August 01, 2020

The link up of all link ups!

Hey guys, hope you're having a great week so far!
HAPPY AUGUST!! How insane is it that it's AUGUST already?!
Today I'm here co-hosting the link up of ALL link ups!!
I know you've come across a link up that you've considered participating in only to not be able to find it later--been there, done that. HATE THAT!
Well, Tawny had a genius idea and here it is!
Link up YOUR LINK UP and we're going to have a page to reference back to that basically lists all the link ups going on in blogland.
Spread the word.
If you host a link up or know someone that does, add it to the list please & thank you!!


Deidre Miller said...

Best idea. I wish I had a linkup just so I could linkup.

rebecca said...

This is great! Thank you. I keep checking back to see if anyone else has added onto it


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