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March 15, 2020

Lucky Leprechaun Reveal Day & an act of kindness.

So some of you might remember that Sarah, Melissa and I had spots open a while back for the Lucky Leprechaun Book and Polish swap....

Well, reveal day is here!!

I was lucky enough to get paired up with the lovely Ashley of Wannabe Green.

I laughed a little when she requested no green polish because she had PLENTY!
After chatting a bit, I sent her an Essie polish and a book off her wishlist.
(I also emailed her two kindle books that I already had on my laptop)

I seriously squealed when my package arrived from Ashley! She was on top of that by the way, if you ever get her as a partner, she's awesome! I got mine from her while I was waiting for the book I ordered her off Amazon! SHE WAS QUICK!!

Anyway, she sent me this:

(the plish is Essie, Plumberry)
I love it! I'm actually 1/4 of the way done with "Are you there God, it's me Chelsea" (I'd have been done the same day I started it if I didn't have bittles, darn them for always needing stuff like diaper changes and dinner. Ha)
She picked em off my goodread to-read section.
She's good!
Can't wait to see what you all got!!!

And since it's Friday (Friday....gotta get down on Friday) (is that the right wording or did I make that part up in my head?) (oh well) (I hate that song)
Let's start over..... AWKWARD....

And since it's Friday. (ahem...)
It's time for another round of good deeds! Hip Hip Hooray!
Did you do anything kind this week?
I did! I was SO SO excited about it.
According to Miss Post Office Lady that Loved Baby Pollie's fat cheeks, miss Jessica of My Little Mustache should be getting a box today!
Hopefully she gets it before she sees this.
If she sees this. I'm honestly not even sure if she follows my blog, let alone knows who I am.
Jess is my inspiration! Seriously, if you follow her blog or her on instagram you see all the stuff she does! SO MUCH NICENESS! She's constantly trying to encourage someone!
She is currently donating all of her shop funds to an amazing cause.

Now if y'all remember a while back where I kept talking about my super secret 52 weeks project--well this was it!
I put SO much effort into this. Haha. I wanted to encourage the encourager!
The post office lady also was super impressed with my cupcake tape. I'm NOT joking.

I thought it'd be easier to get her address. I asked someone for it but she politely told me she wasn't comfortable with that which I completely understand.
So my next idea.... order something!
I ordered a hat for my sister in France and just prayed that it would come with a return address.
I was so happy to see that it did!
So Jess, if you're wondering how I got your address, well there you go. Sorry, I think?!

OH!! This post is where I talked about it! That took me a bit to find. So yup.
Okay. tell me yours!


Sarah E. said...

What polish is that?

Ashley said...

Yay....I'm so glad that you loved all your goodies!

Dara said...

I've read both of those books! and I might have that polish, what color is it?

Lulu and Sweet Pea said...

Love the books & polish you got!!! So glad you & your swap partner had fun figuring out what to get for each other!

NOW, on to 52 Weeks. Jessica is going to be SO surprised! You were so sneaky :) I can't wait to find out what it is that she got! And I'm impressed with the cupcake tape too...I want some!

Heather Fox said...

So Fun! All of Chelsea's books are hilarious! Thanks for hosting, I had so much fun doing this!

Kristin said...

We own, I think, all of Chelsea Handler's books. Scott spent a cross-country flight laughing out loud at one a few years ago.

I love the cupcake tape! Where does one get that?

Lima Ché said...

Omg your blog is so nice!!
Really love to scroll on it!
Your nailpolish is so good!
Would you like to follow each other?

Melissa said...

What a great act of kindness! I own both of those books and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did! I really wanted to be part of this swap, but it wasn't open to Canadians =(

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