March 19, 2020

Karma is a bitch.

Sorry for the B word, but it needed to be said.
Karma is totally a bitch!
But the best part-it never hits the ones that deserve it.

David and I are decent people. We tip well when we go out to eat, we hold doors open for people behind us, we are super polite to like everyone, we give our friends a loaf of bread if they're out, or buy their coffee or whatever ya know.... we try to be good people.

With the move, the army's BAH (rent money) mess up, pulling Maddie from preschool, the bike loan because the truck broke down, the second bike loan because of a deer, the IRS/identity theft crap, I just kept thinking "that has to be it. I mean seriously-that HAS to be it".

Then David got the nail (or screw, I can't remember which) in his tire and the bar broke and we were out another $40. Thankfully that was it.... then when trying to fix it, his friends kind of messed up another bar.... that'll cost $70 to replace. LOVELY.
I kind of laughed about that last bit-I mean really.... at this point, I HAVE to find humor in this crap somehow or I'm going to lose my mind.

Then Harley called.... "Hey man, you're payment is 2 weeks late, you owe us a $10 late fee now too"..... Uh, no it's not. We set it up as an allotment. Our paycheck on the 1st was TERRIBLE because of the allotment to you and the last bit of the army's mistake in our BAH being taken back.
I set up that thing myself, I triple checked each number to make sure it was right.
Come to find out that when they gave David the routing number and account number to set it up, they gave him his loan number instead of the account number so now Wells Fargo bank randomly has $320 floating around somewhere that we get to track down.
So David went to finance after making a million phone calls and turns out they caught it and stopped it and sent it back to us. So now we have to pay Harley 2 payments.  Arg.

I mean seriously, at what point does it stop?!
I'm exhausted. We're broke. We're stressed. I'm drained, on all accounts.
David tried to call the lawyer again yesterday and once again got his voicemail.
He finally just set up a new appointment with him in hopes to just get a hold of him.

I just don't get it. I truly don't. I mean I do know that it could be worse but it just seems like hit after hit, they just keep coming. I mean, I know it'll be okay and I'm sorry to be such a negative Nancy, I'm just stressed out and tired.
And I know I have so many things to be thankful for, we're not starving or homeless, Owen still has diapers on his butt on milk in his bottle, it's just frustrating. We were supposed to be good. I mean, great and we're not even decent right now.  It's just so wrong.

In attempts to cheer myself up, I'm sitting outside in the sun watching my bittles play in mud. They're cute. They're funny and I'm truly thankful for them.
It just makes me a bit more annoyed though because there is supposed to be a swing set currently in our backyard for them.... thanks fake me for jacking my identity and messing that up.  *insert eye rolling here*

Okay.... tiny ramble/rant/blargness over.


KayRose said...

It'll get better soon Am. :) Always think that. We've been through a lot of stuff, and we always manage. Love you!

Mandee said...

It will get better love. I'm going through crap now with moving and Andy starting a new job. I'm here if you need to vent. Call me up, text me. Prayers coming your way.

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Sarah E. said...

Holy spam, Batman!

Rachel said...

:( been there. it sucks. but it will get better, it will. This reminds me of when Jason put our last 50 bucks to our name in his tank, (we just had Luke, broke, laid off, no food...) and he parked it to do some odd job work and when he came back the gas was gone, some dbag siphoned it. It was the last straw, but it definitely got better. Just keep saying that.

Shelley Paige said...

Oh, I so get it. I won't bore you with my story, but I feel ya!

And to add to it...Terry Packer wants spams you and offers you more debt. Absurd! This is our world.

Sassy Brunette said...

I hope it gets better soon doll face. Keep your head up.


Analilia said...

I'm going to send you a hug. I know the boat you are in. I'm sitting right next to you. All we can do is breathe and maybe just laugh. Why laugh? Because we can't cry about it, you'll get nothing but puffy eyes. Laugh because at least this way its fun. **hugs**

Kim @ Two Martini Lunch said...

Good news is you have a lot of support and all that positive energy going out into the universe is bound to be bouncing back on you at any time. Stay strong and keep the faith. Sending hugs and good wishes.

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