November 25, 2020

Home tour: Maddie's room.

The kids' rooms.
These are old pictures--like when we first started setting them up.
I should eventually head upstairs and take new ones but every time I go upstairs, it's for a purpose so I forget that I should go take pictures.

I painted the letters and little tulips while pregnant with her.
David drilled the holes in them for me.
The purple heart shelf thing in the corner-I picked it up for like $5 and spray painted it purple per Maddie's request.

Little kitchen set-amazon.
Christmas last year.
Miss Maddie is all about Lalaloopsie, Dora and all things princess, pink and purple!

Since these photos, we've added little butterflies above her bed and set up a toy box for her. It's a lot less messy but I forgot I had these and kind of forgot I was in the process of doing this home tour thing. Ha!

We need to get some curtains up there and something on that other wall.
I wanted to make her some lalaloopsy curtains but apparently nobody makes/sells lalaloopsie fabric?!
(if you know where I can find this, let me know!)


SarahJane Miller said...

so adorable, I love it! :)

Amber said...

Awww, how cute :) we're working a little bit on Roman's now, too. It's so funny how messy kids' rooms get, isn't it? lol!

xox, amber

Megan said...

I love that little kitchen set, I'd love to get one like that for the girls. So cute!

Amber said...

You should get some Lalaloopsy sheets for a bed and use them. You can always add backing if you need too.

Katie said...

love the name letters!


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