March 18, 2020

Oh, baby.... I'm a wild one.

Hey lovers!
Yeah, it doesn't sound right to me either.....

Anyway, hey guys! Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend.
I'm a bit tardy to the party today but in my defense, it's been a busy weekend and Monday.

Thursday, Maddie, Owen and I went shopping! Spent a whopping $60 and got all three of them new wardrobes for summer! We're in the high 70s-80s already, people! INSANE! Definitely not Alaska anymore!
Maddie wore her new hair clips! I bought them here.
I snagged this chair for Baby O for $2.75!! SERIOUSLY!! That still amazes me!
He looks like a little old man, so freakin' cute!

Finster had a four day weekend so we spent Friday doing this:

I was quickly reminded of how decent of a job we're doing raising Fin when he willingly helped blow dry Princess Maddie's freshly painted toes. What a great brother!

We played outside.

Saturday David went out with some friends, called me and told me he (once again) laid his bike down.
Apparently he was at a stop sign and picked up a nail or screw in his front tire. Went to drive off after the stop sign, front tire came off the ground, went back down hard, bike went down.  *sigh*
Thankfully the only thing messed up was the tire and a rod to his back brakes. The tire is covered under his warranty and the rod will cost $38.  His only damage, a burnt hand.
If y'all remember the last time this happened, this one is definitely less bad.
I yelled at him, "STOP CALLING ME LIKE THIS!!! SHIT!! I CAN'T TAKE THIS STRESS!!! OH MY GOSH!! ARE YOU OKAY?!?!" and then tears came pouring down my face.
Even my momma was like, "he's got to stop doing this to us!"
This man..... he's going

Sunday we went to the PX,
got Fin a hair cut
Picked up some things for puppy no name yet.
Ate pizza for lunch

Speaking of Fin being like such an awesome big brother:
He was holding Owen's hand and walking around with him saying, "walk. walk. going for a walk. finnie and pollie are going for a walk" in a little sing song voice like I used to sing to Owen when he was just learning to walk!
(Ignore the mess-Bo had just shredded his toy while I was folding laundry)

So then Sunday night, David had staff duty (usually it's 24 hour duty but he just pulled a 12 hr one from 6pm-6am)
and while he was gone, I bathed the babies, put away laundry, cleaned their rooms, organized their rooms, then after they went to bed, I shampooed the carpets with the help of Bo dog.

Oh and Monday we drove an hour and a half away to adopt a puppy!

David told me that if I could raise the money to adopt her, I could go get her.
Well, challenge accepted! A few hours later, I texted him, "BAM! Done! Money raised"
I think he seriously underestimated me.

I've had puppy fever for a few days now, if you follow me on twitter you've probably read that and now and was so bummed that I couldn't find one here that I loved and then my lovely friend, Kelly told me, "Give it time ur perfect puppy will come to you"..... she was right.
I was browsing again and came across this sweet face
And read "URGENT" next to her and clicked to read more and then just died inside when I saw that she was on the "to be put down" list because she'd been there since January!
Thankfully, she's now mine. I'll be driving back out there to pick her up on Friday and I can not wait!

Now I'm off to enjoy some dinner with my loves and try to not blow away in this crazy weather we're getting.
Hope you guys all had a great weekend and Monday.

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Amy B. said...

Not to seem like a weirdo stalker, but where are you in GA? I noticed the Atlanta # to the animal shelter and you talked about the crazy weather today. I'm in Chattanooga and I'm thinking we must be pretty close!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Seriously, BLESS YOU! Thank goodness for people like you who adopt and rescue animals. I've rescued several that were homeless or neglected but I never have the guts to look at sites because I'd be hysterical. Glad you were able to rescue the little cutie!

In other news, thank God the motorcycle accident wasn't too bad. And yay for adorable kids and shopping!

Thanks for linking up :)

Kristen @ KV Confessions said...

Awww can't wait to meet your new puppy!!! So cute!

Amber said...

You have such sweet cute kids!! I can't wait for you to bring a puppy into y'all's family!

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Congrats on the new puppy! That's awesome! I hope Friday comes quickly for you.

Fin sounds like a really great kid.

Mrs. K said...

Fin's hairs! Oh, he so stinkin' cute.

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