March 21, 2020

My Bedding

edo furniture and edo beds

You know what drives me crazy? My bedding! I kid you not, it drives me crazy! I bought it last year when David was in Afghanistan. I completely loved it. This was actually the second bedding I had bought within the year because the first one, eh, well I just didn't love it.
This second one though, it was lovely, fit my color scheme, cozy, etc etc.
And then I washed it.
Poor thing never stood a chance against my washing machine.
I mean, I pulled it from its little bag and put it in the washer before even using it and it came out of my washer with a giant hole in it.
Imagine my disappointment.
My brand new comforter.
We still use it.
We just keep it flipped to where the hole is on top after one time it was flipped the other way and my toe found it's way inside and made the hole bigger. Oops.
So we keep it flipped to where the hole is on top but every time I look at it, I just get so mad about it.
So I've been browsing for a new one.
We won't get it anytime soon of course given our current financial situation, but let me just say that I am so in love with the Candlewick Bedspread from damart that I've seen.
They are all SO pretty and would just look amazing in my bedroom and on my bed.
Do these not just look so cozy? You know I'm right and you know that you kind of want one as well!
I actually love that dusky pink one, but I really do not think David would approve of it. It would not be "manly" enough for him. Ha ha.
So who wants to donate to the "Amber's washer ate her last pretty bedding" fund.  *wink*


Amy Lynn said...

That really stinks about your washer! My comforter doesn't have a hole, but it was a wedding gift, and while I liked it, I've gotten tired of it after a few years. So I've been looking for a new one too! But again, I'm in the same boat $ wise, ha! Eventually it'll happen! I'm partial to whites and creams myself :)

New follower through the Bloglovin' hop btw!

Mamma Nene said...

Hi Rachel, tx for co-hosting the Bloglovin' collective!

Kristen Jamie said...

Oh no! That's the worst! After my expensive duvet from my wedding shower got ruined, I officially switched to cheap bedding that I can just replace every couple months!

New follower from the hop :)

Jamie & Kristen

Yelle said...

Hello from the Bloglovin Hop! I definitely love falling asleep in new and fresh bedding. It makes me actually WANT to make the bed in the mornings! I do hope that you find one that is inexpensive !

Kate said...

New follower via the Bloglovin' linkup...what a fantastic idea! Looking forward to reading more and thank you (and your hubby) for your service :)


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