late night tv watching snacks. That poor guy. (sarcasm)

But the thing that got me the most:
I found the perfect motorcycle jacket for David for Christmas.
a $400 jacket ON SALE for $45. ($60 with shipping)
And I can't afford it.
It makes me so mad. So sad. So frustrated. So upset.
PERFECT gift I tell ya.
And it's a limited time kinda thing. (Til they sell out!)

So with that in mind:
Help a lady out?!
I am practically BEGGING you here. On my knees and everything!
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But if you do, you should definitly follow me and my closet.
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It'll go up and I'll treat it like I would any other ad!

p.s. I love you all
And you know I'd NEVER EVER EVER beg like this, but I am desperate and SO want to surprise him with this jacket.


Lauren said...

You know what? I know EXACTLY what you are going through (minus the Army thing lol). It is so hard to not be able to go to Happy Hour at Sonic on the weeks (or months) we are behind on bills, or have no "extra money". I haven't filled my car up with gas ever. I can't afford to. I can't offer anything but ad space for giveaways because I'm broke. And it super sucks. And I SO wish I could buy your stuff! :(

Kristin said...

Damn army. We pay back Scott's ROTC loan: $450 a month. Once you get to your first duty station after OBC, they start taking it out. $450, every 15th, like freakin' clockwork. Makes me sick.
I'm horrible at replying to comments too!
I read yours regarding redeployment a couple of times, and I think I'm going to do a whole post on readjusting because there's so much misinformation out there (i.e. Army Wives) about what it's like.

I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving and kudos to you for keeping your kiddo in school :)

wendipooh13 said...

soooo sorry to hear it's not getting better!!! that is not fun, and easy!!!
I totally understand about your daughter needing something that is HER own!!! I'm dealing with my daughter becoming a middle child and sooo see that she needs something to call her's too!!!
Happy Thanksgiving!! hope it gets better!!

Jay said...

I wish I could help more. I have been in some tough situations financially too. I got my full-time job cut to just 16 hours a week super recently and have doctor bills to pay as well. I would love to buy some of your super cute clothing but really can't afford to right now, since I don't need any more clothes except sweaters. But if you do have any sweaters you haven't listed for sale yet and you list them, I'll probably buy one. I did tweet your shopyourcloset to my followers and I can buy an ad space for $1. I wish I could do more but I can't right now. Good luck.

Paige said...

Oh man girl, I so wish I could afford to help you out with that jacket. :(

Cody and I are okay for ourselves, but we have such a hard time during the Spring semester b/c our financial aid has to last us 8 months instead of 4 so I just can't spare anything right now :(